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The Grimoire of Fire is the third DLC mission compilation set in the Toukiden 2: The Age of Demons expansion pack for the PS4 and PS Vita. After acquiring the Grimoire from Romunalo, the remaining members of the Seven Great Aspects return to the monastery of Ikaruga to see if Ryua can use the Grimoire to restore the sacred jewel to its original form.
This mission set includes:
*”Kamui’s Summon” (Introduce Ryua)
-1. The Nightingale of Ikaruga 2. The Darkness of Fire
-2. Blueprint of Miracles 3. The Rite of Resurrection
-3. Kill or Be Killed
-4. Confidential Communication
-5. Clockwork Golem
-6. Kamui’s Hour of Awakening
-7. The Dangerous Promise
-8. The Masked God of Ice
-9. The Seal of Folly
*”100-Year Storm” (Introduce the Owakudani)
-1. The Raid on Owakudani
-2. Where the Dark Knights Are!
-3. Talking to the Dragon
-4. Gathering the Titans
-5. Farewell to the Outcast
-6. The Bear Hunter and the Chimera
-7. The Warlord of Ikaruga
-8. The Coming of New Creatures
-9. Enmity
*”The Name of Owakudani” (Ascending Toukiden)
-1. “What is the Name of Owakudani?”
-2. History of the Owakudani
-3. The Legend of Toukiden
-4. The True Name of Owakudani
-5. The Rising Sun
-6. The Battle of Owakudani
-7. Full of Courage
-8. The Gourmet Pirates of Owakudani
-9. The Assassin of Owakudani
*”Bandits in the Night” (Summary of Toukiden 2)
-1. The Start of Toukiden
-2. Excerpts from the Messages of Heihokumon
-3. The Rescue Team
-4. The Black Tower
-5. The Soul of a Summoner
-6. Ryua’s Expulsion from Toukiden
-7. The Battle of Hoko Gama
-8. The Return of Ryua
-9. In the Realm of Death


Goat Simulator: Waste Of Space Features Key:

  • Innovative Online Battle System: The intelligent battle system will keep you updated of the status of battle with a detailed info of the combatants
  • Multi-saved Worlds: Make a 100 or 500 room world for you and your friends to enjoy and meet new people
  • A New Dungeon: Fangs Cave: Common monsters appeared from the new dungeon for a better gaming experience. The evil rulers from the old game are also there! It’s a great chance to show-off your skills! And the room is dropped from moving monsters and can only stay to revive you
  • Updated System: Room and Inventory: Imported from the old XBox version to the new Steam version
  • Other Info: Online Battle and World Matching: Have a game with a worldwide friend

DragonFangZ – Extra Dungeon "The Cave of Fangs" Screenshots:


DragonFangZ – Extra Dungeon "The Cave of Fangs" Requirements:

  • Dual Core CPU / Core 2 Duo
  • 1.75 GHz or faster
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Video Card > 320Mb / DirectX 10-compatible
  • DirectX compatible


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We have already presented this game to a few people. It has such an intense atmosphere that I just can’t take it anymore. Our development team is clearly not satisfied with it. We want to make it better with our work and the help of you, our players. Now we are starting a new development period. If you have any ideas and wishes, or just some constructive criticism, please write us an e-mail. Until then, enjoy this version!

My Website :
Instagram : mienwinkler
PS : This is a pre-alpha version, so there are still some things missing and that is a pity. If you like the universe of the game, please send an e-mail so we can get some feedback.


It feels like you are trying to reproduce something from like a decade ago. This is a problem when you have such a small development team with not much experience. You can try to get the feel of older designs, but it is the more experienced developers that do not have this problem.
It is easier to look at the game and come up with mechanics and ideas that you can improve. The game is not all that complicated and a newbie programmer can easily implement an entire game system in 1-2 days.
Consider this: What happens if the object is really small, like only 5×5 pixels? Or a bigger but transparent object? Or if you have a complex system that is too slow to process everything in real-time?
Even though all of these have been answered in previous questions, it would be good if you read them.
When an user is playing the game, I want to be able to instantly understand what I am doing. I don’t want to have to read the menus or instructions to find out how to do something. I want to play the game!
Any non-game related controls should be limited to menus.

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Fisherman Hetson Jim puts out his net into the Caperqua River near Morro Bay. He’s retrieved two


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* Main Function: Distribute blocks in specified areas on the board.
* Point: It’s the number of yellow blocks that fall from the top.
* The fastest you run, the more points you will get!
* The fastest you run, the more points you will get!


What’s new in Goat Simulator: Waste Of Space: