The latest episode in the fun physics-based platforming series. Tim is back! In the first chapter of the adventure Tim must undertake to save his grandfather, who now lives in an old fashioned tower. But has this tower been built by a god?
If you like light platforming game play then you will like this game. This game gets better the higher you climb.
If you want a challenge you can deal with this one. This game is hard and can be brutal at times. There is no way out so you must try. This game is great when you have a friend who you play with.
10 hours of gameplay
Story Mode
Sidequest Mode

Meaningless ideas, statistics and trivia. You will have useless data because game don’t give you any combat rate and kill rate. You will play the game for about 10 to 20 hours in vain and then you will post it…

This game has a few things going for it, the story is great, it is about a silent guy that fights monsters and destroys the tower, looks very good, sounds nice, and has a great idea on how to attract the audience.

But there are a few issues with this game that I have found.

The battle system is no where near the complexity of a game like Monster Hunter where you use a weapon you have to practice for hours upon hours to get to a good point.

There are some attacks that are meaningless, such as jumping off your platform and using a slice attack, because that would just be silly to do in a game with the time of limited combat.

The story and characters are basically empty. Nothing is really explained and the monsters themselves don’t add any kind of back story to the characters.

The tower itself is very repetitive, the tower has no real interesting features and it is very easily beaten, you will discover all of the moves and they are not very good.

Even with all of these issues, the game is fairly good in my opinion. The story is exciting and does a great job of attracting the audiences. The combat is something you would find in a fighting game and not a game that would promote its games core concept. The only reason you would want to play this game is for the story and not the combat. The combat is standard fare at this point in the genre. And finally, I can’t believe how much progress this game has made in 11 years. I hope that Treyarch gets this


In.My.Mind Features Key:

  • This is the final version of the game with the core fighters
  • There are 4 groups (Black, White, Red and Gray) with 5 different characters each
  • The last season has been added to make it complete and playable!
  • There are now 100 characters to choose from
  • Characters have a new costume select after beating a fight
  • All fighters have a special move unique to them
  • All fighters have an Super Power, also unique to them
  • All fighters have a Super Luck for a 5 difference before the fight
  • All fighters start with max SP at start
  • There’s a new energy bar system
  • All characters can use items for a total of 3 different items
  • All characters have a survival meter (energy)
  • All characters have a light attack meter (LIGHT ARM)
  • You get slower, but better when you get hit
  • Lesser CPU power against you if you get hit twice
  • The same for Grappling and triple throws
  • Characters use 40% fighting power for 4 extra damage (SEE DETAILED INFO BELOW)
  • Characters use 50% fighting power for 6 extra damage (SEE DETAILED INFO BELOW)
  • Characters use 60% fighting power for 8 extra damage (SEE DETAILED INFO BELOW)
  • Players have a health bar
  • The game is saved with the game termination
  • Starting CG and switching from character / menu screen The following images will load from the game start file:
  • TG.mech teams 4.4 This game has a CG and a post practice mode.
  • TG.mech team 4.4 Practice brawl & collide is a game of one-on-one battles, orchestrated with players having full control of their team and their own moves.
  • TG.mech team 4.4 Practice brawl & collide includes roster updates, random character select where players can customise


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    Explore dead realms to find the way to save Your own.
    Maze of the Locusts is a new, fast paced RPG game with a unique combat system and a narrative puzzle-story with crafting mechanic.
    What’s New in V4.11.0:
    – New Twinfinite Item that will give you infinite funds and items!
    – New Weapon – Spear.
    – New Character Trait – Strength.
    – New Runes – Haste, Perception, Perception: Deadly.
    – New Enemies – Huge Sky and Spectral Boss.
    – Update to the item conservation system and improve some bugs.
    – Improved enemy statistics.
    – Fixed a bug that was causing the game to freeze.
    Thanks for reading.

    MCSO continues to make strides in Public Safety

    Tracey Lechner, the new Public Information officer and liaison for the Department of Public Safety and Metro Crime Stoppers, answers questions on a request to the MCSO by St. George News

    Tracey Lechner, the new Public Information officer and liaison for the Department of Public Safety and Metro Crime Stoppers, answers questions on a request to the MCSO by St. George News

    HIGHLAND – On Oct. 6, the St. George Police Department was honored by Diversion Utah with a public safety award for their excellent public awareness and effective work with young adults.

    St. George’s County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Tracey Lechner, who is also the liaison for Metro Crime Stoppers, said the award is important because the Sheriff’s Office has a strong track record of making positive changes within the community.

    “The recognition means a lot because we’ve made a lot of positive changes,” she said.

    Public safety officers routinely perform a variety of functions, such as highway patrol, police services, child abuse, sex crimes, dog control and narcotics investigations.

    Lechner said she first learned of the Sheriff’s Office’s Public Safety award from St. George Police Chief Pat Dougan and then decided to apply for the award, which included informing the public of the issue.

    Through an award committee, Diversion Utah gave out the first-ever public safety award to the Sheriff’s Office.

    “This is a really good opportunity for us to raise awareness for the agency,” said Chuck Higgins, deputy director of


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