Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 VR – Japan is a fishing sim game. This game is very different from UFS – Germany and it’s a true fishing simulator. The game is perfect for people who want to spend a few hours of their spare time to enjoy great fishing.

The Controls / Controls / Tabulas:

There are many different things you can do and there are many different ways to catch fish in this game.

Simplified instructions:

The basic controls can be used to play the game:
1. D-pad (WASD in other games) Move the player / controller in any direction.
2. Arrows (T+A+S in other games) Pause / Restart / Load / Quit.
3. Home button (Currently not support on first item of different fishes in these 2 fish boxes).

How to find Japanese DLC:

Players will need to download Ultimate Fishing Simulator VR – Japan for free and then the DLC will be available.

Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2 – Japan – Update:

The Following issue was solved with the Update to the UK DLC ‘Ultimate Fishing Simulator 2’.

I’m going to be honest with you. The original title, Ultimate Fishing Simulator was a VERY cool game. It had huge potential, but the more I played it, the more I started to dislike the game. It was extremely buggy, the 3D models in the game started to look terrible and the controls were absolutely awful.

The recent update of the game however helped to eliminate the huge bugs found with the first version. The new version of the game also looks 10 times better and the controls have actually improved.

The game now plays very smoothly, with the added feature of being able to walk around and a whole lot more. I do advise however that you play the game in VR or alternatively play in 2D, if you really want a good fishing experience, but even if you don’t play in 2D, the enhanced game play options make the game more enjoyable than ever.

The game has been completely reworked and the developers have eliminated all of the bugs found with the first version.


IndustrySim Virtual Platform Features Key:

  • Widescreen 64-bit optimized. Borderless support all major video cards and resolutions.
  • Various game types: 4 Player, CPU / Ghost Fight, CPU vs. CPU, Boss Rush, Endless.
  • Achievements, special visual effects.
  • FPS limitation: the game runs at full speed on the supported video cards up to 128 Frames Per Seconds. On lower than that limit you will get random FPS dropping.
  • Quick GUIDE:

    • Extract IMAZE.EXE from the archive to a convenient folder. (We recommend to place it on C:\ for 64-bit version)
    • Run the game and enjoy.

    Karthviramani (1973 film)

    Karthviramani (கர்திரமணி) is a 1973 Telugu drama film, produced by S. Suryanarayana Reddy under the Vyjayanthi Movies banner and directed by Shanti Nivasam. It stars K. V. Reddy, Nirosha in the lead roles and music composed by M. S. Viswanathan.

    The prince Dharmaiah (Annapurna) is separated from his wife Sumithra and mother Savitri (Geetanjali) by King Banasura (Amarnath). So, the King orders to hunt them down and sends Dasimayya (J. V. Somayajulu) to take revenge. When Savitri passes away, he and Dharmaiah are born as two babies – Bharadwaja (D. V. Narayanaswami) as Sumithra’s elder brother and Gurupadhi (D. K. Sarangaiah) as Dharmaiah’s. Unexpectedly, the two brothers become close friends and decide to unite after getting rid of all the problems. Meanwhile, Dasimayya reaches their village and insults King Banasura and makes him a mockery of it. They kidnap Dasimayya, and he is taken to the forest where he decides to destroy the village.

    Dharmaiah goes to the capital to unite


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    DCS: AJS-37 Viggen is a single or multiplayer air combat simulation game set in the Cold War era, starring the fighter plane the Swedish Air Force used against the threat of submarines during the Soviet era. AJS-37 is a digital representation of the Swedish fighter aircraft, the F/A-37 Viggen, or in English “The Eagle”. The game is based on historical data and documentation about the AJS-37 Viggen as well as the well-known airplanes of the era, being a descendant of the F-16 Fighting Falcon and the F/A-18 Hornet. Unlike games of the 30’s and 40’s that were based on old airplanes from the 1950’s, the AJS-37 Viggen is a state of the art fighter jet and it’s the future in appearance, weapon systems and capabilities.

    The Viggen is the primary fighter of the Swedish Air Force (F 11). After the Swedish UN-Political mission “Blue Fox” during the Vietnam War, the Swedish Air Force’s requirement for a new fighter was met by Swedish Aircraft Design Bureau ABB and the F/A-37 fighter was built and first flown on the 20th of December in 1971.

    Soon after the first Viggen had been built, the first plane was used in the Vietnam air war against the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong. The Viggen was the first aircraft in the Vietnam theater to operate at supersonic speeds.

    The Viggen is a twin-engine fighter aircraft, used against aerial threats in close-air support of ground forces, as well as the main fighter for all Swedish fighter squadrons, and also for the fighter-attack squadrons.

    The aircraft has a maximum speed of Mach 1.6 (900 km/h) at a combat altitude of 50,000 feet or 1600 m.

    Based on the lessons learned from the first mission in Southeast Asia the Swedes made use of improvements to the aircraft and their flight tactics, as well as new technology allowing them to achieve world-record distance flights and innovations to the weapons and navigation and guidance systems. The Swedish armed forces use the Viggen in all theatres of operations – in North and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia, and against all types of aerial threats – antiship, tactical support and fighter jets and helicopters.

    Key Features:

    AJS-37 V


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    This DLC is for the Deluxe edition only and includes all of the following content:** A Manual with in-game tips and tricks.** A Wallpaper to fit the Wizardry Play Time PSP and it’s 9 screen resolution.** A set of Gamescore badges for your PSP.** A Bonus Pack of 10 Premium Mystical Statues.** A Bonus Map.** A bonus game – Pathfinder Tales.** Plus all of the extras that are in the Deluxe version.


    Play Time is a game within a game – at least one part of it. Play Time features a mix of live action and all-action gameplay, and is a fully playable game in its own right. The Play Time special mission takes place in an imaginary game board.** Our game board has 9 different boards for us to explore. It’s playable on any screen of your PSP or in PSP mode in DS mode. The screen is different on each PSP or DS mode game you play.** It’s playable anywhere on your PSP/DS. We have included some PSP game cards that you can take with you, so that you can play the game anywhere. They come in very handy. When you’re not using them, they simply slip out the back and keep the game portable. Even then, the screens look different on any PSP or DS mode game you play.* Play Time is a handheld experience.* The actual level of difficulty increases depending on which game mode you are playing.* There is an Expert mode, in which you will need to complete the game on the first try.* There is an Unlimited Play option – where you can play the game indefinitely. You can even play on your DSi!** This option is only available on DSi and PAL regions.


    The Infestation maps are real areas from real real life on and off the Games Workshop Tour, in which all the real world locations have been invaded by an army of wights. Fortunately, the classic armys of Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40,000 remain unaffected and will give you help from afar.


    The area is divided into many different infestation maps that all have their own special infect ability.* The infection appears as an outline on the map, and is visible on any screen.* There are 12 infestation maps.* The type of map can be one of three;:

    o Hive

    o Fortress

    o Keep



    What’s new in IndustrySim Virtual Platform:

      Nightmare Adventures: The Turning Thorn (2004) is the debut novel by British horror writer John Connolly. It follows a group of students who dream of transforming themselves into animals for Halloween, ultimately becoming feral creatures themselves after a bout of vampirism.

      The title comes from the first words of the novel.

      Plot summary
      The novel follows a group of students and teachers at a school in a small town in England about five weeks before Halloween. They get their first true scare when William, who is raped by an underage classmate he’s had a crush on and becomes demi-corporeal, begins to transform physically and mentally over time. Moreover, their secret love-child, Jason, is seriously threatened by an intruder. The plot – which starts out as a slow build-up – is eventually resolved through a combination of terror, drama, murder and madness, before it is eventually resolved.


      Jason is a shy, quiet but intelligent physics student whose only real friend is Clarissa. While Clarissa and her friends hardly notice him, he apparently causes excitement by his belated sex with Clarissa. He is opposed to keeping the baby, though, viewing it as a burden that will hold him back from pursuing his ambitions. He is excited and happy to see his deformed mother, however, and he wants to see her again soon.

      Clarissa is a tomboyish, slightly obnoxious student who is attracted to Jason despite being friends with Melanie. She is snarky towards Melanie’s friends, and as well as openly lusting after Jason, she lusts for Melanie herself. She is from a middle class and well-to-do family background, the children of whom attend her parents’ parties, one of which was attended by Satan’s Mysister and a few days before the story begins. In the course of the story she suspects that her father is putting the pressure on her to go out with Prince Richard, the son of the Prince of England, on the grounds that the Prince will want her to marry him. Her father has brought Richard to visit her by way of pressuring her into becoming the Prince’s wife. She is afraid and somewhat paranoid. Jason’s company seems to have first-time appeal for her. At the end of the book, she vomits as a result of drinking too much alcohol before fleeing the school. Her rivalry with Melanie, whose desire for her turns to hatred against the end of the book, is emphasized.


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      Deadwater Saloon is an award-winning, medieval-themed first-person shooter by creator Ken Levine. For years, the only known source of the deadly plague was unearthed in a hidden cave above the town of Sifte, but now two rival plague doctors have uncovered a new cave on Deadwater Mountain. A media firestorm and a Congressional investigative committee have followed. To find out which of the two has the cure for the plague, you must fight your way through a series of deadly traps and surreal landscapes — and that’s just in the beginning.


      *** Kill zombies. All kinds of zombies. It’s your undead apocalypse — you decide what to do! From ordinary zombies to Nosferatu zombis, you can summon them by using your crossbow.

      *** Snatch-and-hold zombies. Grab and hold zombies to use them later as a weapon. They can be as useful as a pot of boiling water or as lethal as a torch or spear.

      *** Adrenaline-pumping action. Deadwater Saloon has intense, blood-splattering action — as bloody as Dead Space — but fun as hell. With a heavy focus on melee combat, the gunplay can be left to die for the gore.

      *** Extremely detailed landscapes. Walk through six different environments and three different weather conditions. In all, Deadwater Saloon contains 45 unique locations, with a new world added each week.

      *** Up-to-the-minute survival. Deadwater Saloon uses a proprietary persistent world technology that allows it to be updated with each new release. As you play, you may discover new locations, items, and enemies.

      *** Compelling backstory. A team of programmers uses the free-form web comic “InfoSpace” to tell the story and backstory of Deadwater Saloon. Come and read all the back-story on the forums at www.deadwatersaloon.com.

      *** Multiplayer. Deadwater Saloon features a cross-platform multiplayer feature with Hothead Games’ futuristic sci-fi FPS, Escape Velocity Universe. Pick up where you left off in an online game against your friends, or take your game online alone in a private game.

      *** In-game store. Download wallpapers, user interface skins, and in-game items from the game’s web shop. See in-game previews on the web store or in-game shopping cart.



      How To Install and Crack IndustrySim Virtual Platform:

    • Download the installer file of G.NOM from xda. Do not have it direct to your system, put it somewhere safe.
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