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Innchanted is a dice-based roguelike dungeon simulator about solving puzzles to become a rich, dashing noble.
The game was written in a no-compromise effort to be the most fun and satisfying Rogue-Lite on the horizon.


Miniature mapping and skills: The map of the player’s dungeon stays the same but the contents change and are procedurally generated. The player has 5 skills to improve over the course of a run and the dungeon stays miniaturized as they level up.
Greater variety of enemies: There are minions and heroes in the game, both with unique behaviors and combat styles.
Many areas: The map is procedurally generated, but the number of rooms in the dungeon is limited only by how fast the AI can find a “random” room type. The room can be used to store items or expand the player’s dungeon. The player can also abandon their current dungeon and start a new one.
Loot: The player will find loot everywhere they go, including treasure chests and items in special rooms that aren’t unique to Innchanted.
NPCs: The player may interact with many other “nodes” in the dungeon.
Skill trees: The player can unlock skill trees to customize the player’s combat playstyle, eg. to make the player more proficient with missile weapons, or to improve the player’s ability to find invisible items.


Innchanted was started by the husband-wife team of Simone and Nicole Coen, a pair of artists from Bloomington, Indiana. The pair worked on various games and projects before deciding to make a game about a dice-based roguelike dungeon. After successfully crowd-funding and launching their campaign for Innchanted in February 2016, the Coen’s were joined by fellow Bloomington-based developers Benjamin Price and Hannah Black to complete the game.


Innchanted was widely praised upon its release for its unique, interesting mechanics and its fantastic art, and was featured in the preview roundup for the Edge Magazine’s Game of the Year 2016 issue. Its success prompted it to be briefly named the Indie of the Week by Edge Magazine in their December, 2016 preview, before being placed on the Edge’s Honour list. Reviewers praised Innchanted for its humorous and engaging tone, and for the game’s tone-matching art style.


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Shoal Features Key:

  • 3 campaigns to choose from, each with their own power-ups, enemies, bosses, and maps
  • Robust movement and animation system with timing and animation setters, displacement and blend setters as well as powerful culling system
  • Very rich all-encompassing scripting system with hundreds of events
  • Highly configurable, the game will need no more than ~5 lines of code to become a completely fresh experience
  • Team up with other users!

    So eager to get you started, we’ve made the game free! But, we also have the ambition of making some more next year, so if you want to be part of this awesome, crazy experiment, you can follow us on Twitter, visit our website, subscribe to our newsletter, or let us know about any of the game’s issues. But please, don’t forget to check out the game or follow us on Twitter. We really, sincerely believe this game can turn into something genuinely fantastic!

    FreeAgents is now out in early access! Make sure to follow us on Twitter @freeagentsgame if you want regular updates!

    Full version of the game is expected to be released in summer 2019.

    Pizzarelli, Patty Taylor, David S. Patterson, Douglas K. Schwartz and Garrett SwearingenPizzarelli, Taylor, Patterson, Schwartz, and Swearingen: A Comparison of Three Linear Regression ModelsPRLX2019-302413The type of additive events considered is a feature that each model had in common and that is not the focus of this paper. While not necessarily unique to each model, the continuity property is guaranteed by discrete behavior models, while nonexponential event distributions meet the continuity assumption. These assumptions do not


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    – A single player game
    – Filled with unique levels with time restrictions
    – Checkpoints at various points in the game
    – Levels can be repeated by selecting the option in the menu
    – A new number of balls and time limit are given for each level
    – Level difficulty is increased gradually
    – For each level, the number of points needed to progress is different
    – You can play with the same or with different difficulty levels
    – The game is continuously updated with more and more new levels, every week
    – Provides correct answers for the top 10 most played, voted and commented questions
    About King of the Hill Flash Game
    King of the Hill Flash Game is a side-scrolling, physics-based challenge where you shoot a ball into the giant’s face while avoiding it’s many tubes!

    – A simple, addictive game that is best enjoyed with headphones
    – Online high scores and leaderboards
    – Up to 6 players playing at once!
    – Includes 2 custom made soundtracks to go with the game.
    – Touchscreen and swf is supported for older browsers and versions!
    – Supports Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, Microsoft Edge, Safari and mobile browsers.
    – Extremely simple and addictive (or should I say two addictive?) gameplay.
    – Tons of different levels with different features in each!
    – Randomized levels for a unique experience every time you play.
    – Game can be played in portrait mode!
    – When you’re stuck, hit us up on Discord!

    Candyland – A candy maze game
    In Candyland, you take control of Candy, the most delicious of all candies. A sort of witch has cast a spell over Candyland, trapping its candy makings in candy canes. These are all that remain of the vast bounty of sweets that Candyland was once known for. Before Candyland became what it is today, there was much candy happiness. You, on the other hand, are not so happy today.
    You must use all the skills you posses to navigate Candyland’s candy landscape. Eat candy canes to increase speed, and avoid candy barriers, fences, and gates that will slow you down. Your world is filled with candy flowers, delicious candies and delicious candies and delicious candies, candies and delicious candies!
    Game Features:
    6 – Beautiful worlds
    (6 levels of worlds)
    – All worlds are designed in the current PSX/Wii and new PS


    Shoal Free [Mac/Win] [Latest]

    – 8 different play modes!

    – Up to 4 players!

    – All players can be hand picked!

    – Pick your team of 4!

    – You can select up to 80 unique players to choose from!

    – And select one of five (5) different character/player classes: Quidditch Puffball, Broomballer, Beagle, Street Surfer or Electric Soldier!

    – You can unlock special player abilities!

    – Online Ranking!

    – 30 achievements to unlock!

    – Minigames!

    – Powerups!

    – Hand-picked team!

    – Choose a team!

    – Choose a character!

    – 30 unlockable players!

    *New Updates coming soon! Please email me at [email protected] with any suggestions, comments or bug reports!

    I’m currently working on porting the game to Android and I am looking to make this game an Indie App!

    Donations are Appreciated!Just add the contact form above and send me an email with the amount you want to donate, your email, name and country and I will send a PayPal invoice for you!

    Copyright 2014L.M. Gibson

    ROAD RACING 1.0.0

    Oculus Rift support! Just press the ‘C’ key to switch your headset to the Oculus Rift, and then play Road Racing from that screen.You can also click on the headset in the top right of the screen to toggle between displaying the game and displaying the Oculus Rift OSD controls.

    New Jersey’s finest Crime Scene Investigators are at it again. Their latest case has them looking into the trail of mud a speeding car left behind. They are tracking the driver, who allegedly left a trail of tracks that lead them back to the victim’s house. Of course, the trail also leads them to some potential witnesses, including an old school janitor who may have seen something that happened inside the victim’s house.

    When they get there, they find some interesting evidence. A steering wheel covered in hair and a dead cat! The Crime Scene Investigators must now work together to piece together what happened, find out who the victim is and the motive for the crime!


    Each game mode features two or more teams. Each team has a number of players who take turns to attempt to shoot the ‘gobb


    What’s new in Shoal:

      Gripper’s Adventure is a platform video game developed and published by Konami for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

      The game is similar in concept to Sonic the Hedgehog in that the player controls Gripper, a friendly space robot with a power fist, as he must help a princess named Dinah free herself. The gameplay was a certain distance from the platformer genre, with little resemblance to typical platform gameplay.

      Development and release
      The game was first announced in GamePro in February of 1992. During the launch of the Nintendo World Championships that year, Kazunao Anami appeared in his role as President at Konami to show a short preview for the game, including screenshots. The game was released on July 22, 1992, in Japan, and later received an American release that October. It was later released on the Virtual Console for the Wii on August 19, 2008, and for the Wii U Virtual Console on June 9, 2014.

      It would later be remade and ported to the PC for the Game Boy Color as Metal Black of Graffiti Jam on October 23, 2002, and subsequently for the Game Boy Advance as Metal Black of Graffiti Jam on July 22, 2002. In 1998, the game was ported to the Game Boy under the title Giga Gripper. It was first released as part of the “Family Collection” package in March of 1999. It was later remade for GBA in 2000, by the same name, and is sold complete with a Game Boy-artbook (which also contains a code for the original Famicom version). Gripper’s Adventure: Complete Edition was released as a Wii Virtual Console title in 2012, with the title and “bonus content” being absent.

      The 1993 Nintendo World Championships included a competition for the game, and players could download a demo of the game (that would run on a GCA800 ROM unit, such as the NTV-1000 using a Macro Block-menu), featuring in four-versus-four gameplay over four different courses. In Arcade Mode, the player begins at yellow level and works his or her way up to red level by clearing certain objectives. The top level, known as “Explosive Power”, required the player to clear a certain number of stickers without breaking the disc and the last level, “Power Destruction”, required the player to destroy stickers on all screens. In Tournament Mode, players fight to get around a course and survive to the goal, where different objectives can be filled and bonuses can


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      In this minimal yet top-down shooter, you’re a puny and unique extraterrestrial entity in a galaxy full of harsh landscapes. The aliens are warlike and the humans are primitive. On a planet full of creatures equipped with weapons and whatnot, you can equip yourself as a stormtrooper, a proton blaster, a jetpack, and a lot more. Each of these items have a specific purpose to fill, and once you’ve filled them all, your enemies will fall like flies before your weaponry. Become great and save the galaxy!

      You play the role of a wanmaku alien, and your goal is to save your world from global destruction. You will be moving through a series of procedurally generated levels, in which you fight many different types of enemies. These enemies can be damaged in a variety of ways, and although you’re only armed with a puny spaceship, you’ll be able to take any enemy out with a single hit.

      Good vibrations from your enemies will cause the world to crumble, and if you’re quick enough you can save the world!


      100 Stages that feel huge and at the same time, kind of short

      A variety of enemies, each with its own item and/or shooting method

      5 different types of weaponry that are all useful for different situations

      4 types of gameplay

      Vastly improved graphical engine

      30 levels of difficulty for you to explore

      An arsenal of different items, including a jetpack and spaceships

      90 achievements to complete

      An arcade inspired soundtrack

      Lightning, weather effects and flying creatures

      A kind of ending, after you defeat all enemies

      Screen shots, more information and video clips on the website

      Purchase the game here, in stores and in digital format.

      *Note that the game used to be available only in English and French.*

      A Tribute to Moebius and a Promise of Future Releases


      Toby Fox

      Moebius Design Inc.

      Reclaimed Ark Games

      The Game


      Once you’ve selected a level, you’re greeted with a very white world on a black background, with a few aliens scattered around.

      I know this is very much like the original on NES, but I felt it was important to feature all the original game’s specific


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