Super Hero Fight Club is the only game in the world where you can play as a superhero in your own arena, as well as in normal variety of conditions. There’s no other game that allows you to enjoy such realistic and different gameplay.
We’ve all dreamt of playing as a superhero and this game gives you that chance! Feel real adrenaline rush when you punch enemies, break security and escape from jail. People have been saying that this game is similar to the popular Need for Speed racing games, and people have reason to say that. That’s because this is a dynamic, fast and action packed game in more of a racing style. You don’t have to be a super hero to play this game, only a real fast and cunning gamer will be able to pull it off.
The game includes four characters each with his own stats, special powers and abilities. Each has four different ways to attack: melee, jump, suprise and run.

How to Play
The controller is required to play this game
Select your chosen hero and get ready to play
Hits your opponent with your weapon, kills him and use a powerup on the ground to gain a huge advantage
Finish the round and win

***Super Hero Fight Club: Reloaded***


Game Stats:

Beaten Levels

Completion Time

Melee Damage

Molotov Damage

Suicide Damage

Game Length

Map Stats:

Total Rounds

Mode Stats:

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Mode Categories

Missions Stats:

Completion Time

Total Time

Round Stats:

Total Rounds

Mission Round Stats:

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Tiger Tank 59 … Winter Assault MP079 Features Key:

  • Jean outfit – a pure white shirt and blue jeans
  • Team white helmet – that is bright white, very prominent and less durable than helmets with color.
  • Helmet cloth: white-blue
  • Accessories: some white accessories and paint
  • Unlockable Content

    • history Unlocked content – base features. keyboard_arrow_downUnlock the rest of the content.