Name Ven Adventure
Publisher Administrator
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Rating 4.32 / 5 ( 825 votes )
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A tragic war has devastated the land of Naharia, forcing its population to live in poverty. Thousands of Gladiators fight to the death every day to entertain the envious and out of touch Duke of War.
You must survive, as well as earn enough coins to bribe the guards that patrol the fighting pits. You must also fight the Jailor, a savage and twisted creature that exists for no purpose except to increase the number of people who are in prison.
– Control your sword with your body
– Earn treasure and bribe guards to make it out alive
– Unlock and equip new weapons
– Fight a variety of enemies
– Earn your freedom
This app contains in-app purchases that cost real money. You can turn off the set-up prompt in your device’s notifications in the settings menu of your device after purchase.
Remember that if you don’t want to use your device’s storage space, you can delete this game from your device.
This app is optimised for the following devices and screen resolutions:
Tablets (1024×600)
Desktops (1280×720)
Desktop and tablets (1280×800)
All devices with screens up to 5” (1280×720)
Tablets (768×1024)
Desktops (1280×1024)
This app is available in both English and Spanish.

Flight Simulator X: The Sims 3 – Free Edition (Aaaaaaaall.Aaaaboooore.) [2010](17-3-2014, 4, 99, Positive, 5.0, 1002 Ratings)
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In this world, there are no limits to what you can achieve.
This free edition of the award-winning Flight Simulator X offers an all-new expansive world for the ultimate driving and flying experience. As your Sim, visit over 200 destinations including popular locations in Asia and Europe. Free roam around the city streets of The Sims 3 world and choose your virtual air planes from a selection of more than 80 aeroplanes. Choose your favorite engine and customize your aircraft with up to six different performance sets. Flight Simulator X: The Sims 3 is the ultimate driving and flying simulator which allows you to design your own plane, choose your location, and


Name Ven Adventure
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.32 / 5 ( 825 votes )
Update (6 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Fight your way through intense armed conflicts of the mid-20th century with high-tech weapons and technology.
  • Come back to this game again and again, because it features hours of thrilling gameplay and absorbing story elements.
  • Vega Conflict: Cavalier Cutter – the sequel to an award-winning strategy spinoff that combines fast gameplay with an in-depth story.
  • Defeat enemy military units and their commanders and demoralise your enemies with gravity mines and hit’em up attacks.
  • Discover up to 37 hi-tech military units from the US, USSR and Third World that you can use to devastate your enemy in this unique turn-based strategy game.
  • Supported OS:

    • Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

    About the Publisher:

    D3 Publisher Inc., a worldwide pioneer in digital entertainment based in Tokyo, Japan, develops, publishes and distributes software and games for a variety of platforms including PC-based systems, smartphones and tablets.

    We’re excited to introduce the new world of VR games in our world class development studio, D3 Publisher, in partnership with ARROW DIGITAL and CINDERELLA DIGITAL STUDIOS. To show our support for gamers everywhere, we are releasing Vega Conflict: Cavalier Cutter on VR arcades.

    Stay up to date with our news and developments at: .


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    Masters of the World is a multi-player online game set in the virtual world of Second Life, where players meet in a shared geography, building their nation, and their world, in the same way that players of other online games meet in our own. It is in alpha development.
    The World’s geography is much larger than the screen of your computer or mobile device, and you can access some of this world in a web browser.

    The above is a side-by-side comparison of real-time strategy, fantasy, and role-playing games of 2008-2009.
    I have put this chart together, because, we all know that there is no such thing as a perfect 4.0 rating. I am not going to include any games that received less than a 4.5, but also, I am not going to include any games that received more than a 4.0.

    Furthermore, I have included the exact numbers of games in each sub-category. These numbers were copied directly from RTS-Masters website. All the comparisons were made using the official website, and not manipulated numbers (most of the comparisons were done manually, so if someone wants to dispute a comparison, then that person would have to cite a source.)
    IMPORTANT NOTE: I put this chart together, for educational purposes. Therefore, numbers do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the author. I am not trying to achieve false-positives, nor false-negatives. Rather, I am trying to attempt to provide a more accurate way to compare the games, with the numbers provided by the games’ developers.
    Please note that as much as I wanted to add more games, I was unable to. Therefore, the list is a bit more “shorter” than I wanted it to be, but this is still an interesting list.

    Category:1. Real-Time Strategy

    Category:2. Role-Playing Games

    Category:3. Fantasy Role-Playing Games

    Category:4. Other Games

    Category:5. PC

    Category:6. Console

    Category:7. Mobile

    Category:8. Online

    Category:9. Handheld

    Category:10. Handheld/Tabletop

    Category:11. Single-Player

    Category:12. Game Boy Advance

    Category:13. Game Boy Color

    Category:14. Game Gear

    Category:15. Psion



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    – The player is an alien that just landed on Earth. He looked around and there is a guy in front of him.
    – He walked towards the guy and then kissed the girl who was sitting close to him.
    – After the kiss the girl put her hand on the guy’s stomach.
    In the ending the guy and the girl are dating and the alien left to another planet.

    ReviewsA refreshing video game with a beautiful and cute art style and a great love story.However, this game is actually a waste, not only because of the 2 things that made you replay this game, but because you didn’t like the story and that was a good thing, I think.

    This game has potential, but the presentation is not enough, the story is quite dull and is full of spelling mistakes.It isn’t enough that you don’t have the option to skip certain scenes, but you also don’t get to change your destiny… in the end everything should go as planned, you can’t change that.Story: 3/10

    If you like visual novels, you will find the mechanics quite good and diverse. Honestly, the story is quite bad.

    This is a shame. I loved the character design, and the concept is unique and hilarious. Unfortunately, the story is incredibly lacking, and the game’s massive coding issues and bugs made playing it very frustrating.The presentation: 7/10

    You may be asking yourselves “But why?” Well, you could disagree with the concept, but that’s what makes the game so unique. Its worth a try, don’t know why you wouldn’t.If you’re a fan of the well-designed original games (such as Zero Escape), you’ll find this game a lot of fun. It’ll be a good way to relax.Gameplay: 9/10

    The gameplay is very unique, and the game does have plenty of content, but due to the bugs, glitches and uneven framerate, I couldn’t really enjoy it.

    Played it for a bit. Honestly, I really didn’t enjoy it. The presentation was great, however, the game is too hard to control, and the transitions are very poor (there is a whole bunch of bugs, and it’s impossible to skip certain scenes and even the text is a bit messy, but still cute) so as a result I’ll be playing this game because I just wanted to play it, and not because of the storyline.Story: 3/10


    What’s new in Ven Adventure:

    Vampires sire new children in the blood of their old comrades, and the hunters die to avenge those they’ve come to save. A new generation of reprehensible bastards is born.

    Magic elf and shadow impetigo demon have bewitched a wealthy family in the English countryside. Now they seek a curse of power that would give them an army to destroy the fairy-folk. The curse is the price of one who guards the goblin horde; an ancient, first generation banshee. Can a team of allies gather to hunt down the monster and band together to save the humans she once protected?

    While hunting bears, a masked man called the Southern Collector discovers hundreds of manikin statues, then an abandoned mine full of the tiny wooden dolls. Is it his artifact? Can it be used to hunt a being of immense evil?

    A centuries-old civilization is struggling to rebuild. Plague and war linger, and madness is a way of life in coastal Vermont. But for a short time one family can experience perfect peace, and then their village will be destroyed.

    A collection of vampires — all hunted by the same hunter — arise to train and work together to restore their society. They kill, propagate, and, albeit reluctantly, work for the outside world. They prepare for the coming of their ancient enemy, seek allies, and prepare for a life of war.

    The voice spoke to Maxtran’s thoughts. Well, damn.

    “The goblin trail takes us across the mountains, past closed villages. There will be no help there. The dwarves cannot cross the mountains; they have begun their own war, and are too busy fighting each other to help.”

    “You will take ten trolls, and meet the Sister in the fortress. Leave everything behind and come with me.”

    Maxtran looked back at the relics of his clan, memorizing in the face of this desolation. He could not leave them behind. He could never leave them behind. Not again. But if there was a chance, one that he could cherish, it was too bad.

    “I will be under your protection while in the city. There is risk; no good hunting ground, though.”

    The voice paused briefly, and when it spoke again, it was as if it breathed fire across Maxtran’s face.

    “If it is one of your accursed vampires


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    The American car manufacturer Ford originally wanted to build a T-Car in the United States.
    In 1927, a bus manufacturer named “Wiener Linien” initially asked for a chassis that could be used for a different type of vehicle and got it. It was a perfect match! To name the vehicle the “Ford T”, a more impressive shape was chosen than the original “T” design. That’s how it all began!
    After a few years of transition, the “Wiener Linien” bus service, featuring the “Ford T”, was restarted in 1935. In 1966, again after further modernization, the official name “Ford Transit” was adopted. At the beginning, this was an articulated bus, the name “bus” for this vehicle was derived from it.
    If all was said and done, the bus was exclusively used by the Vienna “Wiener Linien”.
    Besides the regular service, the vehicle also saw military use.
    In October 1970, the first of the modern buses with high-floor was put into service.
    The last of the original high-floor buses was still operated on December 31, 2002.
    In September 2000, the first low-floor bus entered service. They were exclusively used until 2001.
    In 2006, the last high-floor buses were put in service.
    In 2008, the first high-floor articulated buses were put into service.
    In 2012, the last high-floor buses, until then exclusively operated by the Vienna “Wiener Linien”, were put in service on the routes 18B, 18C and 18D.
    From 2013, the first low-floor articulated buses were put into service on the routes 18C and 18D.
    In 2013, the first low-floor buses, still exclusively operated by the Vienna “Wiener Linien”, were put into service on the routes 18B and 18C.
    The buses of the “Wiener Linien” are among the oldest vehicles in service in the Austrian Federal Railways.
    Besides Austria, the bus is known to be running in many other countries.
    In the Lower Austria bus fleet, the bus is known by the regar62 code 62. It is also used in the city of Vienna.
    Articulated bus NL205M12 (first low-floor generation)
    Length: 9.34 m
    Width: 4


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    SGEK, a Singapore-registered holding company, comes under scrutiny for its alleged misuse of funds.

    It reported a 56 per cent rise in net loss of S$294 million on Tuesday, for the third quarter to September 30, 2013, compared to the S$161.4 million earned in the preceding period.

    The firm’s shares plunged 24.4 per cent to S$0.165 while the price of its unit, SGEK Holding, plunged 40 per cent to US$5.77.

    Stressed Assets Limited (SAL), a listed debt fund manager, said it would continue to remain cautious as a result of the continued losses at SGEK.

    SAL now sees ‘negligible’ value in both the listed stock of SGEK and SGEK Holding for it to be ‘credible’ in the foreseeable future, it said in a statement on Tuesday.

    SAL also clarified that while it still holds some SGEK shares it still sells principal positions. SAL’s net assets are down by S$228.0 million to S$19.8 million since last November 1, it said.

    It said that it will continue to sell principal positions as


    System Requirements:

    So, let’s talk about the gameplay of the game. One of the most revolutionary features of Gundam Versus is the story mode. Unlike most fighting games, this one allows you to choose from a variety of different stories that have their own characters and battles. The way you pick your story is to select a mission, and then the mission will load itself onto the map. All the missions have a limited time to beat. Once your time is up, you will have to start the mission again. Your mission will be assigned a team. In the mission selection, you have a choice of