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Graviteam Tactics is a real-time strategy game set in 1943 Europe. After the Axis conquest of the USSR, the Red Army leads a new counteroffensive. It is the main product of Ukrainian game studio Crytivo. Visit: more details visit
About Crytivo
Based on Crytivo’s success, the studio Crytivo was founded in 2007. Their first product – Graviteam Tactics, a real-time strategy game set in 1943 Europe. The first game was released in 2010. In the middle of 2011 the team released its second title – Cross of Iron. This game was released under license with Microsoft, and was awarded the “Graviteam Tactics Gold” in the 2011 PC Game Awards. The third game, the first Ukrainian and Europe-wide licensed PC game Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star, is scheduled to be released in the middle of 2014. For Crytivo visit

Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star, featuring additional rich content of Volokonovka 1942. The game includes a new battles (Operation Pohl, Operation Weiss, Operation Lazhen) and the addition of the Wehrmacht units.

About This Content
Volokonovka 1942 is an addon for Graviteam Tactics: Operation Star, which adds a new summer area of operations – Volokonovka village and new operations for the Red Army and Wehrmacht during Operation Blau (July 1942). Troops of German 6A broke through the Red Army’s defense and now are advancing towards crossings on the Oskol river near Volokonovka.
Combat mission:
Wehrmacht – support attacking troops of 79 Inf, advance eastwards towards Volokonovka.
Red Army – delay enemy advance until troops of the 114th tank bde come up, keep bridgeheads on the left bank of the Oskol river against the enemy.
New content:
A new summer area of operations near the Volokonovka village.
Two new operations for the Red Army and Wehrmacht during Operation Blau (July 1942).
About The Game Grav


Features Key:

  • Simple and fun gameplay with a cool 8-bit retro feel.<br>
  • An original soundtrack for a retro game -<em>Type-X</em>!
  • A detailed story: User Ailya is going on a vacation and she is addicted to<em>Type-X</em>.<br>
  • Easy playability with a hard action game level – User Ailya<br>
  • Add-on content you can’t find anywhere else – Rare drum and<em>Type-X</em><br>
  • A background story filled with mysteries – and<em>Type-X</em> -<br>
  • 12 1-2 min. songs and 3 game skins for different game<br>
  • An overall awesome soundtrack in a clear and<em>Type-X</em>-ish 8-bit style.<br>

Shuffle Mode

  • Game includes 61 tracks with 12-14 min. each -<em>Type-X</em> “retro” game music.<br>


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App Screenshots:


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What’s new:

offForward 5.010246E-02
AUGFN 1.851544E+02
AUGAUC 1.895364E+02
AUHOMO 5.913787E-01
AUPRO1 1.160720E+00
MCPHF -1.814578E-01
MCP 1.980390E+00
SAR 7.058548E-01


I ended up running it without the -DPLUS1 flag, and got the following error:

File not found: dpl_1 (Bad GEOMETRYZ)

It turns out this was due to the BLOCK job trying to access an SES file on a s2591. Why it worked for me is beyond me, but I’ve got a workaround for now


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Welcome to the year 2287: all your classic arcade shooter console system obsolescence has occurred!
Today’s tech isn’t just thinner, faster and more efficient — the best consoles are now ONE. The RC system? Discontinued! Scratch cards? Out of fashion!
Welcome to 2287: four players in two-ships each trying to save mankind!
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Be careful not to get shot by the fast-moving enemies! Damage them and they’ll do you a favor!
Are you sure you’re ready to finish for the year?


As unlikely as this might seem, it’s actually pretty easy to beat, so long as there are two ships. Both of your ships will fight a single enemy, so when you do damage, it only does damage to the one enemy.
If you give each ship a different health, take a look at this strategy:

The numbers that are marked in red are the health of each ship.
Going clockwise from the top-left, you can see that each ship has 1/3 of the health of the other ship (except the top-left ship, which has 2/3 of the top-left ship’s health).
You’ll have to catch up by shooting at the very end of each round and trying to slowly bring them up to full health.
Once they’re all full health, you can do anything you want – you can shoot bullets from each ship at once, you can stay over the left ship and shoot the ball over to the right ship (which will cover more ground), you can divide your attention between both ships and shoot a small amount of bullets at the right ship, etc…
And remember, even if you don’t kill the enemy, the bullets do damage, so if you get below 50% health, you may as well just wait for the round to end, and get 100% life, and continue on.


A strategy that works well (even against harder levels) is to set your speed to “Maximum” and never lower it, as long as you see any orbs.
This means you will only ever move in one direction, which forces the enemy to move in the opposite direction.
As for getting the health, a great tactic is to set the speed as “Fast” and use a maximum amount of


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