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The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero for the Nintendo 3DS, WiiU and Gameboy-e was released July 26th 2014 by NIS America as the first of the Trails series. Set in the world of Trails from Zero, an alternate past, it follows characters who are witnesses to and play a part in events that will drive the fate of the world into the future. They are guided in their path by a mysterious devil called Chaldea. Story Disclaimer: Chaldea has placed all of the worlds in the Tower of Infinity in a situation where there will be a war with the Darkness. Therefore, the world of Trails from Zero is in a chaotic time in which events are unfolding so fast that there is no time for anyone to realize that things that have occurred in the past has led to a battle between Light and Darkness. It is also established, that every loss leads to a gain.
The world of Trails from Zero:
The world of Trails from Zero is an expansive world. Set deep in the Land of Zero, the world is divided into three worlds: Tohka, a jagged, mountainous land; the coastal Castle Turnus, an elevated island kingdom; and, the wilderness, the realm outside.
The Land of Zero
In the Land of Zero, the world’s two shores are divided by a stretch of land. The mountain range stretches in between the two shores. As such, mountains are a common sight of the Land of Zero. The country between the mountains is actually rich in minerals, and thus the area is densely populated.
Coastal Turnus
The Castle Turnus is a country on an island that lies at the mouth of the River. In the province of Punis, five different tribes live in this country: the Yusomins, the Ueyoins, the Marudouins, the Kinkadouins, and the Sukusioins.
Wandering monsters such as the Witches live in the area around the Castle Turnus, and the country is known to have rich treasure.
The Wilderness
A large mountain range lies in the Wilderness, in which a single tribe, the Zaist, dwells. No nation or civilization has ever been found in this vast and abandoned land. The Zaist even has its own language.
New Hyperion
Mythic Land


Features Key:

  • Sehr lehrreich für Einsteiger – beginners and intermediates alike will have an easy time understanding what is going on in this game. Everyone will be able to play, understand and learn about the game within no time.
  • Learn to play with the training mode – learn to play with one of the 20 different opponents and just push buttons as fast as you can to win the game.
  • Lessons 2

    Car Safety Lessons 2 Game Key features:

    • Sehr lehrreich für Einsteiger – beginners and intermediates alike will have an easy time understanding what is going on in this game. Everyone will be able to play, understand and learn about the game within no time.
    • Learn to play with the training mode – learn to play with one of the 20 different opponents and just push buttons as fast as you can to win the game.


    Maintaining cache in Hibernate cache

    Simple question. After I do an EntityManager.refresh(..) or query.refresh(..) or flush(..) for a specific entity, will the updates be stored in the cache or would I have to fetch them every time again?


    After I do an EntityManager.refresh(..) or query.refresh(..) or flush(..) for a specific entity, will the updates be stored in the cache or would I have to fetch them every time again?

    Refreshes don’t exist only in a cache. Just fetch whatever you want to update and save it the way you want. From the Hibernate Documentation:

    Objects that are fetched the first time are stored in the cache and cannot be updated again until the session is refreshed. If you want to update an object that has already been loaded into


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    ESO: Legend of Sigmar is a live action roleplaying game in which players take on the role of Sigmar, or another character from his lands. In this semi-historical RPG, players will be able to partake in extensive story-driven quests, and go on journeys to locations around the land of Mann, and beyond.
    Players will find themselves on a strange world without much history or knowledge of their people, searching for the answers to their origins. It is a setting where they must face new challenges and danger, along with the magic, monsters, and otherworldly creatures that inhabit the world, along with a very wise and mysterious god.

    Thorata was a star system floating in the void between space and time in the Old Republic. Thorata was home to a group of settlers who wished for a more peaceful life than what they saw as their homeworld. They built a thriving trade center where people could come together to feel safe.

    However, the Earth wasn’t always a part of our galaxy. It was once a part of a larger galactic cluster called the Ynill Beyond. This cluster got caught in a gravitational anomaly, creating a massive supercluster that has since hardened into the debris belt known as the Ynill Fringe. The early settlers of Thorata thought their problems would be solved by emerging into a new and better galaxy, only to find a very different environment.

    The old world had great natural resources. One day the explorers from Thorata sent out a probe to see what was beyond. However, they never arrived home. After the probe’s failure, the settlers decided to live as best they could from the supplies they had on hand.

    After a million years, the planet’s sun became unstable. The settlers were forced to flee their world in search of a new home. It was during this time that they set their sights on settling new planets in the surrounding star systems. They also began using the large amount of energy they have to expand the space around Thorata, and create a defensive area around the planet.

    The settlers had always feared that there would be more danger beyond the relative safety of their new home. The time came for them to see just what was in the universe they had settled into.

    ***Lore notes for the Thorata system***

    *Thorata was a small planetoid in the Ynill Fringe. It was the home system of a handful of colonists who were the survivors of a


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    – Contains character thoughts on the Blossoms and the events that led to them occurring. – Three pdf’s with 1, 2, and 3 endings included.
    – Each pdf also contains the character’s history up to the time of the ending. – Includes a cover image of the cover of this guide.
    – You can open all pdf’s at once in this document.

    Shadow Complex is one of the best Puzzle-Platformer games ever made. Also one of the most popular. Shadow Complex 2 is pretty much exactly the same game. Same gameplay, same controls, everything! You know the deal. However, it adds some new aspects to the game, for example, two new chapters. You will be able to play this game for 3 more times. Enjoy! And now a quick little comparison between the two games.

    Shadow Complex is the original game. The second one is Shadow Complex 2.

    One difference is that the second game has two different endings, with the third ending unlocked upon the completion of the first two.

    However, the gameplay is the same in both, and you will be able to get all the endings and achievements.

    You can play Shadow Complex 2 for free for the first ten minutes. After that, the game will cost you $4.99. The gameplay will be exactly the same in both games.

    I advise you to buy Shadow Complex, since that’s the original game. However, you can also just go to the second chapter.

    System requirements for Shadow Complex 2:

    OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7

    CPU: i3-3300 @ 3.3 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 2200+ @ 2.4GHz

    Memory: 4 GB RAM

    HDD: 20 GB free space

    Shader model 3.0

    Shadow Complex 2: Overview:

    The Chapter 2 is pretty much exactly the same as Chapter 1, however, there are some slight differences.

    The key differences are:

    – You need to find two items to unlock the third chapter.- Two new chapters with a new final boss.- The camera controls are different.- You need to run faster.

    Anyhow, it’s the same game and you can unlock the third chapter at any time.

    Try to beat the game as fast as you can, and collect all the achievements, and you can play chapter 3 (or 2) for free.

    Alright, now that


    What’s new in Yardlings:

    Players who want
    to experience the game in an entirely different setting for their own
    added atmosphere, character and plot development for one whole day and for
    their module, are allowed to add a bit to the whole concept of a
    standard-day-fantasy expedition.


    One of the best moments when both players and Dungeon Masters (DMs) are on the same page are moments where everyone wants to act, where everyone thinks about why they’ve traveled with the others to that place, what they’re really after in this adventure, what everything means in terms of the overall plan. That is the moment when everyone has a clear idea how to get closer to the destination and have an example they can use as a guiding light for the rest of the module and for the campaign.

    and Guidelines1. The current food crisis in the world is something everyone is aware of and its consequences are felt by every person on the planet. As this fact is influencing every aspect of daily life and will continue to do so, what you’re going to see here is the PC’s lives and their future in an apocalyptic world. This is especially true for the time frame after the current pandemic.

    This is a survival horror while the PC’s are treated as the victims of the foreshadowing pieces of the module. You might want to call it the Blight.

    2. You should be clever in your use of detail for this module; in that way you and the rest of your fellow players can have fun with it.

    What to keep in Mind

    Planned Roleplay Moments

    The Blight (The violence will be heavier and horrors, or horrors that are worse than the normal ones will rain down upon the PCs)

    A plot-specific complication with plot solutions/consequences

    Social Consequences

    Running Time

    Fantasy Grounds – The Blight: Horror in the Sinks


    To make players and DMs
    attuned to the idea of using the zombie apocalypse as a setting, a story-teller for a
    GM with a concept that both works with other non-game ideas, and can be
    used throughout the world and other game systems;

    To remove
    the notion of normal characters in a zombie-setting and refocus the PCs’
    characters on their personalities, personality traits, history, and

    Way of Play

    By the end


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    “Doppleganger” is a fast-paced action role-playing game that lets you create your own story. Choose your hero from seven different classes and make your way through the game by fighting your way through dangerous enemies in the most original city in the game. Grab weapons to become a champion of light or darkness and fight for your last life!
    Key Features:
    – Make your own experiences
    – Play as the Protagonist or one of the 7 characters available to you
    – Up to 5 Mins playtime
    – Exciting action and visuals
    – Customize your look and your experience
    – Share your gameplay in-game on Facebook and enjoy rewards
    – Choose a character and experience your own story
    – An original world
    – Multiple weapons to use
    – Unique combat system
    – An incredible soundtrack
    – Easy to start, hard to master
    (This game currently is in an early access release)Q:

    Custom ArrayAdapter without a real array

    I have a list view with items that are loaded from the web. This causes a network request and therefore I’m using AsyncTask.
    The thing is, the data is not always going to be the same, meaning I do not have a fixed array with items. Instead, I just have a.xml file with a list of the items that the user gets.
    Is there a way to create a custom ArrayAdapter with an external file, that is not an array?
    I am asking this because using an Array Adapter, if you have a string or boolean or whatever as the data type, you need to specify a fixed size. Can I just specify a fixed size in the ArrayAdapter like ArrayList with ListView?


    It’s pretty straightforward.
    Declare a constructor that takes a StringReader, and the data you want to parse.
    public CustomArrayAdapter(Context context, StringReader data) {
    super(context, R.layout.row, data);

    Then you can just create the Layout with the same name you used in the constructor.

    Any recommendations?

    If you are using a ListView, I can’t think of a reason you would want to go with custom adapter and not the built in list adapter.
    If this isn’t the case, perhaps you can ask a follow up question to be more specific.

    The 2013 Open Yearbook provides the


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