For game developers, musicians, video-makers, and those who love to have fun, Shwip is the ultimate twin-stick action game. Play as an enemy, a freight truck, and a ghost; each has its own unique weapons, abilities and explosive particles. Round out your arsenal with real-time multiplayer and a variety of game modes. Throw on your headphones and Shwip on. Blast, dash, and twist your way to victory in Shwip’s three game modes and Beatbox Mode. Swing, dash, and spin around with reckless abandon, uncovering the secrets of space and your own inner cool. Play against friends and show your friends. Or just impress your friends by achieving 8,888 points.izeByIndex(x_index, x, JNIEnv::Default(),
y_index, y);

// Produce the result:
return jlong(res);

#ifdef __cplusplus

I’ve come to believe that in the current climate, the best way to help someone is to show them that someone else has also thought of them; sometimes that’s all they need to hear.

Even if you have nothing useful to say.

I’m not sure why this is, or how it works but we do it anyway. It has been tremendously helpful.

Recently, it’s been happening more. Sometimes, I know before I even begin to think about writing. What I get in return is the satisfaction of knowing that I have helped someone, and that my ego doesn’t have to take a hit.Q:

How to create a Cucumber scenario in a database file?

I’m trying to create a cucumber scenario in a database file for my API test.
When I create a file I expect to save all the feature files there, but I can’t find it. Where can I create scenario in a database?
I used a rake task for creating cucumber:
cucumber –tag @javascript:features –database irb://private/features/


ǎ国幻境 Fantastic Kingdom Features Key:



ǎ国幻境 Fantastic Kingdom Download [32|64bit]

Space Engineers is an sandbox builder game where players design and construct objects and vehicles to survive in a dynamic and unpredictable future. Due to Space Engineers’ implementation of procedural generation, a single game will feature a unique landscape, filled with both familiar and surprising new terrain.
Key Features:
– Tons of Creativity: Build anything you can imagine on your own unique planet, from huge space stations to elaborate 3D models and everything in between.
– Survival of the Fittest: Battle against other players online using vehicles, weapons and armor.
– Fast-Paced Space Action: Control spacecrafts, mining ships, and construction vehicles in real-time across a dynamic and ever-changing future of space.
– Procedural Generation: Experience the thrill of a constantly changing sandbox as randomized content continuously generates new planets, vehicles, and structures to explore.
– Cosmic Destruction: Destroy fleets of enemy ships as you fulfill quests, deliver equipment to structures, or simply enjoy the thrill of battle against other players online.
– In-Game Gestures: Communicate via in-game gestures, including point, pointing, and salute.
– Open Source: Create Space Engineers content and missions using the game’s unified engine.
– Modding Support: Create a Space Engineers experience unique to yourself.
…and many more!
Space Engineers is a free-to-play, indie game that can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. No Internet connection is required to play, and there are no time limits. Space Engineers is available in English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. More languages will be added in the future. Space Engineers is published by Klei Entertainment.
Developer Statement
“I’ve been building video games for over a decade,” says Amir Massoumi, CEO of Klei Entertainment. “I’ve always found it frustrating that any time I saw something interesting on the internet I’d have to wait for it to be made, or else find it elsewhere for a higher price and missing out on the ability to place the object where I wanted it. Space Engineers changes that. Players can design, build, and experience their content on their own schedule. The creations of countless modders, artists, and programmers worldwide have made Space Engineers a piece of art. Now we want to bring that same feeling to the joy of playing.”
Many thanks to Klei Entertainment and our partners at New World Computing, iFUN4U


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Game © 2012 Zeboyd Games, Inc.
– Legal Disclaimer: This game contains items available for in-game purchase with real money. To ensure you are not charged for items that are placed on hold or created with in-game currency, we ask that players create an account, and link that account to their Google account. For every item sold to a player’s account, they will be charged the same amount of money to their in-game account. These charges apply to in-game currency, and are non-refundable.
About This ContentUncover the mysteries of the Greek island. Explore, dodge, use your wits to survive the treacherous terrain. Find artifacts, collect them, and use them to gain strength.Now Available in German, French, and Spanish!
ReviewsThis is the year that Io – and all those like it – die.Game de Frustelacàge de Mananço. L’Estòlia Oriental. Pista 9. The game brings a whole new experience in gameplay, there are no more battles, we’re living a whole new world, where everything is a new experience. Now you can explore every nook and cranny of the Earthen Sea to find the four Artefacts in order to save the world!
-You need to learn to explore, solve and use the surroundings to survive and progress to the next level
-5 easy modes to start playing and face the most dangerous environmental levels.
-Survival mode, try to survive!
-80 unique environmental levels, find the 4 Artefacts to avoid the power of the Titans
-Different types of objects to use
-Tactics, all the possible maneuvers are available at all times
-8 hours of gameplay
-Old but still a challenging and fun experience.
Key Features
-Simple, intuitive and accessible gameplay. No more difficult controls or controls to learn.
-4 courses: easy, medium, hard and survival mode
-Graphics and animations made with the best quality, detailed environment and well-crafted characters.
-Touch controls included
-15 background soundtracks for the different courses
-50 retro style game images
-8 hour gameplay
-80 unique environmental levels, try to survive
-4 Artefacts: find them and get back the world!
-4.0.3 or higher Android
-4.1 and higher
-64Mb Minimum
In-app purchases


What’s new in ǎ国幻境 Fantastic Kingdom:

Observer System keeps you informed of anything that is of immediate importance. This list is of events which may very well alter the place you live.

The last five soundtracks were made of the electronic album “Control System 007”. It was released in October, 1990. Between that date and the release of the CD version of the album, Observers were introduced to the soundtracks from the YouTube channel.

Control System 007 Soundtrack

01) Split LP – Jeff Rios

02) Split LP – Mark Airelli

03) Split LP – Kevin ‘Killer’ Siegel

04) Split LP – Matt Wedgeworth

05) Split LP – T.A.

06) Split LP – Dan Pinskey

07) Split LP – Susan Ernst

08) Split LP – Adam Parshall

09) Split LP – JP Goldman

10) Split LP – E. Woods

11) Split LP – Mike Boot

12) Split LP – Mike Boot

Volume II – End Game 1

13) Joel Korber – Willy Quinn

14) Steve Vai – Steve Vai

15) Nothingman – Nothingman

Volume II – End Game 2

16) JoDee Biggs – I-Jam

17) Mike Kensch – Microfalls

18) Xojo – Xojo

19) Kawasaki Mike – Kickin My Chair

20) Matt Duvall & C.G. – Round Trip

21) Brett Domino & Adam Perman – Violent

22) Bassnectar – General Admission

Volume III – The Place

23) Kevin Riepl – Exploding God

24) Dana Prophet – The Duplex

25) Dawoud Bey – Rise Up!

26) Stephanie Rose – Stitchin’ Things Together

27) Tasha Raneliz – Spaceship Taxi

28) David Estabrooks – Ferrence Part IV

29) Sara Grant – Have You Seen Patience?

30) Deniro Farr – Medication

31) KAF – Dreadprobe I

Volume IV – Connect the Dots Part 1

32) Idle Hour – Nothing to Wish for

33) Crafty Dub – Prophet X

34) K. Korverzine – Dante’s


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Prepare yourself for the next era of battle. Crusader Kings 3 [Crusader Kings III] is the first PC game in the new Dark Ages of history. Create your own country, forge your own destiny, and wage war against your enemies. With a powerful and dynamic engine at your disposal, you can truly shape the course of medieval history!

Empire of the Dead is a real time Strategy Game set in a cyberpunk universe. Guide your nation to greatness while managing the desperate struggle of millions of inhabitants of the megacorporation Megatropolis

Experience a high concept strategy game that merges modern strategy with high fantasy aesthetics and depth.

The year is 3970 and the world is on the brink of collapse. The megacorporations, Omnius and Zeist, have an agreement to divide the world into provinces in a near-free trade zone to prevent it from falling into war. In the midst of the invasion, the city states are being taken over by the military of the two sides; the people are being enslaved to work the resources extracted from the planet’s core. Emperor Xor is the last leader of Mars and her surviving subjects are trying desperately to remain independent, while the people of the underground city-states of Mars are fighting back against the Omnicidal attacks. You are the First Lord of the State of Luna, one of the last remaining leaders of the Terran Confederacy. You must lead the revolution and the restoration of the Democratic World Government back to Mars.


A World of Epic Scale – Empires are reborn around you, and the roles of leaders have never been more significant. In a system where the size of your country determines your power, fate, and the future of mankind, your choices will influence the fate of every city, every person, and even the entire world.

A Dynamic Matrix – Your empire can be democratically administered, or directed by a single ruler. You can lead your people with justice or tyranny, and build great nations and make the world change.

An Evolving System – New technologies allow for dozens of game-changing upgrades and new mechanics to be added in real time. Each new development puts you at a huge advantage over your opponents and creates a strong link between future playthroughs.

Highly Strategic Combat – Opponents are always watching and always listening, and they’ll attack when they see you weak. Deciding when to attack and who to attack is just as important as deciding which territory to take.


How To Crack ǎ国幻境 Fantastic Kingdom:

  • Make Sure you have All latest updated version of Framework.
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  • Now Extract the contents of ZIP file (Folder)
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  • You are all done Enjoy the Game.

System Requirements:

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