Welcome to heaven. The place where cute things live –
and die!
* Music by – Radikal
You are a little bubble.
There are many beautiful things in this world.
You wish that you could see them. But then they disappear.
They have flown away.
All gone.
Perhaps they were fated not to see you.
But you weren’t destined to die alone.
You’re the very beginning of a quest that will show you all the wonders of the world.
No longer will you be a little bubble, just floating through the air.
Heaven will be your home.
And in your home there will be lots of little things.
They will help you, protect you and take care of you.
They will be your friends…
But do you think you are ready for such an undertaking?
Then let’s start the adventure.
In the beginning there was a bubble.
And this is how the very first game of the Bubble Shot series starts.
Every game in the series is based on the core premise of the original Puzzle Bobble.
Gameplay involves destroying groups of bubbles as they travel from left to right along the bottom of the screen.
When a bubble bursts, it creates a group of smaller bubbles in its place.
There are also stages consisting of hidden power-ups.
These power-ups can help you destroy more bubbles.
Play casual mode to explore the very first bubble game on the C64 and puzzle-slash-shoot ’em up arcade gaming genre.
Play challenge mode and test your bubble-shooting skills to the limit.
Face all levels back-to-back in arcade mode.
If you enjoy the bubble games, you’ll also want to check out these bubble games.
* Music by – Radikal
OK, you’ve been playing Puzzle Bobble for hours.
Now it’s time for Bubbleshot.
With Bubbleshot you can actually play in real time with just one gamepad,
and play the game as if it were a single-player game.
There are two modes of play.
In single-player mode you can play all 50 levels in one session.
The number of lives for each level is shown on the title screen.
In the online multiplayer mode, each player has their own gamepad, but you can share the same screen.
Compete on the global leaderboards or use the friend list to invite other players to play


Block Smash Features Key:

  • Play as one of the best samurai when fighting monsters or summon powerful allies!
  • You are allowed to wield three weapons at a time which can be upgraded
  • Find out who you can really trust, and fight alongside them
  • Play with friends now! Local co-op with up to 4 players
  • Use a newly expanded world map to discover new challenges
  • Balance your combat and lean more towards combat
  • Play in your own land with various obstacles like starting gear, status effect
  • Equip your character with resistance to various status effect so you don’t get tamed


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GravityFalls, like Gravity Falls, is an open-ended Action-RPG and Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

Unlike Gravity Falls, in GravityFalls you play as Alex (the sister of the boy who fell into the portal) in your quest to find out the mystery of Gravity Falls. Adventure through the variety of different environments of Gravity Falls in order to find everything and everyone.

Create, customize, and upgrade your characters, choose your unique path to victory.

The world of Gravity Falls is filled with mysteries, monsters, secrets, and so much more! Using your detective skills, enter the hidden world of Gravity Falls and unravel the mystery!

Detect, investigate, and solve puzzles using your skills to find clues, solve mysteries, and overcome monsters!

Imagine that you and your brother are the creators of Gravity Falls and one of your last projects in life, besides expanding your powers and controlling the portal that brought you all the way here, is to have a special game called GravityFalls. This game is also a homage to another great game series called The Legend of Zelda, but instead of Link, you play as one of twins, Alex, who is the sister of Stan, the boy who fell into the portal.

After a tragic accident, you two, instead of dying, were sent to another world called Gravity Falls, which is weird in itself. However, people in this world have dark secret powers. And these powers are needed to beat the game. So, it is a game where you will use your wits to solve the mystery and find out all the secrets of this strange place.

Amazing Stories is a series of magical stories based on the most loved fairy tales from all around the world, which tell about mystical creatures, mysterious abilities, and fantastic adventures. This game is very similar to the original ‘The Legend of Zelda’, for it does not have the Link or Ganondorf, but only princesses, like Zelda from the first Zelda or Zelda from Skyward Sword, but it is also a game of adventure, mystery, and action.

The town where the game is set is called Gravity Falls. In this town there are many sides and many mysteries. For instance, there is a side of the town that is not very bright; there is another that is ruled by an insane woman; there is another side that is inhabited by monsters and witches, and of course, there is the mysterious side, where many secrets hide behind the doors of the rooms


Block Smash Free PC/Windows

Campaign RedSun RTS Battle Campaign. The player can choose the role of the bot and the opponent. Game is a bit different from others: main goal is to destroy the opponent’s base and go back to base at the end of each turn.In Campaign mode, at the start of each turn, a camera zooms to the target. Then, the bot gets an ability, and at the same time, enemy bot is showing on the map. After that, the user is to click on the bot’s icon and choose an ability.At the start of each turn, bots can and do attack each other and if an enemy bot is hit, it turns into a respawning death bot.Game stats – kill count. Each bot has a total kill count, which the player can use to earn “Kills” in the end of the game. Play this mode to win!

Single Player Single map with goals in the mission. The user chooses the map and the goal.Player bot plays on the map, which is always regenerating so there is no possibility to retreat.Map features:A lot of diferent objects to destroy, A big time between turns;

Casual Multiplayer.1 player on the map. Simple rules: the user chooses the map. Only one base is allowed.Game mode:1 player – Survive! After each round the player’s base is destroyed and the enemy wins.2 players – Attack the enemy base. If one player destroys the enemy base, the win is shared.

You have to hold for at least 20 minutes. If the player disconnects, the game ends after 10 minutes.In the final match, the time of the victory decides the winner. If there is a tie after the time ends, the bot with the highest kill count wins. If there is no kill count after the time, the bot that has been active longest time wins.If a bot is defeated, it respawns in 5 minutes (on Casual gameplay) or 10 minutes (on other games). If the same bot respawns more than 5 times, it is considered a victory for the enemy.

Solo campaign. At the end of each campaign, the player has to select a bot, if a bot was not chosen, then the user selects the map.

1 player and 8 AI bots on the map. The player, when the time runs out, wins automatically. It is possible to press escape to resign the game.Game modes:Rush – defender has 1 minute to


What’s new in Block Smash:

of Youth



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I was a Seeker, until I was trapped inside of an especially old black box. In the box, I began to feel hope until I realized, lying in a small, forgotten room with no memory of my name, it was only a dream. Having no control over my own life, I am a host to whatever terrible creature inhabits the dim, subterranean world. Until the terror I embody comes to pass, I must buy time…

Firefly Flamanville


Bobby McKee



Shimmering Heart

Jesus Said: “Love your Neighbors as yourself. Let those who have nothing clothe the poor, give food to the hungry, let them have no fear in their hearts.” Help us spread the Gospel! –Join today

Smile Over Runaway



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To Umi and Duran Duran.
Picture text: Rumi’s verse:”Seventy years hence, people will ask why I hadn’t remarried. I shall smile and say, ‘Sir, I wasn’t yet finished with you.’ ”

Cocaine Sushi

Notorious GQ




Save Bartek

Äm – Leu Oda Luna (Ode to Luna)


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What you see is that I am from the past, a marvel from the wafers of the fantasy of the great Magyars, they and the ones who no longer live among us, now that we are hidden back in the vanished Albania.
But we are they, we are still here, notwithstanding that it is best not to look for them, lest they let us go out and look for them, that is what everyone does, they care about their own well-being.
I remember them when the birds sing, when the wind blows and the woods are filled with the smell of the pine, the melting snow and the sweat, the heavy wafts of the workers having worked so hard, all over the mountains. And they are they, they are still here!



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MOJO 2: Mia is a remake of the original MOJO 2 game. The story begins in a foreign land. The inhabitants of the Earth. The man Mi, who roams the Earth only with his assistant.
No whole year has passed since the defeat of their enemy. Now not much is left to fulfill the old dreams, but after many years of being together, the lovers, lovers.
The ending is even more tragic than in the first game, you must help Mia recover from the injury and move on.
Improved graphics and actions of the animation. The control will be more intuitive and the game will become more complicated.
Face your love.

Key Features:

– Completely remade games in full HD.

– All of Mia’s special moves included: jumping, kicking, running.

– New story events, with new characters and dialogues.

– More than 180 achievements.

– Reshaped character Mi who will take on a new role in your tasks.

– New music and sound effects.

– A new type of saving available in the memory card version of the game.

You can download for Android and iOS on Google Play and App Store.Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Named after Dr G R Dorey, President of the College, as a farewell to a dedicated, much-loved figure in our College, this award is presented to those who have made a significant contribution to psychiatry worldwide. The shortlist was submitted to the College’s President on the evening of 9th May 2018, and the decision of the College’s Awards Committee was announced at the College Annual General Meeting on 11th May 2018.

Dr Rosie Davey has led the work of the World Health Organization’s Expert Committee on Drug Dependence since its inception in 2002. She was a clinician in England’s National Health Service and a psychiatrist in the UK, then based at the Centre for Addiction Research in the University of Wales, Cardiff. Rosie worked with colleagues in Northern Ireland and East Africa, and also in Laos, Vietnam and China. She has worked on the global control of drugs at the WHO since 1974.

Dr Rosie was deeply involved in the drafting of the World Health Organization’s 2014 guidance for managing opioid dependence, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, while ensuring that guidance delivered in practice was evidence-based and sustainable. She was a


How To Crack Block Smash:

  • Tools
  • Preparing
  • Cracking
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  • Shaun White’s Mission Impossible

    Shaun White is close to training with his fourth Olympic team, in Sochi, Russia. He had a long run at Team USA before the U.S. snowboarding team was announced last week. White had a choice. He could have just picked the team he thought would win. Or he could have done it his own way.

    I’ve spent the last two weeks watching Shaun White do whatever he wanted to do. He practices in his sweats and walks outside on his own when he wants to. He practices with his teammates and flies to different places at the drop of a hat on his own.

    Shaun White could have taken the team USA route, but it’s harder to take the team route if you can do what you want. If he had picked the team, his preparation would have been honed in a way, and if he wanted to be the best at something he would have to buy into the collective. Shaun White is not a team player. He’s a team bum.

    So he did what he wanted to do. This summer, he chose to jump on planes with his friends and family more than he did with Olympic coaches.

    The heat is on for him, too. Will Shaun White’s lack of experience and seniority benefit him? Will he come out on top?

    Up until this point, Shaun White’s Olympic career has played out like this:

    In 2006 he raced in the Park City World Championships, placing third in SBX.

    In 2007 he raced in the summer X Games, placing second in SuperPipe.

    In 2008 he raced in the X Games in his home state of California, placing second.

    In 2009 he raced in the Winter X Games in his home state of California, placing first.

    In 2010 he raced in the summer X Games once more, finishing second.

    In 2011 he raced in the X Games again, finishing first, and he will also be racing at the Olympics.

    In 2012 Shaun White will be racing for his fourth time in the Olympics and he will also



    System Requirements For Block Smash:

    -Windows XP
    -1 GB RAM
    -160 GB HDD
    -Mac OS X 10.6 or later
    -512 MB of RAM
    -300 MB of disk space
    -8 GB of disk space
    -Java (version 1.5 or higher)
    -Acrobat Reader (version 8 or higher)
    -a standard web browser
    -Keyboard and mouse
    -A desktop display
    -Network connection
    -Cannot connect to the Internet


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