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Meet Varfa, a ranger brave enough to venture into the Slithering Swamp and the Uberlich’s lair! There, she was able to evade the ancient, all-powerful Uberlich when she escaped the fury of the evil creature’s guards.
Unlock new playable characters with unique skills, items, and perks. Help Varfa to conquer the Slithering Swamp and destroy the evil lair of the Uberlich!
ENJOY Krumit’s Tale: Krumit’s Tale is a family-friendly rhythm adventure game where players can enjoy a relaxing experience while completing quests and unlocking new characters, items, and content.
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I have the following Google Sheet.

I would like to Remove Multiple Records in Total_Stats.
I already have the following formula under Filters:

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=FILTER(B3:B15, INDEX(B3:B15, MATCH(D3:D3, B3:B15, 0)))

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Blockoid Features Key:

  • Generate a short story for your characters and explore islands, islands, and cities.
  • Use trade with other villages to rise in the Ranks through various advantages.
  • Fight other players with legendary creatures from Clans
  • Use a dictionary to find the meaning of the Treasure Cards.


  • Jungle island to explore
  • Elite monsters to fight
  • Andoes and mighty Shops.


  • Generate a short story for your characters and explore the island
  • All the achievements you can find
  • I’m waiting for you at the trade Desk!
  • Build your own deck and fight
  • Use a dictionary to find the meaning of the Treasure cards.


  • Chat with other players
  • Your most remembered character
  • Your Town
  • Your points


  • Explore islands, islands, and cities
  • Explore every secrets of the island
  • What have you discovered?


  • Play with your past, present, and future!
  • Reshuffle your deck
  • Unlock a new destiny!

Find your path

  • Building your path, building your route
  • Explore islands, islands, and cities
  • Explore every secrets of the island
  • What have you discovered?
  • Start your adventure by traveling the east!


Blockoid Crack + Download [March-2022]

The idea of Boom Island started over the holiday of 2015. Originally, the game was to be called Trip Island. But that idea quickly fell apart. The concept of a custom game that would be less about collecting things and more focused on how fun it is, despite the factors of survival. I knew that I wanted to have a game that wasn’t like any other game on the market. I wanted to make a game where the concept of passing as a human, would be a natural fit, and wouldn’t make players feel like a robot playing a game. The concept of pop culture references came after some brainstorming ideas. So the concept of creating an island with a bunch of cool things to do, while also, having a very unique paint style. I feel like the game is very close to the concept of what I wanted to achieve. With that, making the game the first person shooter is a concept that came to mind, as the game is a FPS, and it’s one of the most popular games around. So to add a bit of humor to it, I decided to make it a beach ball shooter, with a fun artstyle, making it look like a throw back to different arcade games from the 80’s. If you guys decide to download the game and try it out, your comments, suggestions, and ideas will always be heard, and they’re always welcomed in the community. Thanks for downloading this game, and I hope you enjoy the game. If you have any requests, don’t hesitate to drop a comment in the comments section. Thanks a ton.

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About the Streamer:
Hi there! My name is Flanders, you can call me Flank. I’m a streamer of Minecraft Youtubers, a web designer, and a trip leader for groups. If you like my stuff, consider following me on social media:

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What’s new in Blockoid:

    (aka: The World of SORTS)

    While it is generally recognized that no fictional background map can ever equal a work of geographical cartography, SUS stands as an exception – it comes “close” if not surpassing Tolkien’s own pre-1920s copy of TGT – to me, anyway.

    However, a friend of mine at school just got me hooked onto another fantastic world. He uses it to create his Muds.

    The Skinscapes Theme Map

    His clever essays are based on a map that closely resembles the concepts presented in the story. But whereas the official maps have the skinned variants of the races in the world, the SUS map has those that have not been invocated. For example, his Gorbatan Muds come with native tribes who have had their skins peeled off from further back, while the Elideni Muds have the skinned “light elves” as their only living elves.

    It’s terrific stuff, and he’s told me its such a good way of understanding the setting that I think I might switch my basis for all of my muds – any suggestions, please?

    I created this map for my last game, but I’d like to use it for this time as well. Whilst it’s not the most realistic one, there are definitely parts where it works (see the mountains in the picture – Glasmor, dark Greenlands, for example) whilst parts that could be improved on.

    So, my questions are:

    (1) Is the 16-bit colour scheme a real world version of SUS, or was that added later on? (Using the same palette in some zones and then in others could explain the latter)

    (2) Why are there so many signs that read “stun” (the old STUN graphics)? Aren’t they very disorientating?

    (3) Thanks to ‘Modicam’ who helped with the creation of the map.



    (aka: J.G. Rammer)

    – – –

    Nameless Cultures Before the Collapse

    From MOG:

    Almost all SORTS cultures before the release of the Caldaristesian Empire (and the disbanding of the SORTWW) were nomadic tribes or nomadic mercenaries that had based their tent towns or settlements


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    Duration: 1:25

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    Lifemoria [unofficial]

    Filled with crazed dreams and frightful creatures, this storybook-like adventure showcases a beautiful, surreal world. Lifemoria blends a sophisticated feel with its fast and frenetic gameplay. Featuring hand drawn art, intricate animation, an original story, and countless hidden secrets, Lifemoria is one of the deepest and most exciting games in years


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