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Ultra HD Texture Pack is a free game update for Borderlands 2. It was first released as part of the Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition, and is also included in the Borderlands 2: Ultimate Vault Hunter Edition, just like all of the DLC. It provides improved environment, character, and weapon textures to enable ultra-high resolutions, including 4K and beyond. Borderlands 2 was originally created by Gearbox Software, developed by 2K, and published by Take-Two Interactive.
We hope you enjoy!

This Content Requires the Base Game to be Installed


The EPIC, IMMENSELY fun and totally badass 4K Texture Pack is HERE! This pack features remastered 4K environment textures, characters and vehicles, high fidelity 4K Ultra HD textures for weapons and gear, and improved shadow and SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion) visuals. PC owners can enjoy these incredible visual enhancements when playing at 4K and beyond.

For a more detailed walkthrough and tutorial, visit our 4K Texture Pack In-Depth Page.

Download this DLC using the Steam Client, or if you aren’t a Steam user, visit the Borderlands 2 DLC site here.

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PCGA (The PC Gaming Alliance) – “10 Best Graphics Updates for 2014”See which games received these updates and what they do.

This release includes both the Game of the Year Edition and the Ultimate Vault Hunter Edition DLC.

This update also includes improvements to higher resolution detail for the playable characters and enemies and improved anti-aliasing. This update also includes a special case where the engine-level AA implementation will render effects as if it was in DX9 mode rather than DX11 mode.

As we have implemented a new edge line implementation, this also includes improvements to the DOTS line on characters where it was (previously) very prone to jaggies.

We have heard from so many of you who wish to have UV Coat (especially on ultra-high resolution screens) that we have enabled this as an optional setting. However, we have not done any extensive testing on this yet so it is in its infancy.

We have also heard from so many people who wish to have RGB subtleties in the environment that we have added the appropriate feature.

Note: This is a free update for existing owners.

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Chess’Extra – Dev Support – Castle Customization Features Key:

  • Realistic interaction, intuitive controls.
  • Exciting Adventure Gameplay, Packed with Dialog
  • Score keeping… how did you do? You can track your high scores


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Night in the Woods is an episodic game with adventure, comedy, and pathos all woven together. Play as Mid-30’s best friend Mae through a series of linked stories to uncover how the sudden death of her animal loving scientist mom has impacted her world and her relationships. Set over the course of one night, you’ll make out, get blindsided, deal with your own flaws and triumph. It’s a beautiful game about growing up and growing old.
Night in the Woods is the brainchild of Sean Vanaman (qu0the, creator of Bastion, Journey, Spore, and Little Inferno). He formed a small team to bring this whimsical story to life and called on long time friend Troy Molinar (Story Robot) to help bring it to life. Also working on the project is Jason Rohrer (creator of Passage), Alec Holowka (creator of Bad North, The Sea Will Claim Everything, and Little Inferno) and music composer Alec Holowka.
* Episode 1: Hold On To Anything
The game is split into 20 episodes, each of which can be played on their own. In this first episode, Mae looks for her mother’s journals in the woods, something an angry neighbor holds over her head.
* Episode 2: Waking Up
Mae wakes up the next day to find she’s been adopted, and that her mother’s study in the woods has been locked. Armed with just her journal, Mae embarks on an adventure to find her mom and learn more about their strange “family” that just shows up from nowhere.
* Episode 3: Mae’s House
Mae stumbles into a small town where her adopted father owns a home with an abandoned house next door. With no family or home of her own, Mae makes new friends, falls in love, and dreams of growing old with her mom.
* Episode 4: The Long Fall
Mae believes her mom was murdered. A deep, extended flashback story takes place over 12 years, as Mae struggles to figure out how her mom died while searching for the truth.
* Episode 5: Pumpkin Head Guy
After the revelation that her mom was murdered, Mae is convinced she’ll find answers in a house owned by a strange woman named Meg. Mae attempts to protect her former friends from someone threatening their peaceful community, and soon a supernatural adventure begins to unravel, one that might be the most frightening of her life.
* Episode 6: Investigation!
Mae knows something is wrong with the forest.


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This game is all about beat ’em up fun, it’s easy to learn, hard to master and totally addictive! As the player, you will explore the vast lands of the pillow fort, dodge a variety of dangerous creatures and kill your enemies with a variety of weaponry, from boxing gloves to meat cleavers. On the way you will need to collect coins, which you can use to upgrade your characters and buy new attacks, weapons and clothing. To avoid the blood, you can wear a mask, or better yet, wear no shirt!

To date, Super Pillow Fight has been made available on the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. Future versions will be compatible with iPad and Android devices.

You can expect to spend a couple of hours exploring the lands of the pillow fort on your journey to become the ultimate pill fight champion.






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The contest was won by Yoshikatsu Zaka. If you think about it, Yoshikatsu Zaka is pretty cool, because:

Every character has their own unique skill tree, and with each upgrade, the character becomes more powerful./* Copyright 2019 The TensorFlow Authors. All Rights Reserved.

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#include “tensorflow/lite/builtin_op_data.h”


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