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Download ZIP —>>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



It’s always after a disaster that we all have to pack our bags and leave our homes to live in bunkers or mobile homes. This is the world we live in today.
We left our homes to build new ones. But one day our new houses just disappeared like a dream.
Everything is damaged and the world is scarred for many decades. But we have to build. And build. And build. And what we build is our new world. So we tried to build something new.
We have to protect ourselves. For our children. For our parents. For ourselves.
Everyone plays in different ways. So every way is cool.
– Local split screen up to 4 players
– Multiplayer – up to 4 players with keyboard and controllers supported (4-way split-screen)
– Re-playable levels
– Achievements
– Refillable inventory
– A lot of different weapons:
* Pistol
* Rifle
* Machine gun
* Submachine gun
* Shotgun
* Grenade Launcher
* Bazooka
* Assault Rifle
* Vehicle
* Vehicle turret
* Special power ups
– Hundreds of different environments
* Underground bunkers
* Bunkers under vehicles
* Entire buildings
* Destroyed cities
* Damaged high-rise buildings
* Deserted and blasted buildings
* And much more
– Xbox and Playstation style controllers supported
– In game support for iOS
– Match-ladders
– Screenshots
– About the project
More to come in the following weeks and months

The Kickstarter will run until the end of April 2018
The money you donate to the Kickstarter will not be used to pay for hosting costs. We are a non-profit organization. All of the money will be used to complete the project and release the game.
Visit the Kickstarter to find out more about what the game is like

The version for iOS devices will be released very soon (follow the project closely)

The Android version is planned to be released in spring 2019
We are continuously working on getting the game even better!

Why should you pledge?
We have already completed the game in its current state.
Our biggest strength is that the game is a fun game and it is easy to play.
Most of the game is already completed.
We finished the full scope of the game.
We don’t have any competitors and the game is already complete.
We have signed an agreement with the publisher,


Features Key:

  • Networking: game and user accounts; multiplayer, mod features.
  • Weapons: pistols, rifles, heavy guns, energy weapons and troops.
  • Vehicles: jets, hovercraft, tanks and bullet trains.
  • Lots of different 3D landscapes and static texts.

Red’s Fortix Features:

  • Networking: multiplayer mode.
  • Large upgrades system.
  • Electromagnetic telemetry, body armor and grenade launchers.
  • Infinite money feature.

Dynamix-Fortix Features:

  • Networking: Multiplayer and offline game modes.
  • Hardware, flickering and objects properties with stats.
  • Properties settings and maps.
  • Death system: trapped against the walls, slide down pit, earthquake.
  • Lots of different 3D landscapes, static texts.


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Parallel World – is an RPG for the PC with an amazing storyline, deep gameplay and nice graphic quality. This game can be played both online and offline.
You play as a young human being, who finds himself in the place of a world that was lost. Your task – to return to the home planet. And here you meet a number of enemy races, each of them has their own specific features, which means that their appearance and behavior is not the same as in the regular games.
The game is written in Visual C# language and has been made using the DirectX 12 graphics engine.

Various UI designs

A real-time battles system (obstacles, enemies and AI)


Different races

“Don’t forget where you came from”!

“Fourteen are the tough trials we have endured over the course of history. We must outlast them all.”

1 Player Online
Yuna is an young girl who comes to Earth from the parallel world, where the loss of humanity and destruction of the Planet are common. An intergalactic war lasted for too long. Earth was destroyed. And when the last of the human kind fled to a parallel universe, it took the place of the Earth, along with many other worlds.

“My name is Yuna, I am an immortal being. I came from the parallel world! I was born in the ancient kingdom of Sephiros. As a child, I went through a lot of troubles. I lost all my family and I became a mercenary. I traveled to the Earth and I find myself there. And I found a man that promised me a new life. He saved my life and then when we finally got a chance to talk, I found out that the man was really a demon. He killed my family, and now he has taken my life! My life is no longer mine. I want to save the man who saved my life. For this I am going to use the powers that will give me the capacity to fight for good, the powers of light. And save him, I have to save him.”

Parallel World – is an RPG for the PC with an amazing storyline, deep gameplay and nice graphic quality. This game can be played both online and offline.

You play as a young human being, who finds himself in the place of a world that was lost


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If you are new to the world of the Point and Click Adventures, it may be difficult to understand how this game works. When you start the game, choose one of your character in battle mage and play the game as your character. The game can be enjoyed more easily and you can control your character as you wish. Character:
Chapter 1 – The Manor of Ironbound Valerian
Chapter 2 – The Mansion of Darkstone
Chapter 3 – The Contested Treasure of Ironbound Valerian
Chapter 4 – The Stolen Princess of Darkstone
Chapter 5 – A Witch in Peril
Chapter 6 – The Secret of the Dwarves’ Castle
Chapter 7 – The Festive Night
Chapter 8 – The Carnival
Chapter 9 – The Masked Man
Chapter 10 – The Lost Secret
Chapter 11 – The Mansion of Darkstone
Chapter 12 – The Festive Night
Chapter 13 – The Carnival
Chapter 14 – The Masked Man
Chapter 15 – The Night Of Remembrance
Chapter 16 – The House Of Secrets
Chapter 17 – The Cards’ Game
Chapter 18 – The Mansion of Darkstone
Chapter 19 – The Masquerade
Chapter 20 – The Masquerade
Chapter 21 – A Temporary Home
Chapter 22 – The Confused Man
Chapter 23 – The Masquerade
Chapter 24 – The Masked Man
Chapter 25 – The Masked Man
Chapter 26 – Who Is That Thief?
Chapter 27 – The Mania
Chapter 28 – The Masquerade
Chapter 29 – The Masked Man
Chapter 30 – The Masked Man
Chapter 31 – To The Ending Of All Things
All right. I think the game is over. Enjoy the game!
All the best in life.
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It’s been a historical day in Southern California with the arrest of an accused sex trafficker who allegedly supplied women to big name celebs and politicians.

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On the LAPD official website, you’ll find an article that doesn’t belong there. And even though it has a headline that basically screams “risk and financial reward” in its sub-heading, it’s really not.


Take a look:

Despite all the laws against underage sex trafficking, some people still line up at convenience stores looking to meet new human targets.

Beware of run-of-the-mill human trafficking suspects.

They may not be in uniform or have IDs.

And even if they’re arrested, it may not stop the crime.

That’s right. It’s just as easy to become a target as it is to be a victim.

You may think of your neighbors and friends as safe people. You may even be tempted to call someone a “gentleman” for wanting to meet a woman – or a man! – on the Internet.

Don’t let human trafficking make you a victim.

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They can be parents. And they can be boyfriends and girlfriends.

But not all so-called “cannies” are in the business of actually committing sex acts and are fully aware of what they’re doing.

It’s just as dangerous to become a victim of online prostitution as it is to be a victim of street prostitution.

This is where women and


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Ninja Pig is the comedic take on the ninja genre where the heroes are pigs and they use ninja gear to take down ninjas and the evil samurai. It’s an hilarious game of gadgets, weapons, and pranks.
You begin your Ninja Pig adventure by choosing one of seven ninjas – each with their own personality and special weapon. Help your ninja to create a plan to defeat the samurai and save the village from destruction.
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System Requirements:

* Minimum OS: Windows Vista or newer
* Minimum CPU: Dual core CPU with 2.4 GHz or faster
* Minimum RAM: 1 GB
* Minimum HDD: 15 GB
* Minimum Internet: 1 GB
* Minimum Screen Resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels
* Recommended: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 2.8GHz
* Minimum Sound Card: DirectX 9-compatible
* Minimum USB 1.1 port: one port of the USB