Dive into the magical world of An Octave Higher, a charming and charming animation with Franco-German production with a musical score composed by Dan Alton. The game follows the story of three friends, each with a different musical style: Elise is a folk singer; Franz a pop singer; Frederic a powerhouse of classical music. However, with the release of the music box, Elise unlocks a mysterious power inside her, an invisible talent she didn’t know existed, which allows her to merge the trio’s various talents, giving birth to the heroic and exceptional Frederic.
Play An Octave Higher:
An Octave Higher, is a 2007 Franco-German computer-animated musical adventure game developed by Big Badaboom, Jérome Bel. It is the first game of the An Octave Higher series. The game is inspired by Japanese media such as anime and manga. Among its other qualities, the game is a whimsical tale with a unique combination of several music genres.
Key Features:
French and German voices, including famous actors and personalities
Intuitive gameplay:
cues, puzzles and game systems are integrated into the musical flow of the game
The game’s musical score is composed by Dan Alton, famous for his work on the cult game, Singularity.
Original music by Dan Alton featuring:
7 original songs performed by 12 actresses and four men
the “Ležáci” traditional Slovak song
You will be able to find the games on the official web site of the author.
An Octave Higher is available as a free game, while the full version can be bought online for €2.99.
Dinger, Kap, Megaplee and MokheyContent written in this interview has been edited only for clarity and brevity.

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HowlRound is a blog by and for the deaf community. It seeks to be a virtual community center, with a readership of both deaf and hearing people.

Our blog is mostly brought to you by donations. The cost of making and maintaining a web based community is high. And we offer big thanks to everyone who helps keep the site running. They have donated money, time, material and their own skills to make HowlRound what it is today.

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    Beta Runner is a combination of Tetris meets Breskiaville, with its insane tower defense-like elements.
    How to play:
    1 Player – Tap to rotate the world and stack tiles on the ground
    2 Players – Tap to rotate the world and fight to stay alive.
    3 Players – Double tap to rotate the world and stack tiles on the ground.
    This game comes with ads.
    What you can buy with in-app purchases:
    Single player is limited to two lives. Purchase Super Life 1 or 2 to get up to 3 lives.
    Multiple challenges can be played for free and purchase them to complete them.
    Tap the wind to create a massive mountain wave that eats away at the tiles.
    Some levels come with Kung-fu challenges.
    Power ups include fireballs, instant life, flying tiles, etc.
    Earn in-game achievements

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    published:09 Nov 2016


    Microgame was a game platform for micro-tasks developed by Kiip in 2013. In 2014, Kjova Technologies changed its name into Kiip and released Microgame for iOS. This game was a solo game but in 2015, Microgame was released for Android OS as a multiplayer game. On June 20, 2016, Kiip was integrated with Google Play Games.
    Kiip platform has a subscriber base of more than 4 million users – its core audience is between 14 to 35 years old. Kiip has more than 10,000 brands using their API to automate their marketing. Those brands include Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Klout and WooCommerce.
    In December 2015, Kiip raised $15 million to fund its microtask platform. The round included Sutter Hill Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Google Ventures and First Round Capital. Amongst the rounds previous investors are CrunchFund, FirstMark, Initialized Capital, Lightbox, NEA, Social+Capital Partnership, and Y Combinator.

    published:21 Nov 2017


    Play MicroGame HD in the browser!
    Use the game manuals here:
    Playlist of all our mini-games!

    published:26 Mar 2015


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