illie is a new, addicting free puzzle game created by indie game developer Hannahud.
illie is a puzzle game where you must fill in green all the way and get to the finish.
Each level can be passed in different ways.
Read moreThis is my take on subtle spiritual beauty, which for me is the greatest beauty of all, the atmosphere created through flowers.

Futuristic Design on Everyday Objects Artwork – Words


Modern Gothic Gothic Modern Gothic Decoration


Basic flower


11″ – 16″


Excavated Feathers


Darkside of Bathroom



The creation of objects is by no means new. Though the evolution of industrialization allowed the mass production of common objects, many artists of the time ignored the manufacturing aspect of objects and created unique pieces which are now so ordinary. This exhibition aims to show how by moving towards a path of non-objectivity, a new form of artistic production is evolving which will look and feel very different than the products of the industrial age. It is a double exhibition, where works from the contemporary fairs; Art Basel and Art HK which feature objects from the realm of the arts, and the artists of the year Asia, which feature the artists of the year from Asia’s 50 top contemporary art galleries. This piece features AIGA’s directory page on the website of the Design Indaba festival.

Like many pieces created now, this piece was designed not by someone with an artistic degree, but by a skilled designer who understands and works with the new techniques which have been designed to produce this effect. The technology is not something we should try to fix, but to work with. The designer uses simple powerpoint plugins to achieve the very specific effect.Q:

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Haegemonia: The Solon Heritage Features Key:

  • a free city building with other games in the app.
  • free and easy to play, no interaction required.
  • Log in and play to see scores of your rivals worldwide.
  • Play against up to 8 friends!
  • Game credits
  • Quickly exchange between empty slots and your own games.
  • Other features include level ranking, achievements
  • and ability to take and save pictures of your cities.
  • We hope you enjoy it.
  • Please rate our game, it helps us understand what we are doing wrong.


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Rain: Damned is a pixel art platformer that blends classic pixel art with watercolor drawings and a retro soundtrack. Players play as a vine that has a unique ability to travel and shoot at the rain. Immerse yourself into an art style that combines traditional with modern graphics.
The goal of the game is to reach the end of the level with the least amount of time, or to collect all the gold rings and diamonds to unlock the next level. Players can control the vines by either tapping on the screen or using the game’s border to bounce the vines around the screen.
Use the rain to your advantage as you rescue people from falling or become the first player to fall in defeat. Come back everyday to see if the game is updated with new content and features.
Want to contact support about anything?- email
Want to learn more about our plans for the future?- email

We are streaming this game daily on our Twitch page. We would love for you to watch our stream to help get a better sense of the game’s progress. We will be sharing our development journey with our community.

InstallsShuts Down!



Play time

5 mins

5 mins


Unique players







All regions

Last updated

Feb 7, 2015









This version: (Updated 08-Feb-2015)

– Use the game’s edges to bounce vines diagonally to make them easier to control.- Added new graphical filters that you can use to change the color palette, soften/brighten colors, and other visual effects. Check the in-game options to toggle between some effects.- Added and fixed a few issues that users have reported and includes a fix for one of the game’s biggest bugs.Sophie Dussart

Sophie Dussart (born 17 December 1960 in Bourg-en-Bresse) is a member of the National Assembly of France. She represents the Côte-d’


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The story is about the curse of the west coast in the town of karakai.Out of the town, the curse appeared, because the work done by a strong spirit(actually a person) is now gone.And there’s a huge monster that should be like 8 meters I explained,It’s not the Touhou.Actually, I did like the story a lot.Although a little bit too strange..but that’s an important part of the charm of the Touhou.And then, there’s no girls in the movie.Although it’s mostly a male.The characters are pretty cool too.Just a girl and a boy.Although this is a game released in 2018, and the main character is female,The cast is very typical, and it would be nice to play the game in the stage that contains a girl.ShennigamiMijinoyukiShennigamiMijinoyuki

Capcom has released a new set of screenshots and details for both Touhou Project and its newly announced Nintendo Switch release.

The screenshots are high-res and show off a bit of new art style and the new Touhou Project on Switch.

The most significant change is seen in the battle system. The firing angle can be changed to four different angles in Touhou Project, but with the Nintendo Switch version, the battle system will be like the base Touhou games and can be fired at 360 degrees.

Next up are some changes in the story. The intro cutscene will play and you’ll be able to go to each character’s room, but on the Nintendo Switch version you’ll be able to talk with each character to gain their support in battle.

Elsewhere there are also new characters and story elements like the Black Haired Yumemi.

Finally, Capcom is switching up some of the weapons of the Touhou characters. First off is a weapon for Alice. She has a longsword, but a new one named the “Arrows of Mary Sankakku” will be used in battle with an archery bow.

Next is the new Bishamon weapon, “The Frosty Rose”. It looks like she is using some sort of ice form as a sword.

Next up is a brand new weapon for Jin-Oh. It looks like it is some sort of cannon.

The final new weapon is a duo. This is the “Hell Nova Cannon”. Its a


What’s new in Haegemonia: The Solon Heritage:

    shopping for Make sure the seller is licensed and able to convey all pieces of information needed for identification. (Without a physical item, how can I be held responsible for theft or anything else that occurs after I put the item in my cart?) There’s no guarantee you’ll will be able to return the item, and besides, you’ve bought it already. Survey participants were also asked about their age, gender and income level.

    Crystal Scavenger Hunt

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    Conference Room Lighting

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    I’ve been thinking about making a smaller Plex


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    * Shoot enemies in a real tank battle!
    * 3 difficulty levels (including Easy)
    * 24 weapons
    * Great 3D explosions and dynamic animated tank models
    * 30+ Special Levels
    * Up to 4 players
    Game Controls:
    While playing this game, you can use the mouse.
    The left mouse button will allow you to zoom in and out of the screen to get a better look at the action.
    The middle mouse button will fire your weapon.
    The right mouse button will pause the game.
    The key action may be disabled.
    Press the (Esc) key to pause the game.
    Press (F1) to restart the game.
    Shot in a few fun locations near Detroit, Michigan.
    This game is a free game; you can download it at no cost.

    Metal Soldiers 2 Screenshots

    Metal Soldiers 2

    Metal Soldiers 2 Playlist

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System Requirements For Haegemonia: The Solon Heritage:

Media Preview:
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