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The war was won. The era of space colonization is over. But the stars are still out there. Far, far away, at the dawn of the new millennium, in an inhospitable and barren planet, the immigrants eked out a living while waiting for the day they could return to their homelands. Only the fall of the Galactic Empire had interrupted their peaceful wait. The Imperials will be back. However, things are not always as they seem.

The first game was a success. We were not alone in the world and we had the whole galaxy to ourselves. But the time of peace was short lived. Soon, there came a time when the settlers of the barren planet were forced to embrace their destiny and protect their future, no matter the cost. The war with the imperial legion continues – a war that will decide not only the survival of the planet, but also the fate of their species and their future as the stars beckon.

The universe is being turned upside down. Zod, the Emperor’s right hand man, has suddenly come to the surface, and he intends to take control of this planet.

You, and your crew, are the last hope of the colonists of Erde-Girde.

Imperium Galactica: The Story of The First Imperium Game:

The game has been adapted to fit our new format. It is the feature film to the novel “Imperium Galactica” by Alexander Jablokov.

The game focuses on the events that take place during the first eleven months of the war, in the first century of our time, in the half-light universe of the colonists on an unnamed planet. Here, you have to take a voyage to the planet, which is now on the verge of being swallowed by the inexorable machine, erected by the imperials and infested by strange alien beings.

A game where the fate of the colonists depends on the actions of the crew. Everyone will have his or her own, individual part in the outcome of the struggle that will decide the fate of the planet and of their people.

Imperium Galactica: The Story of The Second Imperium Game:

When the game starts, the war with the imperial legion has been going on for 1,200 years. The colonists of the planet Erde-Girde have survived the arduous first years of colonizing, but no one knows how long they can go on under


Features Key:

  • Relive the glory years of the classic, influential strategy series in the ultimate remake.
  • Features visuals and audio remastered for a true-to-form experience.
  • Features Remastered 4K graphics, including enhanced lighting, exceptional draw distance and anti-aliasing.
  • Features the original soundtrack from the game, remastered and enhanced with over an hour of additional music.
  • Fully voiced game play and custom campaigns with the option to play multiplayer with up to 64 players.
  • Play as a member of one of six factions and experience every side of the mafia genre.
  • Replay the events of the original Mafia, or inhabit the footsteps of a true American criminal empire.

    Do you wanna be a part of our community? Here are available forum topics!

    What are you still waiting for?


    Mafia is a trademark of the SNIA SEGA Corporation.
    Licensed by SNIA SEGA Corporation. All rights reserved.



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    The silence of this abandoned house has haunted a man called Leroy who lives next to it. He had lost his only son about five years ago, and his daughter-in-law has been missing too. He leads a solitary life in the house and has found himself fighting against the unknown time after time…
    This is a game about a man who fights against the darkness in his mind. Hope for a good future awaits all in this game.
    Features of Graveyard Shift:
    1) You play as a man who lives in a strangely abandoned house.
    2) You kill the ghosts in the building, getting through the rooms of the building, and you will have to solve the mysteries of the place.
    3) There is a clever ghost with which you fight – he will possess you and allow you to move around in the mansion (he will not be shown on the map).
    4) You can join special co-operative mode with your friends and children, where they will help you by beating ghosts to get coins and lighting in the rooms for you. If you help your friends, you will get special bonuses.
    5) There is a game of strategy, where you will have to avoid ghosts and solve puzzles. You will have to find all the keys from the rooms and use them to open the locked doors.
    6) There are many rooms and all of them are different, the game will be challenging and there will be a lot of surprises.
    7) There is a lot of blood, get ready to be shocked!
    8) Beautiful graphics in a pixel style, and fantastic music which will accompany you throughout the game.
    9) There are 3 worlds with 5 levels in each.
    10) In the end of the game you will be free from the mansion.
    11) No loading time, the game will be easy to control, non-stop action.
    Version 0.3:
    1) Added more monsters with which you can have a fight
    2) Added a tutorial, enemies and free bonus
    3) Added a pause option
    4) Added new blood effects and wall events
    5) Fixed a bug, where there was a white box at the beginning
    6) Fixed a bug, where the laser was invisible on the first level
    7) Fixed a bug, where the walls were not saving your position
    8) Fixed a bug, where the first level was not shown
    9) Fixed a bug, where there was a flickering effect when the walls were collapsing on you


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    One of the girls Saki suddenly joined the swimming club is selected as the swimmer for today.
    And her uniform is… okay, I’ll just ask you a little about Saki…
    The woman responsible for the selection is a police woman in charge of the bodyguard group for the special man, Tsugumi!
    The reason she passed on so easily is that she is a member of the swimming club!
    Let’s go to the swimming club!
    Saki goes to the swimming club with her high heels in her hand.
    She wears a swimsuit with an unusual design, as well as a V-neck with a ribbon, and she has her eyes closed.
    To Saki, this is her very first swimming in the swimming club…
    (lol, this is a complaint)
    The swimming club has 5 different parts, so it’s a little big.
    Saki is a member of the swimming club, so if she is going to swim, why did she wear her normal suit?
    Saki does not open her eyes.
    She changes her posture, using her hands as leverage.
    As if she is uncomfortable, she has to adjust her suit and just swim!
    “Right, right, right, right! Right, right, right…”
    “Yeah, it’s great…”
    “It’s a bit hard, but it’s fine…”
    “Why are you doing this?”
    “For that, I will be able to swim in the water when I’m in trouble, you know.”
    “Swimming, swimming…!”
    “Right, right, right, right! Right, right, right…!”
    “A lot of people have their eyes closed, but I’m not that bad.”
    “You are…? You don’t usually do this, right?”
    “Yeah, I’m fine, not that bad…”
    “That’s right…”
    “But, how did you fall into such a thing? You said the swimming club is like your kind of place, right?”
    The swimming club is a swimmer’s club.
    It’s a kind of thing where you are required to become a member with your own will, you know.”
    “And what, you don’t want to do it anymore?”
    “Yeah, I want to do something else, but they don’t let people like me in…”
    “I’ll give you a hand…”
    “That’s right, give


    What’s new:

      !” Master Bufkin yelled. Brian jumped up and ran down the stairs.

      “It’s a big-ass worm!”

      Ruthie grabbed a lantern from the wall and rushed down the stairs to where it was swimming towards them.

      “Use the Sword! Maybe it’s just stunned!” Alice yelled to Brian, but he was already swinging the Sword at it.

      “Useless Sword!” Master Bufkin shouted, standing on the threshold of the basement, his broom held in front of him like a club.

      Brian had to be careful not to cut the long worm in half, so he aimed for the ribcage.

      “Gotcha! Let’s see how fast you can get in!” Brian said and swung. The worm didn’t move, even a millimeter.

      “Run!” Master Bufkin yelled and started furiously stomping the floor. “We’ll just have to pry it open.”

      Brian and Ruthie skipped around him and ran to the far end of the basement, which was even farther from the cellar entrance. Then they took off running.

      They ran around the corner, down the stairs, and into the kitchen. A stove was there, which was newly redone with shiny wood and long lit burners.

      A long, big-headed metal pitbull was walking up to them, teeth chattering and red eyes spitting fire.

      “Yes, yes, I’ll come get it for you, that’s it, come on.” Master Bufkin tried to talk to the huge dog. “Come on, come on. Easy-peasy.”

      But the pitbull barely paid attention and continued to pace in front of Master Bufkin.

      Brian went for the long worm’s head.

      “Tail, head, whatever.” Master Bufkin started again. “It’s weird that it wasn’t attached to a sword when it was cut off.”

      Brian thought the worm was just incredibly strong. Brian felt like he had to punch it and grab it with all his might, and just when he thought he’d let go, it jerked back.

      “Some people get stuff stuck in their mouth. It’s impossible to pry open,” Master Bufkin said to the dog and turned it on its back. “It’s not attached now. Pull! Pull hard!”

      Brian’s hands turned gray and Ruthie’s and Alice’s as they were


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      BeatBox Runner is a challenging platform game, with gameplay twists and an original story mode. Hone your skills as you progress through 30 exhilarating levels using three platforms and over 20 levels of retro style platforming, with each level combining the features of track & field, slalom, and bullet hell. BeatBox Runner is a challenge for all ages, and will take you back to a time when gaming was a lot more simple, yet a helluva lot more rewarding.Features:
      30 LEVELS
      Drive, jump, and glide through challenging platform levels.
      Customize your character by choosing from either a hero, or a hero’s sidekick.
      Choose between a short story mode, or a long story mode.
      Collect cassette tapes to unlock special cosmetic items.
      Unlock these awesome songs as you play through the game.
      UNLOCKABLE WEAPONSLucky, a masked hero, has reached the top of a tower and must drop off a very special guest. The guest in question is Redden, a large, and very dangerous robot. Lucky must navigate his way through 30 challenging platform levels, and escort Redden safely to the ground. BeatBox Runner lets you experience the game in very different ways. Aside from the short story modes, you can also play through the game in classic, gameplay style, or even allow Redden to take care of the challenging platforming, and just float through levels. In more classic gameplay style, you only control Lucky, so the choice is yours. Even in the standard gameplay mode, you can turn on hyperion music for more energy, or turn it off to lower your energy. Beats for Action
      BeatBox Runner features more than 20 levels of high-energy action music with a modern twist, ranging from hyper speed tracks and shock sounds, to high tempo, and high voltage retro tracks. Musical styles include techno, industrial, rock, and break beat. BeatBox Runner music is perfect for action games, and can really give you the edge to your game.External Links
      If you like what you are seeing, then you should check out our website. BeatBox Runner features more unlockable content, and a custom map editor for community map making.’Fully functioning images in storage’: biodegradation and detox


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    >On 5/7/17, I earned my graduation with distinction from the Emergency Medicine Residency at UF Health. This is a monumental accomplishment in my life as a physician.

    I am, however, also humbled by my fellow residents’ resounding approval of my conduct of my term at residency. Despite the normal dwindling of friendships at the end of residency and my return to my clinic, our residency has remained unbelievably close through our training. This is a credit to my senior resident, Jesse, who has remained dedicated to the group, even when the more amorphous nature of my external life intersected with the dynamic of personal life and professional responsibilities.

    I remain, grateful and elated for the opportunity given to me. However, as word of the ceremony grew, this piece began to stir.

    It turns out, that in spite of the finality to our training, we are still training: I have learned a great deal about myself in this process. I have learned to face the inner conflicts with choices that


    System Requirements For IdleOn – The Idle MMO:

    1. Data size:
    A. Game data:
    B. Expansion data:
    C. Image data:
    D. Audio:
    2. Display resolution:
    3. GPU Requirements:
    4. OS requirements:
    5. Internet Connectivity
    6. Language Requirements
    7. Region Requirements
    8. System Requirements
    9. Contact
    B. Expansion data:


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