In your world, magic runs deep. Earth and sky, fire and ice, mind and matter – they are all one and the same. You call it Ether. Join the war between the two factions, the Etherborn, in this next chapter of the Etherborn saga.
Released on October 25th, 2019, developer Altered Matter’s fourth chapter in the Etherborn saga features new exploration of the story and gameplay mechanics, as well as the addition of brand new characters and features.
Altered Matter is an independent developer founded in 2015 with a focus on fantasy games and crafting tactical turn-based strategy games. Their first title Etherborn: Crown of Sorcery was released on iOS and in February 2017 on Steam as an Early Access title. In May 2017, Altered Matter released the third chapter of the saga, Aetherborn: Vanguard of Sorcery. They are currently working on the final chapter of the saga, Aetherborn: Consummatum Est, which was released on iOS in July 2019 and will be released on Android in late August, and the digital art and design book will be released at the same time.
Casting a Spell – Command your troops and use your magic to command the battlefield!
Fate is in your hands. The battle for the crown has begun. Once again, two opposing forces will wage their war in the land of Ether, fighting for the supremacy of the realm.
But what lies behind the battles and the fates of your chosen champions? Will you stand by your ally or betray him for the sake of your own ambitions?
The Aetherborn Digital Art and Design Book focuses on the creative and artistic design process behind Aetherborn. It will feature development sketches, images and information about the design of the game universe.
The book features artist Olayi Adimora. While the game was in development, his work was focused on creating the world of Ether and its inhabitants, as well as the visual assets of the game.
Join the war between two opposing forces. Travel the lands of Ether, fighting for glory, power and the destiny of the realm!
Choose your champions, strengthen your allies and use your magic to defend your kingdom!Q:

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Features Key:

  • All the existing levels from the brilliant game A Delicate Invitation with Lisa’s wardrobe
  • New levels, with Lisa’s original outfits selected specifically for this game
  • Difficulty settings
  • More costumes
  • Renato’s dancing
  • Gorgeous Paris/neighborhood
  • And more!!!


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I am very glad to bring you this RPG game.
An action RPG game has never been playable with so many game elements such as turn base battle, traditional RPG, autosave.
All of these 5 elements, you can enjoy this game, while you can save anytime, anywhere.
Why are you looking for “Trial of Salvation 2: Kingdom of Istajila”?
I want to offer something different, I did trial and error in the past, and wanted to create something new.
I always play RPGs of ex, but I really wanted to create a game that is not full of interactions.
So, I want to offer my story, my RPG game with two turn base battle, autosave and setting which has never been done before.
Main Features of “Trial of Salvation 2: Kingdom of Istajila”:
-A 2 hours RPG game.
-Full Auto Save and Auto-Play
-Saving anywhere, anytime
-Traditional RPG, turn base battle
-Over 50 Characters and their Advanced/ Superior Swords & Magic
-Detailed system with a big story
-Wizardry – Data limit system
-Many Heroes & Monsters
-Lovely battle with the great choice of a Hero, Monsters, Protagonists, Villains
-Various types of weapons
-Various skills with various effects
-Various armor
-I did all of the work from character design to gameplay
-I will provide plenty of DLCs to expand your game play
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This game is only available in Japanese
In the countryside of the peaceful kingdom of Istajila, 3 young friends participate in the protection corp of their village.
They thought nothing of the internecine wars in the nearby kingdom, until the flame of wars engulfed their village.
What will come of the war started in the Empire of Wesprau, no one knows yet.
Fight to reclaim your village in this fantasy RPG.
With turn base battle, traditional RPG, save anywhere and autosave, enjoy this 4 hours long RPG.
About This Game:
I am very glad to bring you this RPG game.
An action RPG game has never been playable with so many game elements such as turn base battle, traditional RPG, autosave.
All of these 5 elements, you can enjoy this game, while you can save anytime, anywhere.
Why are you


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Never roll the same dice twice!

You can roll up to 6 different dice at the same time!

Roll 10 different dice (or as many as you can in a turn) and keep the highest number in any group.

Dice combo generator!

Choose a dice type (d4, d6, d8, d10, d100, d12, d20)

Choose a dice size (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

Choose how many dice to roll (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20,…)

Dice can be thrown with random spin or with no spin

Dice can be re-rolled

Dice can be sorted out by order, from highest to lowest value

Dice can be displayed with their combinations on the table, or all on one table

Just press a button (macro) and get the results of all your rolled dice

Roll 20 d20 and keep the highest value in any group.

Store the dice at any position on the table

Load or save all the dice in the table

Upload your own custom dice

Download dice by other users

Replay a saved game

Roll 20 dice in sequence (unroll them all)

Save your rolled dice (up to 1 million)

Set dice physics (velocity, speed and spin).

Customize your dice skins and export as PNG images.

Dice replacement function

Force dice back to the center of the table (by pressing F)

Save a model and a texture for any dice type

Fullscreen mode and sound

Native Windows support!

Advanced dice functions:

Show or hide the table, with custom colors

Overlay custom images (or single images) on the table (see below)

Multiple instances

Closing the program or rebooting Android kills the die

Delete any custom texture and recreate it

Make multiple dice to roll at the same time

Save dice individually or all together

Reverse the value of the results of all dice rolled (useful in some games, e.g. d100+d4+d6+d8, sometimes referred to as an X-ray


What’s new in JET HERO: