In this game, you lead a group of 4 survivors who will have to face the ultimate challenge; total abandonment by all survivors. The game features dynamic events, an iconic cast of NPCs, and a complete story that gets more and more crazy with every passing minute.
Your team will consist of one wolf, one zombie, and a girl. Some of your team will be from the trailer, but mostly your team will be formed by players from the community. All survivors are under your direct control: use your time wisely to send them into various missions or let them fend for themselves.
Create a happy camp! You might also want to take care of your camp, as the zombies can be quite strong. You will have to learn how to live and fight with these different forces.
You will have to get to know your players and their characters. Each player will take part in multiple jobs to earn their trust and gain their loyalty. But be careful, loyalty is your biggest threat!
Each job will have different objectives. Some jobs may have no objectives, it’s up to you to implement your own objectives.
Each job will have different dynamics and will test your leadership in different ways. There will be strong and silent jobs. Some jobs will allow you to form strong bonds with the survivors, others will test the limits of your team.
All survivors are highly customizable, even their voice-over, so be sure to let your players have fun.
The leader is the only one who can see the map. Each survivor has their own way of seeing the map and their own abilities. You will have to train your survivors to use the tools available on the map, otherwise it will be difficult to control them.
The choice is yours, you can grow old and miserable or you can create a fun camping adventure where all survivors will be happy. What will YOU choose? PARTY RUSH!








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Christmas update! Compatible with the Christmas pack that you can get for free!

HELP!!! We’re going to make a Christmas update soon but we’re not sure if we will be able to do it. So we need your help


Features Key:

  • VIB FAST TICK 60fps
  • Challenge and Motivate You


Mr. Hibbl

Do you have what it takes to be a great master pet trainer?
Help your friends and other dwarves to get the most out of their pets while you keep them happy and protected. Train your pets to look cute and helpful to survive in a world full of hungry monsters and dangers.
Pets is a standalone 3D sandbox roleplaying game. You can run a single instance or create your own private campaign.
You don’t need to own all the items in order to play. Just purchase what you need via the seamless Marketplace.
Pets features:
Players with online accounts can play in a private campaign. No need for friends or steam accounts, just choose your friends in your preferred game.
Atmospheric day/night cycles.
Particles effects
Draggable blocks and items
Sticky blocks (server automatically unlocks sticky blocks as the game progresses)
Randomly generated caves
Randomly generated land
Lava monsters
Randomly generated villagers
Settlement editor
Customizable map editor
New recipes
A unique pet UIQ:

Rails [:plural] vs. [:other]

From a UX standpoint I would love for people to be able to like multiple products in their cart/wishlist. I set the following to handle this:

It all works as expected, except in the cart/wishlist, where there is a railscast link for the “Custom Variables”. In the tutorial they have the custom variable of [:plural] and I want to know if this is the best way to handle this. The link looks like this:

I just want to know if there is a major difference between these two.


[:plural] is just a placeholder and not a variable name. You are not assigning anything to it, so it is just a placeholder and not useful. You do have a difference between :other and :plural in that the latter shows other objects, and the former


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Welcome to the world of Little Red Riding Hood. This is where, through the lens of the deck of cards, the story unfolds as you progress through the various scenes of the game. This is for people who love tales of fantasy, where the world collides and stories between different realities are ever-present.
Like the tale, the game begins with the cutest fairy who asks you to dress your Little Red Riding Hood and then allow her to play a game. She will soon get a shock when she discovers the Wolf waiting for her outside her house.
If the fairy sees that the play is no longer enjoyable, she will try to wake you by calling your name, and she will show you the room of dreams. At this point, you must carefully take your ticket and climb the ladder to enter the game.
In this area of the game, you can speak with the fairy to learn more about your characters. Your characters are as follows: Red Riding Hood, the fairy and the wolf.
Gameplay – How to play:
In this fascinating adventure, you will discover the secrets of the White Queen, but first, we must enter the game. After entering the game, press the button “Continue” and then go down to the bottom of the room.
Turn around to discover the werewolf who will ask if you want to come into the forest with him for a game. If you agree, press the button “OK” and then press “Continue”.
If the fairy sees that the game is no longer enjoyable, she will try to wake you by calling your name. She will show you the room of dreams where you will be forced to find the legendary card “White Queen”.
Finally, you must search for a lot of objects that you will use to wake up and return to the real world!
How to become Red Riding Hood:
To become Red Riding Hood, you can press the button “Continue” and select “Reincarnate”. Press “Continue” in this menu. Then, place your hand in your hand and press the button “Reincarnate”.
Red Riding Hood will stand up and will find a pink dress.
On the card of Little Red Riding Hood, you will find a red vest and overalls.
In the room of dreams, you will have to take your ticket again. You will then find a pair of red boots.
In this menu, you can also change your character with that of a boy or a girl in the deck.
Here, you will also


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