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– Made with new and converted content
– Sliding wall wagons require VirtuRailroads modification
– RandomSkin = random texture. (Note that the wagons do not appear in the game without the RandomSkin add-on)
– Rotates the texturing to randomly one of 4 possible textures:
o – white
o – grey
o – light brown
o – dark brown
o Max number of wagons per shipment: 3
o A Burden of 270 empty weight
o A Burden of 292 full weight
o Additional in-game cost of 270 or 292

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Features Key:

  • Two floating sweet spots
  • Different hatchabilities to make the game more challenging
  • Global scoreboard
  • 1-4 player modes
  • Real
  • New themes and skins released monthly!
  • Arena mode included


Fishing??? Fishing Game Key features:

  • 100 mtrs of real
  • Two fishing maps
  • Real
  • New map each month


Pool??? Pool Game Key features:

  • 50mtrs of real
  • 2 maps
  • Real
  • No angels or stingrays
  • Global scoreboard
  • 4 player mode


Juggling??? Juggling Game Key features:

  • Real
  • Expert mode
  • New static and dynamic mat
  • Realistic collision detection
  • 4 new themes and skins included


Tetherball??? Tetherball Game Key features:

  • Real
  • 2 maps
  • 2 player modes
  • Global scoreboard
  • Realistic collision detection
  • New themes and skins released monthly


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In Train Simulator, take control of the world’s leading manufacturer of locomotives and rolling stock and the Santa Fe Railroad, or another of the more than 2,000 trainsets in the award-winning game and deliver all your freight to where it needs to go.
Crank up your engine and get underway! As your train chugs along — and passes through dozens of beautifully modeled US and European cities — the routes and terrains of the real world will seamlessly materialize before your eyes.
The game is highly detailed and offers an immersive driving and management experience. In addition to the main driving and management tasks, you’ll be able to operate and service your locomotive, check your supplies and repair your locomotive.
Train Simulator offers a huge selection of locomotives and rolling stock, together with more than 1,000 routes and scenery templates. You can share your creations with Steam Workshop where they can be made accessible to the community.
With Train Simulator, you can transport all types of freight and passenger trains, from short and medium distance trips to long-distance, international routes.
High quality native modding support!
– See the Steam Workshop (for in-game content) for details
About Train Simulator
Train Simulator was launched in October 2010 by With more than 2 million users, the award winning Windows and Mac PC and Mac OS X game is now being played by fans around the world.
The Steam Workshop makes it easy for players to build and share their own locations and rail vehicles together. All content is easily accessible by using a powerful search engine.
The game is written in C# and runs on Windows PC platforms.
Official Website:


Southern Pacific (and subsidiary Cotton Belt) acquired 247 SD45T-2s between, and the locomotives could be found working system wide. But, of course, the SD45T-2s had been created to work in mountain country and the rugged “Tunnel Motors” were most at home, and most impressive to witness, battling the railroad’s famed mountain crossing such as Donner Pass, Tehachapi, and the remote Cascade Line.

The Southern Pacific SD45T-2 comes to Train Simulator provided in three authentic SP liveries: SP’s Tunnel Motors were delivered in the railroad’s traditional scarlet and gray livery, later wore a similar livery with large and flashy “speed


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