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The world is in the grip of a zombie epidemic. You are a survivor in a first-person shooter RPG about a young man in his 20s who’s retreating with his family from this epidemic.

And, while going through the cave you came from, something started in the bowels of the cave. It’s an abandoned bus from the past. You can’t leave it here, it’ll be decomposing. So you have to go through the bus to the other side, where you’ll meet the…

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Discover a whole new island during the fourth installment of the Dead Island series. An island that has been destroyed from the inside out. An island that has been taken over by undead zombies, and a group of people who are trying to escape from it. You are Randall Walker a sheriff, and you are hired to protect this last group of survivors.

However, in this new island is far more than just survivors and zombies. It is a combination of current science and technology, as well as paranormal occurrences and even experimental medical procedures to keep the zombies that are coming back to life, from getting too strong.

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Yup you read that right. You are now able to proceed as either a male or female character. Even more, you can now choose what race you want to be, in order to make you feel like you are the main character.

So you can expect to go through similar quests as the previous games, however, with the new map layout and the different creatures, you will expect more interesting quest setups than before. You will find some encounters that are set up really well, however, this can


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  • All 15 episodes of the anime movies are available
  • Episodes could be decoded in 720p for HD viewing
  • Download to your phone or tablet in seconds
  • Waterproof
  • Approximately 50 Achievements requiring hard work
  • A great Japanese-style anime game
  • Episodes are great fun and very easy to play
  • A great series for your Japanese experience</li></li></li></ul>

    Feel like we’re standing together in a mountain tunnel, proceeding through the passage with a flashlight? You’re not dreaming. This is the case with Pink Rage Otome. Through the infinite tunnels, the Japanese medieval environment is slowly fading away and taking its place. The story revolves around Juliana’s transformation from a mild and meek girl to a female samurai. This story is not as bland as it may first seem. There are many young female anime who have found their purpose on earth. At the same time, there is a type of expectation – they also have a sense of duty to protect the peace of our country.

    There are 15 episodes in full of this anime, in which we visit several different journeys. You must read the story through and pick up more and more secrets. By watching the story carefully, you will find a hidden conversation. Based on everything, you can discover how their story is true. The stories will be more attractive to you. It will also give you hints of the hidden world that can’t be seen in other places.

    [Move to set and have fun] 21 Aug 2012 23:29:52 +0000Pink Rage Otome is a animated otome game with cool anime girl and you can ‘quen♪’ ur pink rage!!

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    As an over-the-top, fetishistic killing machine, you strap on your guns, explosives and rockets and take to the field, battling through the mind-bogglingly complex environments of Contra or Contra III. Metal Fatigue features a huge, multi-level campaign mode, with 10 different stages that conclude in epic boss fights. Metal Fatigue also features a fully playable co-op mode that will test your skills as you take on an endless wave of Nazi clones (or zombies), and it offers a complete arena mode, in which you face off against computer opponents.
    It is unclear whether or not Metal Fatigue is set in a Nazi themed world that follows a retro-future development that has been influenced by the 80’s style of gaming.
    10 hours of epic single player campaign adventure mode.
    Multi-player deathmatch mode with up to 4 players, online play and local cooperative play.
    17 weapons including the rocket launcher, 3 different machine guns, dual-wielded handguns and many more.
    16 types of ammunition ranging from rockets and bombs to bullets and shurikens.
    A wide array of collectible upgrades that will unlock even more weapons.
    Eye-popping 8-bit graphics, and a fun set of music tracks.
    Axis and Allies-like base construction mode.
    A multitude of different map types and special effects that make every level unique.
    Procedurally generated levels and enemy waves.
    Supersampling mode for enhanced graphics.
    Controller support.

    Updated information:
    – Huge map updates! 15 new levels, 21 more weapon types and different maps.
    – New spells, powers and abilities, based on ancient alchemy.
    – Speedrun mode! Run to the end without dying.
    – Easy-mode! It’s even easier now to complete the game and find the secrets!
    – Music! 5 awesome short music tracks for every level.
    – New game modes! Free for all mode in which 3 players can play against the computer; Boss mode is where you kill your way through the single player levels; and Co-op mode where you join forces with a friend and fight together against the enemies.
    – Improved AI levels, so that they will leave you alone if you’ve beaten them before.
    – Cool effects and effects that are now easier to do with the new items.
    – Added “Powers” to every level. You can activate them by paying.
    – Removed the shareware level.


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    World 2 is the next best thing in the Age of Defense series. It has yet to be released. It is made to go on the mobile, and the PC.It will have all the things that the first World had, with updated graphics and a more full-featured game.

    Epic Dinosaur: Age Of Defend

    World is really dangerous. You must protect your women and food from any bad things. In this reality dinosaurs have evolved differently. They can think, speak, make war! You are ruler of the ancient tribe. Your people are hungry and scary. You must protect them from scaleskins threat.FeaturesThe path is blockable. You can put obstacles on the road to gather enemies and kill them with one deadful abilityNo buildfields! You can place towers anywhere you wantMarvelous mix of fantasy and historyEpic Boss fights12 unique towersOver 50 enemies with various abilitiesGameplayAoD is tower defense game with some new features. First of all, monsters have real size, they cant go through themselves. So you interrupt enemy goal by either building towers and creating obstacles on the path. Secondary, there is extensive choice of towers with incredible abilities. What do you prefer? Big monkey with bouncing poison bones or belligerent woman with exploding flowers straddles the huge rainbow toad? Choose your favorites, make important upgrades in skill tree and lead your wildmans to enemy land for revealing secret of scaleskin hostility!
    Game “Age of Defense” Gameplay:


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    World 2: Age Of Defense Full Build | [Completed]

    World 2 is the next best thing in


    What’s new:

    (DC Comics)

    Crossy Bridge is the name of two fictional vigilantes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with the Justice League. As a Vertigo Comics character, Crossy Bridge is the name of the medic and leader of a band of psychotic survivalists based in an underwater city known as Mad City. A version of the name, defined as “the wearer of the Crossbludger Vest”, is the moniker of a main character in the Captain Triumph/Maxwell Lord comic book series created for Vertigo’s Loonie Leo imprint.

    Publication history
    With the rise of New 52 and the thirteenth issue of Justice League, DC Comics newly rebooted its universe, with a DC Comics publication history through various known titles that began in the 40s. In terms of mainstream DC Comics publication, the character was first introduced in 2012 in Justice League #1, which was written by James B. Hendriks and featured artwork from Sina Grace and Doug Hazlewood.

    Fictional character biographies

    Crossy Bridge

    Crossy Bridge was introduced as the leader of a band of psychotic survivors in a city known as Mad City. Supporting the protagonist of the story, the Baxter Foundation refugee Dorien Fleck, his followers’ survivalist zealotry was motivated by their beliefs that all governments were corrupt, directed against them and that they were and would continue to be the last survivors in a world long gone insane. Shortly after the events of Second Coming, Crossy relocated his efforts to the Washington DC area.

    All of Crossy’s followers are residents of the Beltway area of Washington DC, some with relatives there. After the collapse of the government of the United States, Crossy’s group also moved southward to Georgia, where they were joined by Peace, another survivor of Mad City, and their numbers increased with more survivors joining them. Crossy and his followers live behind checkpoints and barricaded walls at the Crossy Bridge intersection, blocking off exit routes and modifying the checkpoint’s X-ray machine to be able to scan for bombs. A popular point of exit for these paranoid refugees is the local Red Line train.

    When the Justice League was formed, Elektra and Jericho Black joined the Justice League as the duo Deadshot and Chameleon in order to protect Crossy Bridge. Crossy’s use of DC’s Justice League comic book titles, as evidenced by his covers, led to a new Secret Six comic book series (as opposed


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    Mayan Ruins: Created in Adobe Flash Pro CC (by Mustafa Büyüktük, a.s.) and hosted by Crunchy Frog. Composed in GarageBand Version 2.5 with additional development support by Zombina. Designed and created by the author, HeyThereStudio LLC.
    We’re excited to bring you the first-ever ’60s-style sci-fi fantasy adventure game designed to take you to a dangerous alternative reality inspired by multiple classic video game franchises: Alone in the Dark, Commander Keen, Gauntlet, Deadly Towers, Myst, Sierra, and Myst.
    Mayan Ruins puts the player in the role of a young explorer just beginning to realize his potential. With a brother he barely knows and a father he’s just beginning to realize is a hero, his opportunities seem limitless.
    You’re about to join a dangerous mission into the ruins of a lost civilization on a quest to find the answers you were born with, and the help you’ll need to survive. Your choices will shape the outcome of your adventure, and your choices will matter.
    For all the latest news check the official site at: www.mayanruinsgame.com.
    Also, please join us on Facebook for new updates at: www.facebook.com/mayanruins
    Follow us on Twitter at: www.twitter.com/mayanruins

    January 6, 2017

    Game Overview

    Let’s break down the ins and outs of the game. You see, we’ve put together a super-extensive set of FAQs to address everything you could possibly want to know about Decades. There are some pretty controversial topics in the game, and if you really want to know the exact details, that’s what we’ll cover in our FAQs.

    Decades is a deep and intriguing game for a couple of reasons. The first is that it’s a top down perspective game with grid-based movement. However, if it was made in the 80s, it would’ve been a real retro/old-school style game. This means that it doesn’t only go from one direction (up) to the next. It goes multiple directions at one time. This may sound confusing at first, but trust us when we say this; it’s a lot of fun.

    Another thing that makes the game so intriguing is that it allows players to explore the entire


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