“Symphony: A Shadow in Lunaria is a hybrid of exploration-heavy roguelike and dungeon crawling.”
69/100 – Indie Journal
About The Project:
A new magical girl story full of depth and excitement, that blends the gameplay of the original Kakegurui series with the drama and darkly humorous themes of the original Yumekui Merry.

Symphony: Music’s Masterpiece and Phantasy’s Dream
“This was a spectacular mix of a musical experience. A great deal of thought has been put into Symphony, and the end result is something special.”
Over 70 Kudos from reviewers


Symphony: a Shadow in Lunaria is an RPG-Shmup hybrid in the classical RPG and bullet-hell genres. Your choices will completely alter the way the story unfolds and determine what kind of ending you will have.

The simple story is told through carefully designed levels, where you start out as a student and have to find your way through the complicated events of the Luna Flower Festa. A story full of twists and turns, and a humorous tale about first-time love and high-school politics.

Chapter 1: The background story

Written as a novel, Symphony: A Shadow in Lunaria has a story that was initially created as a prequel to the original Kakegurui series. Symphony was initially conceived as a side-story, but we ended up finishing it much sooner than we anticipated. As a result, it became more of a main-character story. We initially tried to fit as much about Yuri in Symphony as we could, with the intention of making a sequel to her story in the future.

Yuri needs to follow the Moon’s orders and return everything that she stole to his/her perfect world, so she’s spending the next few months studying hard in Luna. But she’s also dealing with the fact that her feelings for Makoto and his school have grown. After a series of events she’s about to reveal that might have consequences for the future… or not. All she knows for sure is that she wants to be with him, but she doesn’t know where to start.

The story takes place over the course of a single school festival, as the main character Yuri struggles through her high school life.

Chapter 2


Features Key:

  • A Bullet Hell game
  • VR playing experience
  • As you play the game with Ky, you realize you are using VR in real life.
  • Kill your enemies with bullet Hell bullets that shoot

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PlayStation VR Game Key features:

  • One of the earliest games ever developed for PlayStation VR.
  • Since its launch, fans have put in more than a million hours playing through the


  • Scavenger, The Arcadye, and Gunjack
  • Awarded for completing any of these

The Snack

  • Each game comes with a’special’ treat to unlock by leveling up your PlayStation Trophy!
  • SuperPhillipCentral has also added a special collectibles section to their store.

Release Date

  • PlayStation VR gets a release date on September 13, 2016.
  • Sony’s new virtual reality headset adds hours and hours of gameplay!


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*Up to 10 players can team up for a single mission! There are two types of gameplay.
A) All players team up for a single mission
B) Each player plays all of the missions in both modes!

Game Characters:
The Player Characters :
Natsume : A female hunter of the “Eternal Dreamers”. She is the skilled user of a machine called the “Vajra” and the “Excalibur”.
In this game, a new form of Natsume will appear.
Whether you want to make a new character or the opportunity to obtain character pieces, you are welcome to join the battles!
Hiro : Natsume’s apprentice. He is the wielder of the “Aquarius” and wields a powerful weapon in order to help Natsume in her missions. He is referred to by the nickname “Mr. Chug”.
Mizuki : Natsume’s rival. She is the wielder of the “Sword of Judgement” and is the founder of the “Vajra” Shotenkai. Her mastery of the “Vajra” is unparalleled.
Ondo : A mysterious, shy girl. She is the wielder of the “Vulcan” and a member of the “Shotenkai”. Her control of her weapon, the “Vulcan”, is unmatched.
Eiji : The owner of a nightclub called “Saint’s Gate”. Eiji is a very kind person. He is a helpful ally in your battles.
Reiji : The president of the “Shotenkai” and the president of “Saint’s Gate”. He is the senior of Eiji and also a kind person. He is a helpful ally.
Saya : The daughter of the president of “Shotenkai”. She is a young girl who never loses her cool. She often resents Natsume’s actions and always argues with her. She always makes an effort to get into the “Shotenkai”.
Kyouichi : A male student who is a member of the “Shotenkai”. His close friend is Saya.
Yoji : Natsume’s father. He is the skilled user of the “Excalibur”.
Mimi : Natsume’s mother. She is the skilled user of the “Igno” and is the inventor of the “Vajra”.
Lina : A maid who works at “Saint’s Gate”. She is a close


What’s new in Puzzle Tower:



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Stats are shown at the top of the screen. The player can move the cursor over an attack to show its pros and cons. The left weapon may hit twice and add points to your energy, but then it will also decrease your weapon’s power a little.

List of abilities:

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How To Install and Crack Puzzle Tower:

  • Extract the.run file with winRAR
  • Install the mod using this.run file (may be caused by installation error)
  • Features:

    • Add almost every feature available now or the future. (LOD,Xray,PixelShader,…)
    • All Features are from the original unreal, pay attention to them! (pan, feedback,…).
    • All Features are optional. (You can enable its features later)

    About Features:

    • 3D scenes animation(Objects3D, Mesh3D,…)
    • Physics system (graphics, dynamics, fluid, collisions, cloth,…)
    • texturing (UV, normal, osdf,…)
    • battlesystem (>
    • Lights
    • fog
    • materials (OmniSkins) (Optional)
    • UI (2D or 3D)
    • Face skins (Optional)
    • Skin animations (Optional) for UI text
    • Scene Icons (Optional)
    • Objective stats (Optional)
    • BONUS: TIS Support (Optional)
    • Xray (Optional)
    • HUD (Optional)

    P.S! The mentioned ways were tested but I don’t guarantee that they can work. So don’t blame me if you have trouble.

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    System Requirements For Puzzle Tower:

    OS: Windows 7/8 (64 bit)
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
    Memory: 2 GB RAM
    Graphics: Intel GMA X4500 HD 3GB or equivalent
    DirectX: Version 9.0
    Network: Broadband internet connection
    Hard Drive: 20GB
    Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card or onboard audio
    Additional Notes: Requires an Internet connection.
    CPU: Intel Core 2


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