Pixel Dungeon is a game developed by Trevas Moss and designed by Paul Adams.
It is distributed under a creative commons 3.0 license.
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Pixel Dungeon

SlideDB Editor’s Choice Best Singleplayer game of 2013

Pixel Dungeon is an exciting and extremely popular roguelike (more than 2 million mobile installs!). Explore the depths of Pixel Dungeon, collect useful items and fight fierce monsters to find the Amulet of Yendor (surprise!) – the ultimate artefact of this game world!
Are you prepared for this very easy to play yet difficult to master dungeon crawler?

Charming pixel-art graphics and a simple interface that gets out of your way.
25 randomly generated levels with different settings like sewers, abandoned prison, caves, etc. so you will feel that every new game is unique!
A deceitful dungeon full of dangers! Try to avoid the hidden traps or falling on deadly chasms. Or find as many chests as you can, full of treasures to use or sell!
A different array of monsters that will try to get a piece of you on every corner, plus some bigger bosses that will try to get an even bigger piece 😉
Lots of different items to find, buy, sell. including armor, weapons, potions, wands, scrolls.
Various character classes to suit your style of play, from the strong Warrior or the knowledgeable Mage to the sneaky Rogue and the powerful Huntress. You can specialize your character even further, if you survive long enough 😉
Enchantments that you’ll have to use on your weapons and armor if you want to survive the dungeon’s harsh conditions
You’ll use your alchemy knowledge to brew rare potions, improve the dungeon’s economy by spending all your coins on the shops and


RPG Maker MZ – KR Elemental Dungeon Tileset – Fire Water Earth Wind Features Key:

  • Change your settings immediately
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  • Earn rewards and have your own peace of mind
  • Defending your last shot, last bought and last won
  • Coupons and rebates exchange system
  • Support to reset your daily limit
  • Light and fast
  • Easy to understand

This app can collect your location history and record the last used device

**NEW FEATURES** (including some new settings)

  • Lot of new gorgeous skins for your choice
  • You can change the in-app spending
  • Conveniently access My wallet from the “Receive”, “Markdown”, “Transaction” dialog and log in with Touch ID
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  • The new layout, color and fonts can be affected by the iOS interface


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Iffy Institute is a fast-paced maze action game for 2-4 players, in which the five most high-profile lab animals fight for survival in a mad scientists lab. Build explosion chains with powerful directional bombs and roast your enemies with super-mighty special skills.You have 48 hours to advance through the Institute and escape while you simultaneously get to know your 5 different allies through hilarious mini-quests. Each character has their own special ability, personality and one of three unlockable clothing sets. Choose your characters carefully as they will be your fierce allies in the fight to survive.
Key Features
– Play in classic couch multiplayer or online via the integrated friends list
– Play with up to 4 players simultaneously over Xbox Live, PlayStation Network or Google Play online (2 players on PS4)
– Play with up to 4 players in Local play on the same console
– Play with up to 3 players in a match lobby on online (2 players on PS4)
– Supports DualShock 4, Xbox One, Steam Link and other third-party controllers
– Intuitive touch controls with quick game speed
– 3 unique endings
– Game is rated E for Everyone
– 2 character voices
– 1 Animal Voice
– 6 unique mini-quests
– Hidden Achievements
– 5 in-game animations
– Over 200 customisable particle and explosion effects
– 20 weapon combinations with 5 different types of projectile
– Intuitive UI
– Retro UI featuring unique faded graphics, multiple menus and gamescreen overlays
– Steam Achievements
– Over 80 Achievements
– Game Only Testers will be able to access the exclusive multiplayer beta test
– Full Trailer featuring voice actors
– Play live in any environment with the included 7 game map setsHamburger Town FCA

Hamburger Town FCA is an international soccer team playing in Nantong City, Jiangsu, China. They were formed on 3 November 2011, and play in the Jiangsu Province Football Association league.

The club was founded on 3 November 2011 under the name of Wuxi Booter with support of Wuxi F.C.. The club changed its name to HSV Hamburger Town FCA in 2012. In the same year the club changed its jersey to white.

Current squad


External links

Category:Association football clubs established in 2011
Category:Football clubs in China


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There are 12 items: dark box, dark box with 2 letters, dog’s collar, digital clock, bracelet, hat, keychain, key ring, light, mirror, ring, and a special container (for the special container we need a special key). Find all the items in the rooms. Then you can go to a next room. And in the next room you can see the puzzle. Solve the puzzle or there is no reward. And when you get all the items, you have to go back to the game home page.
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In the beginning there was nothing, only a chaos of dreams, out of which came Xary. He tried to understand people’s nature and help them. Yet he is too young. And here you are. Together, you need to figure this all outThis is an adventure hidden object game with non-trivial mechanics. What you need to do is not only to just search for items but also to move them in order to reveal the wanted ones.The game story is based on the dreams of several people who are helped by Xary and the player to overcome difficulties and stay human. The story is presented in comics. Cute but scary story. Find and connect items. Listen to nice music. Solve all the puzzles!
Game “My Hidden Things” Gameplay:

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There are 12 items: dark box, dark box with 2 letters, dog’s collar, digital clock, bracelet, hat, keychain, key ring, light, mirror, ring, and a special container (for the special container we need a special key). Find all the items in the rooms. Then you can go to a next room. And in the next room you can see the puzzle


What’s new:

Nanchang Honeys

The Three-Alliance Match (Chinese: 三联盟角拉拉枪梭) is a three-on-three basketball match contested in the basketball arena of Nanchang. It is the only 4-vertebrate in the Chinese Basketball Association, which involves nine elite teams from the 13 Chinese professional clubs. Almost all the foreign players of the Chinese Basketball Association chose to leave the league in 2008, due to the league expanding from 10 to 12 teams, allowing the clubs to hold four-season championship every year.

The championship of the Three-Alliance Match is awarded to the club whose players make three consecutive triple fouls during the three-minute period of play.

Three-Alliance Match
The Three-Alliance Match became the 4-vertebrate basketball competition after the league’s expansion from 10 to 12 teams at the end of 2007–08 season. The match typically features the top four teams in the league outside of the top eight clubs. Every year, the teams are divided into two groups of two teams each, and play three games in each group. The winners of the two groups play a final and the winner of the final is awarded the championship of the Match. During the 2008-09 season, six of the teams of the Three-Alliance Match competed to represent the country in the 2008 Four-Country invitational tournament hosted by Montenegro, ranked 32nd by FIBA.

Match history

In the first match of 2001–2002 season, Xinjiang Flying Tigers defeat Xinjiang The Great Wall 38–40 in Lanzhou. In the second match of 2001–2002 season, Xinjiang Flying Tigers loses to Nanchang Rockets 24–38 in Nanchang. In the third match of 2001–2002 season, Xinjiang Flying Tigers defeats Xinjiang The Great Wall 30–26 in Lanzhou.

In the first match of 2002–2003 season, Xinjiang Flying Tigers defeats Kunlun Lions 31–23 in Lanzhou. In the second match of 2002–2003 season, Xinjiang Flying Tigers lost to Xinjiang The Great Wall 38–49 in Lanzhou. In the third match of 2002–2003 season, Xinjiang Flying Tigers lose to Shaanxi Dragons 27–31 in Nanchang.

In the first match of 2003–2004 season, Xinjiang Flying Tigers defeats


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Crimson Gold is an immersive first-person shooter set in the world of gold mining in the early 1900s in South Africa.
Combining high-end visuals, an amazing soundtrack, high-quality voice acting and one of the most dynamic and thrilling gameplay experiences out there, CrimGold is a must-play.
CrimGold also comes with some of the very best mods for the game, and all of them are completely free and open source.
Get it now!
* An epic story set in a wondrous fictional world
* 15 weapons
* 8 vehicles
* 4 Gold-only game modes
* Ability to mod the game and make your own missions
* Ability to change the game rules on the fly
* In-game level editor
* Amazing soundtrack by Wu-Tang Clan
* Full Swedish, English, French and German languages (upgradeable)
* Share the game and experience with your friends in the game lobby!
* Direct access to all of our forums, as well as all of our social media (Twitter, Facebook)
* Custom weapon skins
* Custom vehicles and environment skins
* Mission editor
* More to come

CrimGold Deluxe is a prequel to the original CrimGold. It adds the following new features:
* 3 new levels, 8 new weapons and 4 new Gold-only Game Modes
* The game is completely reworked, it includes most of the assets from the original and is optimized for DX11 and comes with all the new weapons and vehicle mods from the original, as well as all the new features from the brand new CrimGold Deluxe

It also is now available for all platforms

Since the original CrimGold is now over 5 years old, we figured it was time to add some new features to make it fit into today’s gaming world.

So today is release day for us. We decided to give people a chance to try out the new version and see how it is before we went into Beta mode. If you have any issues with the game, please let us know about it on the Steam forums or on our Discord server (link below)

We are also releasing our Jarl’s Mod for the modding community to use! This gives you the ability to make your own custom missions, weapons and vehicles which you can then share with the world. Just have a look at what you can do with it!

More to come, so stay tuned.
Thank you and have


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2GB RAM (minimum)
500MB free disk space (recommended)
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DirectX 9.0c
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