The happy medium between listening to your favorite tunes and creating “fucking” art is now on your mobile!
As a socially awkward person who can’t find love, your life is ripe for the picking. Amuse your friends and colleagues with a series of new game modes including:
• 5-story ranked leaderboards
• Classic mode: just tap to escape!
• A “single stage” mode in which you must defeat all enemies in one go in order to unlock the next stage!
• Daily, and weekly leaderboards
• Daily “secret modes” to try out a new concept or design
• A Pinterest-style “Snapport” where you have to snap images of all 50 stages in order to collect coins!
• Unlock all special items
• Ad-free experience for people who can’t handle it
• Advanced customization options to make the game fit your style
Also, the iTunes Best App Ever award holder!
Incel Clicker is built from the ground up for on-the-go play, and is available now on the App Store!
What’s New in Version 3.5.1
Bug fixes and crashes

In the 3.5 update, we’re introducing some fun new content.
With the update, you can now spend your coins in the in-game store to unlock new characters!
Characters start at $3.99, and the first three characters available are
– “Sex Marbles”: a buff girl, handy with dildos.
– “Inveterate”: an insatiably horny woman who keeps wanting to have sex with everyone.
– “Vicious Vixen”: a vindictive woman who wants to punish others for being “ugly”.

With the update, we’re introducing some fun new content.
With the update, you can now spend your coins in the in-game store to unlock new characters!
Characters start at $3.99, and the first three characters available are
– “Sex Marbles”: a buff girl, handy with dildos.
– “Inveterate”: an insatiably horny woman who keeps wanting to have sex with everyone.
– “Vicious Vixen”: a vindictive woman who wants to punish others for being “ugly”.


Features Key:

  • Classic CPU & GPU setups
  • High-end PC
  • Lucky Dice Version
  • |

    Do The Gear 1

    You had to kill your friends! Now, there’s a new problem! They are still alive. Good or bad? Compete now!

    Get $100 reward for the first place

    Good Luck.


    Thank Orelis of Tank R.L.I.N for the bunny model!!

    Technically, it just came out of bowl!

    Thanks to Mervin Tplay for writing the game!!

    Thanks to Hydraplay for realizing a Windows Version of this game!

    We have reported previously that nitric oxide is involved in the relaxation of smooth muscles, and in many systemic and pulmonary diseases. In 1977, John Starling discovered the potent vasodilator, cyclic GMP. Cyclic GMP is synthesized by guanylyl cyclase. Starling also found that an acid activated enzyme is located on the membranes of red blood cells that mediate cell-cell signaling. Investigators later purified and cloned the enzyme, which is now known as phosphodiestherase 2. The enzyme is activated by H+ and inhibited by NO and purine nucleosides.
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    NO is synthesized in a series of four chemical reactions, catalyzed by three enzymes called nitric oxide synthases (NOS). cNOS has one polypeptide chain and is found in endothelial and neuronal tissues, where it is involved in the production of NO in response to a variety of physiological stimuli such


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    Misadventures of Laura Silver is a classic visual novel game. As always, you have a main protagonist named Laura and an optional one named Len. You wake up in a hospital and after a short while, you find yourself in Class 3. As soon as you get out of your hospital, you’ll have to take a journey to find your best friend, Len. You must make your way through a school system, with a mix of sidequest and actual story.
    “The constant changes in gameplay and story keep things fresh. I was surprised how much things changed throughout this game.”
    The Overpowered Noobs
    What Will You Meet On Your Journey?
    Besides Len, you’ll also meet some other characters. Your first will be Laura’s high school teacher, who I always disliked. You’ll meet more characters throughout the game, like the secretary, the gym teacher, the principal, Laura’s cousin, Len’s father, and even a teacher during one sidequest.
    Throughout your journey, there will be some variety in sidequest. You’ll have to run around the school and gather some items (most of which are of the cat kind) and use them to find specific things, such as signatures, notes from a certain teacher, or even answer some riddles. This will include a sidequest where you’ll have to deal with Mr. Baker, the school bully. He’ll be a loud and annoying annoyance throughout the game. His laugh will get on your nerves, and you’ll often run away from him, only to run into him again.
    “The plot is interesting, adding a touch of intrigue along the way. Misadventures of Laura Silver: Chapter 1 is a nice addition to the visual novel genre.”
    The Overpowered Noobs
    “The combination of humorous dialogue, funny dialogue bubbles, and cute cuties is a great idea.”
    Rolling Nerd
    “The graphics are nice, and the audio is decent. It would have been nice if the game didn’t have a time limit, but the extra stories, added sidequests and some cute characters make up for that.”
    Nicer Games
    Will You Be Able To Finish It?
    Answers to the main story, or the Extra Stories, are based on a key. One of the students will give you the key, and it may be different depending on which route you took through the game. Remember, no spoilers here. You will definitely find out after finishing the main story


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    Incremental typing just got better. The gameplay is exactly the same as Typing Hero, but now you don’t get one letter at a time! You will have to type the entire word. The way to do this is by filling the word with letters from the keyboard as you go. When you type a certain letter, it will be stuck on the screen. It is your job to type the entire word without getting it stuck. If it gets stuck, you will have to start at the beginning.
    Players of all ages will have hours of fun in this new addition to the Typing Hero series!
    – A Bluetooth Keyboard.
    – A Computer with Bluetooth.
    – A computer you can get to connect to your keyboard.
    – Internet access.
    – Download of the game (From the App store or Google play).
    Typing Incremental Links:


    – If you are reading this then you have probably already typed an entire word. Would you like to earn money from it? Typing Incremental is about to make your life easier!
    Download typing hero
    Download typing hero

    – More from Puzzletomy

    Typing Incremental by Puzzletomy
    is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

    Do you want to write a book about feelings? It’s the greatest stress breaker of all! Typing Feelings, a new game by Puzzletomy, teaches you how to type out the most used feelings in English. With


    What’s new:


    If you are serious about your paintball game, then you have probably discovered the benefits of the 707. The 707 revolutionized the modern paintball landscape and it continues to do so. The latest feature of the 707 helps you capture photos with incredible detail and pin-point focus, while the ergonomic design of the 707 makes for a great all-around shooter.

    Get the most from the 707 with this helpful paintball accessory review.

    Build Quality

    We’re confident that this is a durable product that won’t break apart in less than a year. This is a build quality lens like the Rio’s. It feels very solid, the lens is thick and with no plastic casing. You would expect to pay more for this lens, but you’re paying significantly less for it. It is made in Japan and is the most common lens you’ll find available. Your money is going to make this product last. The size and position of the foam grip makes it the perfect fit and easy to use while shooting.


    We’re impressed with the many features of the 707. The rear focus wheel allows you to move the photos you take with incredible precision, perfect for close-up shots. The adjustable focus wheel keeps the lens focused on your targets while delivering a lot of versatility. You also get that oddball name filter wheel, it’s a fun feature for player and non-player alike.



    Q: What is the 707?
    A: The 707 replacement lens is an exact copy of the original official replacement lens for the Rio Repro. It’s a one-piece lens with a static filter wheel. The 707 is a great paintball product, it’s just not an official lens.

    Q: What is it made of?
    A: The lens is made of high-quality optics glass, similar to the lenses found in high-end cameras. The entire lens is designed to remain very steady during periods of intense shooting.

    Q: Will it break?
    A: No. It is designed to be durable. This lens is made in Japan and is the most common type of lens on the market.

    Q: How does it compare to other lenses?
    A: There are no other lenses on the market that produce such high quality photo and video that are easy to use and understand.


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    Mad Robots is a game for a new breed of videogame musician.
    Instead of playing music, you’ll be interacting with the game in ways that boost the experience, create surprises, and make the game even more fun to play.
    You’ll get to be in the ‘A’ seat – playing and making music that really adds to the game experience.
    To make those fun elements happen, we were fortunate to be able to work with a small, talented group of creative professionals.
    We’re combining the latest in game development techniques, designed and programmed by a small but growing team of ex-musicians.
    We’ve put together a strong production team (the 13th I believe), a music team with a wide variety of instruments and a technical team with a great dose of game experience.
    We’re hoping to open up new creative opportunities, and we’re going to combine all of these different elements to create a unique and memorable experience that gets under the skin, creating a stronger bond between the game and the player.
    We’re looking forward to challenging your sense of rhythm, your ability to hear the world around you, and how your actions interact with the music to create a wholly new way to share music with other people.
    We can’t wait to share it with you.Stacy London and Akai Gurley arrested for Bronx home invasion

    Tuesday, February 20, 2010

    NYPD officers make arrests in Bronx home invasion

    NEW YORK (CNN/Money) — Two men have been arrested for allegedly entering the home of “American Idol” finalist Akai Gurley in the Bronx and assaulting the 20-year-old singer, officials said.

    Isaiah Parker, 31, and Stacy London, 33, were taken into custody early Tuesday. Police said they had turned themselves in and were awaiting arraignment.

    Parker, a New York state corrections officer, was arrested on charges of first-degree burglary, and unlawful possession of a weapon, police said.

    London, a former “American Idol” contestant, has been charged with burglary, grand larceny, and a misdemeanor.

    Gurley’s father, Nicholas, told CNN’s Don Lemon that the two men had robbed his son. He said his son came home to find the men in his bedroom.

    “When he opened the door, there was a box cutter on the floor,” Nicholas Gurley said.


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    What is the box office at your local cinema? If it’s been around for a long time, you may remember that in the days of VHS and Betamax, before the era of digital movies, movies were often being rented and purchased in a box office on a reeled-up tape.
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