Name Tiger Tank 59 Ⅰ A-Gun MP061
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Set in an alternate universe where humanity has gone extinct, the player assumes the role of a vessel that has lost its soul and is looking to gain a new one. In its search, it finds itself being tossed into the care of an immortal being who informs the player that if they aid it in its quest, it will release them from its care. With no other option, the player must fight through, and defeat wave after wave of enemies in a prison full of undead who have arisen after humanity’s extinction.
Managing a vessel is an interesting challenge for a rogue-lite game and Void Soul Awakening aims to highlight the trials and tribulations of a new player. To do so, it will throw you into a prison full of undead of varying levels of strength and the objective is to defeat them all. While the game features procedurally generated levels, this does not remove the sense of playstyle as you can modify the game by selecting the weapons and upgrades you find along your way. With each run, you have a limited amount of lives so find a way to improve your abilities in order to make it through the dungeon. You will be armed with a wide variety of weapons, talismans, and power-ups that will allow you to adapt your playstyle each time and be the boss of the prison.
For the more hardcore player, this has been designed so that even if you fail to progress on your first run, there is always a way to learn from your mistakes and apply them to the next run. Along with the varied weapon and upgrades each run, all dungeons are also procedurally generated so no run is the same! You can expect to progress through the first handful of dungeons, experience some difficulty, and know exactly how the game will play out when you go back to try again. Along with procedurally generated dungeons, the order will also be randomly selected each time, guaranteeing that no run is the same!
The game does feature the usual options, such as the gamepad controls and the ability to toggle things like your weapon and upgrades, lights, and more. However, the game is geared towards fully optimized PC (or Mac) users with a 60Hz display, and therefore, there is not a dedicated user interface.
– PvP: Invite a friend to participate in the game via Steam or match-making.
– Battle Royale: Have a best-of-3 match between 2 players.
– Duel Mode: Have a best-of-3 match between 2 players with a focus


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