Developed by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League

Published by Iceberg Interactive Ltd

Released 23rd May 2016

Available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

What is Tequila Sunrise:

Tequila Sunrise is a new game from J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. Tequila Sunrise is a classic arcade title with elements of retro gaming in an original story of an alcoholic and a detective who must stop a criminal from pillaging a shipment of alcoholic beverage.

Tequila Sunrise is the third game from J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and the first to be released for the PS4.

The game is based on the best selling Spanish drink, Tequila Sunrise. The original has inspired artists and all around history throughout the years.

The fun levels come from a plethora of challenges to overcome to get the highest score possible, which will be the only way you can get to the end of the game. Along your journey, you’ll face plenty of obstacles and enemies to overcome and through the game, you’ll get to know the history behind Tequila Sunrise.

Bizarre and fun, this game is full of secrets, hidden levels and challenges to beat.

Graphics and Visuals:

The visuals and animation of Tequila Sunrise are very lush, with very nice visuals for the game. The PS4 edition will also feature some alternative background themes for those who want a more unique style.

The way the game is set up and the story is told is very well done and well thought out, it’s easy to see why it is a classic drink. The characters and enemies come to life, they look great in a pixel art style and they look as if they are walking through a real place.


When it comes to gameplay, there are both single player and multiplayer options. In the single player missions, you will be able to play any of the multiple difficulties of the game, which range from easy to hard.

Every level is fun and challenging, bringing you closer to the end of the game. As each level comes to a close you’ll be presented with a “Finish Them All” objective, which is an all or nothing endeavor, in which if you get an easy point you will unlock a bonus in the game.

The game


Features Key:

  • German
  • C&C3&E battle
  • 4 fully localized missions
  • 2 operation modes
  • Command options to be adapted to the NDRE
  • Modern day and Soviet era based defense models
  • No Bushi trees

About this DLC

  • This DLC is for the Germans in the game. The map is entirely new (different environment, units and buildings). It replaces M48A1 Patton with an exclusive version with lots of new units and many other re-skinned and re-textured units like the Napoleon DIV2B, Grizzly FV4202c, French FV4202c, Panther G 42, Panther V, Leopard 1A6 and many others.
  • Tanes own way of combining engineering and combat was born here. They are unit types that have no vehicle with which the engineer could be mounted. But they can also be used effectively as fully fledged units in the combat. This is done by simply reducing the combat capabilities. The re-skinned units are easy in combat and they can easily destroy opposition units without too much risk.
  • The Federal National Redoubt is always a real challenge for the Americans. With this DLC we are in the sense of closing the one door, but the opening in to the one of the two rooms. So first, the map has a map generator. The generator creates the terrain itself so you only need to place the buildings you want on the map. The seams are invisible so this way you can choose for yourself, in which way you want the layout to look like.
  • The missions are a variant of the old showdown game. We have four new tasks. To complete missions one will require more troops than on other maps. This allows us to hit us with an army of efficient and speedy units with little troop numbers. So its more of a German, but with the reward of the Americans.


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In the future, every player has lost consciousness and entered the VR fantasy world, where he or she can’t distinguish between reality and illusion!

The advanced VR technology provides each player the perfect imitation environment of their own dreams, where they can communicate with each other, experience each other’s action by means of telepathy, and live in a mysterious world full of mysteries.

In this universe, you are the most powerful person, and you change the world. You can experience various emotions, converse, and make choices. The VR world is where dreams and reality collide.

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What is Dragalia Lost:

Dragalia Lost is an action RPG with an unparalleled immersive experience. The game world has been immeasurably expanded. With the help of the Infinite Caster, you can go on an adventure in a spectacular world, where every place and every time have their own story and atmosphere.

When you embark on the journey, you have to master magic, combat, and strategic skills. Uncover new stories by controlling the main characters, and overcome vast opponents.

What’s New:

1. Dragalia Lost Upgrade version 1.07

Detailed Improvements:

1.1. Apply changes to ground and sky scenes

1.2.Fix the issue when an error message displays when a certain operation is completed.

1.3.Fix the issue when the number of gold and items in the money box does not match.

1.4.Improve the experience of running away in the battle area.

1.5.Fix the issue of loading the next area before the previous area is completely cleared.

1.6.Fix the issue of issues with the character picture when changing profile pictures.

1.7.Fix the issue when the preparation menu appears while you are in the process of choosing up to 7 characters in the customization menu.

1.8.Update the project version to


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What’s new in Torque Drift – AE86 Tofu:

and Fashion


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Remember When Your Mom Used to Tell You What to Wear? “Don’t wear this. You’ll look like you didn’t get dressed.” “You can’t have your hair like that. Your head will be cut off by your barber.” “Those shoes are too big and will make you look like you have a swollen foot.” Please note that this was 10 years ago. Would you do anything your mom said? I wouldn’t. I wear whatever my heart desires, what I feel in my heart, and preferably color block-ify it!

So you ask what color blocking is? And that’s pretty easy. By what color are you shading your eyes against, or that you’re shading against? For example, your eye shadow colors could be black and white with a very soft hint of a warm shade.

Now that you know the lingo of color blocking I’m sure you’re wondering when you’re going to get to the fun part. Yes, the pinching of the nose and the eyes with the blending of eyes, lips, and cheeks. Color blocking is something everyone can do, and for the goal of this week, TRICK!!!

Color blocking is a very popular and trendy trend at the moment. I see a lot of color blocked looks in magazines and also in personal collections. We can make it even more fun by adding fashion colors like rose gold, green, gray, pistachio, and a glowing yellow to our favorite colors. Nothing is out of the question with color blocking. There is a little help in the cover up department too! Use a black tube with a sheer white top that’s lined with black. You need to fix the eyes and lips according to your skin tone-ish color as well.

THE PINCH: This is the trickiest part and I’m going to share mine. There is no wrong way to do this, but I felt I wanted to explain it briefly. Start at the corner of your eye and pin your eye shadow exactly on the corner of your eyes. Be careful not to cover the entire eye with color. The border of the eye should be only a quarter of an inch long.

Now do the same with the other eye. If you want to enhance that corner even more- make sure your eye shadow is


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Train’em is an upcoming online open world game, where you can explore an open world with up to 20 companions and hundreds of unique creatures, train your creatures to become the very best & defeat your rivals. Train’em is a Sci-fi creature-collection game where you compete with other players online, defeat monsters & challenge champions to become the master of your own region.
Each region has a well developed map with a theme and a story. As you explore the land and defeat monsters, you will gain experience and unlock new companions. The game features real time combat and can be played in single player, or with up to 4 players online via multiple mode, including versus and cooperative modes. Train’em will also feature a Tournament system where players can challenge each other in a series of difficult battles to become the champion of the region.


Since the OP mentions no game engine, I assume they mean a game developed using javascript, along the lines of HTML5 – The Game Engine – but not necessarily for multiple browsers.
There are quite a few options, some of which are listed below. If you are interested in using Javascript for video games, there are lots of sites with tutorials. Also, there’s quite a bit of public domain game engine documentation available, with some open source examples, that you can likely adapt to your own game.
Game Maker Studio
Game Maker Studio (GMS) is a free and open source platform to develop games, published by its original developer Game Maker – the first cross platform game development tool, with a 3D game engine. GMS uses C++ for the main programming language, and some examples are shown here. A lot of the power of the engine comes from the code – 2 years ago, even GMS was very limited for non-3D games, but newer versions, such as GMS 8.x, have a lot of libraries that simplify many common tasks, such as 2D/3D drawing, physics and animations. Some features, like a level editor, are free, but most of the other features, like documentation, are not. The engine code is open source, so you can make plugins for it. I’ve used it to make a single player 3D fighter game.
Unity Web Player
Unity Web Player is a free 3D game engine, distributed as part of Unity 5. It’s focused on 2D, but does have some 3D functionality. It has a very active community, and is


How To Crack:

  • Please make sure you have latest Microsoft.Net Framework version
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    • Under "Select the install directory for the DirectX 9 game" option, select your "C:" Drives
    • Click "Go" and then "OK"
  • Prepare your mouse
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System Requirements For Torque Drift – AE86 Tofu:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (64 bit OS)
Mac OS X 10.8.4 or higher
Steam account (free)
Internet connection
As some of you might know, only a month ago we released the Beta version of Humble World 3, and as many of you have been asking for it, we’ve decided to release the game to everyone.
This also means that we’re going to be regularly releasing patches for the game to address the problems that players might be experiencing. To make it easy