★ 2D Action Adventure Game
? Graphics are all simple but eye-catching.
? The environment is stunning and colorful.
? The game is an orthodox 2D Platform Action Adventure Game. In this game, you will run through the huge scenes, eliminate all enemies, rescue chicks from the distance.
The boss of the game is Furious Eagle. Because this game is not about killing, but a struggle to rescue chicks, defeating the bosses will not damage the game world, and the beasts need to be killed at a certain limit. Therefore, they are more powerful than other enemies. The boss enmity and number is in inverse proportion to their vulnerability. Defeating Furious Eagle with a full SP, an empty heart, and a full health bottle, player will have a lot of fun in the game.
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Features Key:

  • Rich and cinematic story-driven campaign with no loading screens.
  • Engaging and dynamic turn-based turn-based combat set in a post-apocalyptic Nordic world.
  • Innovative and intuitive control schemes with gamepad support and a mouse and keyboard.
  • Deep RPG-like character system with several endings and a story-developing sequence.
  • A wide variety of weapons and items – be it kitchen knives, dynamite, or a lever arm you really get to be an ingame mayor with all kinds of stuff.
  • 3 difficulty settings making the game accessible for players at all levels.
  • A battle guitar plug-in that caters to the hardcore gamer.
  • A menu for easy management of your characters and their items.
  • Automatic level selection for the campaign and between matches for the battle.
  • Ad-hoc multiplayer out of the box – no server configuration needed.
  • Changes to the game mechanics based on player feedback.


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Ceoreparque and Miusaki are two new characters from the world of ‘Alicianrone’. Both come with new Hyper Cards for use in the game. Play the new campaign to get to know the characters better.Then try the online game mode Death Match or try your luck at winning the Hyper Card Draw!// (C) Copyright 2012 Vicente J. Botet Escriba
// Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (See
// accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at




namespace boost
typedef ::boost::detail::win32::HANDLE __boost_is_lockable;
typedef ::boost::detail::scoped_enum_emulation::type __boost_is_lockable;
//Is the handles type _is_lockable defined in win32.h?

// Is the handle type _is_lockable defined in win32.h?
is_lockable = __boost_is_lockable::is_lockable,
is_lockable_with_shared_ptr = __boost_is_lockable::is_lockable


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A battle system that allows you to set the parameter of each party member.
You can adjust each character’s work rate and attack power to your liking by setting the position of the party member you designate as the PC, and you can also set the difficulty of the battle.
You can create many types of battle with accessories that can be equipped to the party members, and when you defeat a boss, you can receive rewards.
Dragon Ball Xenoverse2 has a stage that allows you to play against the CPU on the cloud. “ACCESSORIES” can be set as an “SLOT”, and you can enjoy playing an infinite number of different games.
The game includes the “SLOT” created by the DLC “ACCESSORIES”, and when you defeat a boss, you can obtain a large number of rewards.
4. Dragon Ball Xenoverse2 official site:
5. Nintendo eShop:
6. Youtube Channel “NissanNendyo”

Not a Green Heart Angel Ring?

▼For those who do not have the DLC Green Heart Angel Ring for the game, a new type of accessory will also be added, the Dragon Suit, which fits the shape of the body of the female heroes. I hereby wish to accompany the female heroes with an additional accessory!▼
*In order to apply this accessory to a female hero, you need to first have the DLC Green Heart Angel Ring installed to obtain the item that can be applied.

New DLCs includes the character, Neptune!

▼For the demo version, Neptune’s Dream Story: Twin Heroes was included as a bonus item.

A hero that can protect her homeland from harm.

▼During the game, you can cast special attack in order to move to the next stage with a special attack that displays the “green energy” that suits her name, and the game also features a battle system where players are able to change the stat of the character you design.

▼Neptune’s Dream Story: Twin Heroes was packaged with the demo version.


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