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A tricky new game with jigsaw puzzles filled with adventure, action and… magic!

To live is to play. Welcome to a world full of games. Every day is a competition, because there are people and animals all around you. You need to play because you have to live. But let’s say you want to play without competing…

All you need is a hand… “Jigsaw Puzzle – Jack and the Beanstalk” is a challenging puzzle game featuring a unique puzzle design with a hand-drawn art style and pixelated camera.

An astonishing world awaits you with over 100 puzzles.

To find a solution, you need to connect the cards with the objects from the game. You need to do that by following the routes which the objects lead to.

There are over 100 puzzles with different scenery and challenges. While the puzzles with non-animated sprites are easier for beginners, the ones with animations will be more difficult.

Join Jack and the giant beanstalk, meet the characters and enjoy 100 hours of gameplay!Get your fix of the movie “The Great Beauty” with a soundtrack featuring Robyn’s 2015 single “Call Your Girlfriend” and Patti Smith’s touching ode to William Blake’s “The Little Prince.”

Listen to “The Little Prince” in full below as well as all the songs on the album.

Also check out the Black Keys’ Keys N Krates mix of Robyn’s “Body Talk.”

The album is due out March 24.Q:

How do you use RubyDoc with a Subproject?

In my project I have a subproject called mongoid. In mongoid I have a mongoid.rb file which contains the class Mongoid::Document
I want to be able to use the class defined in this file in the class Rails::Application. This is what I currently have

class Rails::Application
class Environment

def self.environment
@environment ||= config.setting(:environment)

class Mongoid
def self.document
@document ||=

class Document
def initialize


2D Platformer GAME (Toy Factory) Features Key:

  • Make your own cycles in this city building game
  • Develop your own cycle factory
  • Build the greatest machine of all time
  • Customize your workshop with luxury and unique features

What’s new in 1.0:

  • Addictive cycle factory building game
  • General improvements and bug fixing
  • Events, more machines and more bonuses – cycle Factory

Mold this liquid metal to a turbine, a piston or any other machine. Choose from an impressive variety of parts that you can order by clicking buttons and placing them where you want. Your goal is to create the biggest or most numerous machines possible. But watch out – this might get you addicted. – hit the road!

With our hit tower game, you can build your own cycle factory. Games sometimes give me the feeling that the last third was written by two or three different people. I love how the game mechanic is so flexible that it can be used in lots of different ways: You can create an exciting runner, a unique block tower or a challenging dozer game. The game opens up many different game modes which are ready for players of all skill levels. This includes modes where you get a tile advantage as you race to build the highest tower or the ones where the player has to quickly get his drivers stuck in a rectangular block field.

Here you will find all of the other game modes:

  • Build your own race track
  • Build your own variety shop for parts
  • More branching game types / Sieges
  • A large variety of game settings


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The classic railway game finally arrives! Train Simulator 2013 gives you the chance to build and run your own railway company, and take responsibility for the running of your very own railway!
Train Simulator 2013 is not only a game, it is a virtual world you can play in. You can build your own station, operate your own signals, manage your own train timetables and interact with other players’ trains using the Train Control System.
You can use your new skills to run trains, set timetables and get scores on the Train Management System. If you have a website, you can even use your own database to manage your own business and passengers.
If your skills are good enough, you can even enter the Level 3 coaching league, which is a real challenge for the most dedicated players.
Train Simulator 2013 offers hundreds of vehicles to add to your railway, from shunting locomotives to freight wagons, passenger carriages and military vehicles. Whether you want to build a specialist line, a company town, a tourist line or simply run your trains from King’s Cross Station, Train Simulator 2013 has it all covered. The finished product is a highly detailed and highly playable railway – now you can be part of the action.

Key Features:

The industry-leading Train Control System (TCS) offers challenging and rewarding opportunities for the most dedicated and skilled players. The Train Management System provides an extensive array of objectives, both in-game and in relation to your website, making the TMS one of the most robust and detailed management systems in the business.

You can set your own timetables, run your trains and manage your station just as you wish. With Train Simulator 2013, you are no longer restricted by the game developers – you can have your very own railway!

There are many vehicles to add to your railway. Whether you want to run a heritage line, build a tourist line, work for a company town or even run a military operation, Train Simulator 2013 has it all!

Detailed mechanical trains, with a number of configurations including a variety of locomotives, hand-operated tools, passenger and freight carriages and track sections. It all adds up to the most immersive in-game experience yet.

Includes over 200 vehicles in five vehicle liveries, including BR Maroon, GWR Chocolate and Cream, and GWR Crimson, in addition to the BR Standard Golden Arrow as found in Britain.

You can create your own station and keep track of your own trains


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These are all the skins we found:
Gigantic Bubbaruka:
Pixelated Bubbaruka:
Golem Bubbaruka:
Giant Bubbaruka:
Battle Chariot Bubbaruka:
Battle Chariot Bubbaruka in a Giant Cloud:
Hawkeye Bubbaruka:

Top 10 AmazingFacts About The History Of Humanity – Top 10 Awesome Facts
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History of Mankind

History of Mankind is a 2012 documentary film that explores the natural and social history of human beings. In the introduction, film director Adam Curtis explains his interest in this topic and its relation to our present time:

History of Mankind () is a historical documentary film directed


What’s new in 2D Platformer GAME (Toy Factory):