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Fish Hunter vs Bandit: Best Online Multiplayer Fight Game
Fish Hunter vs Bandit is an Android multiplayer game with
objective of find the best fish in the sea. Which is the best
fish you have caught is up to your luck. This game has over
15 fish categories, it offers a huge experience in fishing
with real fish graphics and more than 60 fish species to
choose from!
Best features:
– Simple Controls
– Different Environment
– Smooth Gameplay
– Large Fish List with more than 60 species
– Smooth Gameplay
– Various species to catch
– Realistic fish graphics
– Smooth Gameplay
– Different water, rain, ice, fishing spot and night mode
– Fully navigable world
– Smooth Gameplay
– Smooth Gameplay

Hide & Go Fishing is the perfect game for outdoor lovers and
fishermen. Find great fish in the ocean to catch and enjoy the
game. The game features a total of 4 environments including
different weather conditions, 6 species of fish, and 20 levels.
Hide and Go Fishing is a game that you can have fun with, and
prepare you for the great game of fishing!
Best features:
– Advanced River3D engine
– Smooth Gameplay
– Smooth Gameplay
– Simple controls
– High-quality graphics
– Various terrains and fish species
– 20 Levels
– Friendly UI and environment
– Background music
– Great Gameplay
– How to play:
– You are standing on a boat/gigantic fishing boat.
– Use the left and right arrows to move forward.
– Use SPACE button to start the game.
– Aim your stick at the fish that you want to catch.
– You can either pop it or keep it.
– If you don’t like the current game difficulty, you can change it to another settings in the settings menu.
– Enjoy playing Hide and Go Fishing!

Like Hide & Go Fishing, this arcade game features
best fish in the sea to catch. Unlike Hide & Go Fishing, you
don’t have to have patience to find the best ones! Choose
among 6 species of fish to catch in 20 levels and enjoy the
Best Features:


Artificial Life – AI 2061 Features Key:

  • 4 player online co-op (head to head missions)
  • 2 player local campaign
  • Large-scale missions filled with challenging enemy activity & boss monsters.
  • 40+ puzzle levels
  • Use our game engine to make your own levels!
  • Cave Raider style gameplay
  • Editive character customization
  • 8 world maps, including 2 new entire worlds!
  • Enhanced audio with remixed tracks & sound effects
  • New & improved graphics; our best yet!
  • Widescreen support
  • The Secondbiers are preparing for war!


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The cute couple was tired of living together and decided to get a divorce. The lawyer decides how to split the fortune of the couple in the divorce case, which in fact, is a money
splitting game.
The lawyer uses other assets to calculate the assets that the assets belongs to a right person, instead of leaving the couple’s fortune in the hands of the court system. If you’re lucky you can keep everything, but if you’re not, you may have to share it with a new partner.
So be careful!

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Update 11/29/15

Version 2.0.1
Fixed a bug that caused game to be stuck when using the self-timer function.

Version 2.0
Preparation for the launch in Mac, Windows and Android systems!
Updated Newgrounds-style demo to be compatible with the most of the devices with Android 4.1 or higher.
Moved the description and the download link to the top menu.
Plus some other minor changes./*
* Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
* Licensed under the MIT License. See License.txt in the project root for
* license information.
* Code generated by Microsoft (R) AutoRest Code Generator.
* Changes may cause incorrect behavior and will be lost if the code is
* regenerated.

‘use strict’;

* Class representing a ErrorDetailsBaseResource.
class ErrorDetailsBaseResource {
* Create a ErrorDetailsBaseResource.
* @property {string} code The code which shows the error. This field is
* required.
* @property {string} [message] The message which explains the error. This
* field is optional.
constructor() {

* Defines the metadata of ErrorDetailsBaseResource
* @returns {object} metadata of ErrorDetailsBaseResource
mapper() {
return {
required: false,
serializedName: ‘ErrorDetailsBaseResource’,
type: {
name: ‘Composite’,


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Now available for the HTC Vive and Oculus Quest. Set in a modern day laboratory, you are given a series of tests to complete. Each test has a beginning and an end. Before the test can begin, it’s first necessary that you identify the weapon that the test will be using. There are three weapons, each more difficult than the previous. Once you’ve chosen the right weapon, the test begins. It’s up to you to complete the test within the specified time. If you fail a test, you must complete a step-by-step tutorial. The tutorial will take you through each aspect of the game, so that you may understand how to navigate the environment.Features:Selecting the correct weapon to use, and accurately completing a test in the designated time, can be very challenging.
The Mixed Reality Ready VR Game That Totally Makes You Feel Like You’re Dr. Strangelove When You Step Into It.
Praise of the Gods By Julius Caesar Youtube Video (Unbelievable)
Other Info If You Like To Learn More Please Visit My Site You Tube Channel:
The Crescent Moon Omen.
A YouTube song parody by the author.
Trafalgar Shipwreck By Scott & Kody.
A homage to the song from The Lobster by David Bowie.
The Battle By Scott & Kody.
Inspired by the song Battleship.
Rhythm Game Infinity By Scott & Kody.
Inspired by Guitar Hero.
Tahiti by Tom Tom.
Japanese song.
Evil Paradise By Van Leeuwen.
Inspired by the song Apocalyptica’s song from the album Drama.
All Songs Licensed To YouTube Audio Library.
The Narrow Corridor.
A parodic take on Mad World.
Project 7, (HQ Version) By Scott & Kody.
A homage to the 1987 movie.
Blue Sky by David Bowie.
Inspired by the song Free Fall.
The Rebellion By Scott & Kody.
Inspired by the story of David and Goliath.
Sin Bin by Van Leeuwen.
Inspired by the song Video Games by Dire Straits.
Little Hell By Scott & Kody.
A take on the song Hungry Like the Wolf.
Attack Of The Mutant Spider People By Scott & Kody.
Inspired by the song “Attack


What’s new:

A Sherlock-style mystery game for three to seven players. Ingredients are required, to be fulfilled in the following order: a mystery, a deduction, an investigation, and a conclusion.


a bag of equipment (spoilers)

a clear bag containing clues (Spoilers again)

a duffle bag containing deductions

a duffle bag containing reactions

a kettle for boiling water

an apple for marking each player’s progress


Each player is made a cup of tea and is left to puzzle away at their mystery and deductions for as long as they care to. By this time the bag of clues should have been started and the tea drunk but still fresh. Reactions should have been started and answers found and returned by post. Scrapbooks should have been compiled.


a string of coloured leather

paper or bamboo skewers with balls

gamesequence poster, preferably black and white

a bag of equipment

a box of hexomino

How to Play:

3 players:

1. The pack. Divide the string of leather between the 3 players. If shorter than desired, it can be cut with a box cutter.

2. The first part of the puzzle. There is one question per round. Begin with the player on your right, who is the fastest. Each question gives a clue to the location and retrieve the ball from the box. The first question should be first on the album and in black and white. The second player’s question should be in reverse. The third player should know how to separate a puzzle. The replies are in the following order:

A. The square of the floor
B. A piece of machinery
C. A small metal device
D. A crane in the distance (or present)
E. A hand waiting patiently
F. A pot of earth
G. The window frame
H. A piece of the equipment
I. A wall with blanks
J. An object on a shelf
K. A picture on the wall
L. A door of metal
M. A mirror or other reflective surface
N. The direction of the sun (if you’re British)

There should be a bag of equipment, and a small plant or flower pot with a seed in it.

3. The next part of the puzzle.


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Hi everybody! We’re CUBE VR and we’re very happy to bring you this all new content for CUR3D VR Steam Edition! With this new DLC, you can import your favorite VR scenes, characters, or objects into CUR3D and create awesome 360 degrees videos in VR. You will also get access to the iconic Superstar Omega figures in the game and two new 360° portraits, one for each character in the game. The CUR3D action in this content is in full motion. You will experience all the action on screen as you play the game; all the game physics and characters movement are fully imported into CUR3D. Once again, this DLC is a great addition to the game and a perfect way to experience it all again in VR!
As you know, with CUR3D we work in reference to the Unreal Engine 4 and animations with CUR3D are built with unreal asset files (.wrl). You can import your own animations or use the ones made by our game developers to create your own animations for your characters.
If you choose not to import your own models, you can import models from 3ds Max. The models that you can import are the ones that were designed for the game. Importing this kind of models is easy. You can see the importation process by following the instructions that you will find on the game’s Knowledge Base:
We’ve already created content in CUR3D that has already been published. To export those scenes, models, or objects you will have to choose “import scene” or “import character”.
If you like to play CUR3D using the VR headsets, you must choose “import content” instead of “import character”.
Before importing your own models, please contact us so we can help you with the following:
How to import your models:
– Create the file with.wrl extension (that’s the file format that CUR3D works with)
– Upload the file to Google Drive and make sure you can access the file from the original zip file
– Upload the file to Google Drive again and access the file through the file access link that you should find on the zip file.


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