It’s the year 2300 and a perfect dystopia has been built.
The majority of all living being is enslaved, while the elite few experience a life of leisure.
The game is created to explore this scenario with a mix of strategy, RPG and survival.
About The DeveloperThe Octagon Forge is a small indie game studio that’s officially formed in 2020, that creates the games I truly believe in.
My name is Zag and I’m the founder and CEO.
We combine the best of what I love with game development and the whole Octagon Forge team is dedicated to creating memorable experiences.
Our upcoming game beVaiR:
A transmedia game that promises to combine puzzles, story, music and illusion.
I believe that in the future, we’ll be living in a world full of entertainment and content, where everything works together seamlessly.
that’s why I want to create games that will impact our lives.
I want to create well-made experiences, that will take you to a completely new place, that will give you a lot of joy and give you memories that will stay with you.
The game is free to download.
Well, I want to thank you for checking out my video.
I hope you love it.
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COSMOPTIX was a web-based 3D environment that ran in a client-server mode. It supported the user-editable browser-based editing in three-dimensional space, as well as a realtime updating of the rendering process.

COSMOPTIX was launched in 2002. Its name was a reflection of the ambition to have a web-based solution for creating and visualizing very large data sets, from the integration of algorithms and spreadsheet concepts. COSMOPTIX supported not only 3D graphics, but also 2D graphics.

In 2012 COSMOPTIX was released as open source under the GNU General Public License. The complete source code and binaries are freely available from here.

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Features Key:

  • LED based game board
  • Available in 5 different colours
  • Includes 4 push buttons
  • Can detect a player’s Miuma move
  • Can detect Miuma’s moves
  • Miuma Game Instructions

    Move number 4 is a Miuma move.

    • As soon as you touch move number 4, the green LEDs on the game board will light up, meaning that you have completed your move in time.
    • Press the right button if the LEDs are green, and the left button if they are red.

    Miuma Game Scoring System

    If you successfully called Miuma’s moves, the colours of the LEDs on the game board will flash in sequence, from green to yellow to red, and then back to green again.
    You can match the colours of the LEDs:

    Green for a correct move, Yellow for an incorrect move, Red for not calling Miuma’s move at all, or for incorrectly calling a move!

    • Red when you touch the move when you should not have done so.
    • Yellow when you touched the move when there was still the perfect time to have called.
    • Green when you moved before the perfect time had elapsed.

    Miuma Game Score

    • Once you have used up 10 of the game board’s available moves, you will lose.
    • A correct Miuma call will increase the score by 0, while an incorrect call will decrease the score by 0.
    • Since Miuma is a computer game, a score of 0 will


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      Lucius II: The Son of Satan is a 3D action adventure game in which you play the role of the rebellious son of the devil. In this game you must prove your innocence and stop your father and the devil before they find you.

      Lucius II: The Son of Satan is a part of the Lucius series. It is set one year after the events that happened in the original Lucius II. You will be searching through five different levels for over 100 potential victims. The Evil God will send its minions to make sure you find them and kill them. You will need to use the same tools that you used in the original game to find and defeat the minions and the evil god.
      You can now explore a grandiose five storey Hospital and the small town of Ludlow. You can use to its strengths to evade from unwanted people and traps. All through the game you have the chance to choose your way of attack. With over 100 potential victims you will need to be extremely careful and do whatever it takes to survive.
      You will not be running from danger in this game. You will be running to face your enemies and find freedom and justice.


      You can use weapons and traps to kill your enemies in different ways. All weapons and traps are different and unique. You will always be able to choose your way of approach and weapons to use.
      But your choices don’t have an impact on the gameplay. You will find that you can make a killing even with just the bare hands.
      The story continues with the tale of Lucius. You have to prove your innocence or answer for the deaths you’ve made and why they had happened.


      Lucius II: The Son of Satan is a continuing of the story of the Lucius II.
      You play the role of a rebellious son of the devil and you must find a way to stop your father and the evil god before they find you.
      You are now one year after the events that happened in the original Lucius II. The evil god is very angry that your people have been hiding you. It has sent evil minions to make sure you find them and kill them.
      You have the opportunity to prove your innocence by finding the people responsible for your parents’ death and how your murders are linked to the evil god.
      Many people died as a result of your actions. You are determined to find the remaining victims. Now the time has come to pay for the sins you have done.


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      Welcome to “Welcome Home” Game

      In this game, you play a teacher who woke up one day in an unfamiliar and strange building and who went through a series of unknown events. You can save the friends you don’t know, but you’re alone and trapped in an unfamiliar place. How to escape? The five chapters of the story will be coming in the game. You can find out for yourself. 正在构建【阿姆斯特丹】【工程师】【词框标签栏】【神奇机器人】【写作史诗】【写作词汇】【语法调整】【语言调整】【变通中译】【英文】【中文】【简体】【繁体】【日本語】【法文】【乌语】【偶像】【真伪】【正法】【正比】【正白】【摸爷钱】【灾遥】【不吃鸭】【系统】【限费】【编码】【建议】【一起抽奖】【评价】【赌博】【出局】【演出】【修补】【测试】【兼容】【移动】【端口】【应用】【兼容】【APP】【商城】【兼容】【删灰】【限制】【检查】【体】【力】【兼容】【器具】【兼容】【灯】【灯下】【冷热】【消除】【危险】【


      What’s new:

      Oik 5 Sex Game

      You know what. Just call that bitch and be like, “We
      getting Oik 5 – DLC Oik 5 Sex Game It, you know what?
      It’s going on. We all niggas. You know, I know there
      gonna be some drama down because my other boy. We gon
      give a fuck! Is that motherfucker just going to sit
      there and party? Is he just going to sit there and
      just chill? Nigga, you know what? They got guns over
      there. They ain’t got nothin’. I got guns. Ask anybody
      that I know. Ask my boys. They all got guns. Ask my
      brother. Just ask anybody.

      I know you don’t want to fuck with us, nigga. We
      kick ass, nigga. We kick motherfucking ass, nigga. If
      the, you know. If you want the shit. If I hear, my
      other boy in the car got word that motherfuckers
      talking about shitting on me over here you know what
      I’m gonna. Just.

      What? Dude, I’m not gonna let you talk shit! If
      you ain’t got a gun, nigga, you know what I’m-I’m
      begging. I’m begging, nigga. I’m begging you.
      You gon lose a nigga, motherfucker! All right!
      Look at this nigga, see what he did? He was waddling
      back and forth telling me we breaking in the mother
      fucking Pookem house! We’re just gonna sit here like
      this. No guns, no gun, dick dick. Get the fuck out of

      If I hear you talking like that one more time, nigga,
      I’m about to get bruh and bruh.

      Shut the fuck up! Shut the fuck up, nigga. Fuck you
      and I know where we a fucking go. And I don’t give a
      fuck! Shut the fuck up! Aight! Point!

      We point at homeboy, point at homeboy. Point at
      homeboy. You got a gun? Yeah man! You see what I
      mean? You see, bro? Bro, I tell you what is going to

      Woman: Guess who got knocked up again?

      Berto: Well, I’m on


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      NiCO is a cross platform engine that is capable of real-time raytracing graphics rendering. NiCO is running at 60 frames per second on all platforms. A realtime raytracing of character rendering is achievable, and with NiCO, it is possible to create the next generation of characters in a 2D game engine.In Dead or Alive 6, harness the power of NiCO to create original character designs and even brand new characters.

      The powered up V-Moda Crossfade Wireless Headset is the ideal companion for your phone or tablet. Its fully customisable nature allows a range of face and head band options that not only suit your style, but also your lifestyle.

      Explore the app world!Mobile phone games with characters, scenery, and background music are available. These apps are not only fun but also educational. Free programmes, such as Google, are also available so your children can learn more about technology and the internet.

      Please make use of and review the content within the app world.

      App Features:1.DISCOVERY:Discover and check out other apps you may find interesting and useful.

      2.EASY CHAT:Chat, play games, or share details with friends.

      3.CIRCLE YOURSELF IN:Build your circle of best friends.

      4.CHERISH YOURSELF:Fill your circle of friends with photos and online avatars.

      5.THEY’RE ACTUALLY THERE:Invite friends into games and get rewarded with virtual items.

      6.HELLO CONVERSATION:Engage in casual chat, learn about others’ lifestyles, and find out more about them through news and events.

      7.GET PERSONAL:Send direct messages to friends, and keep in touch with your contacts regularly.

      We make mobile games for mobile phones.


      Please check the “Terms of Service” section on the bottom of the app, and read the Google Play terms and conditions.

      The chat function and photo filter are only available in certain countries.

      This app is available in countries where Google Play is accepted and is applicable to the use of the apps, etc. The services are provided from a


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      System Requirements:

      Apple Macintosh running on PowerPC G3, PowerPC G4 or PowerPC G5 systems or
      an Intel processor running on a Mac running on PowerPC hardware.
      Mac OS 8.5 or higher
      (For supported features to work correctly and render a correct file size, you must have at least Mac OS X Server 10.3.9 and Mac OS X Server installed)
      A Macintosh version of the Capture One 4.2.0 compatible digital SLR camera
      High-speed Internet connection.


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