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A reaction game where you become the hero that saves the day!
Posable Heroes is a game that asks YOU to animate the characters. Pose your character and press play to see how the new animation turns out. Keep adding poses until you create a full movie that solves the level.
Each level poses a challenge that you have to overcome. For this, you need to create animations that vary in length. From short and simple animations on the first levels to complex and long movies in the last levels.
Since you’ll be creating an entire animation, you’ll have complete control of which part of the movie you want to modify. Pause the movie at any point, and add a pose. A pose is just like a keyframe, so the character knows that it has to reach that pose in that specific moment.
After a pose has been created, move the character’s limbs to any position. You may go for stylish movements, ninja movements, or whatever works for you! When you pose the character a projection will let you know what will happen in the near future. Use that projection to find the right movement.
If you are happy with it, move on! You can add as many a poses as you need. All levels require you to build a full animation to solve them.
Control up to three characters at once collaborating to solve the levels.
Yes! I’m including the level editor I used for the game. So hopefully we can create a community that shares levels and challenges with each other.
Support the game on Patreon.
The GamePlaylist:
Game Tutorial – Here you can find links to the individual levels in the game. They can be played in any order, but I recommend you to start with the first one.
The Editor – Here you can download the level editor and get access to the sound and all scripts.
The Sound Track – My favourite song on this game is “We Are A Team” by athcaea. You can listen to this on
The Official Trailer –
Tip Jar – Every tip that you receive from watching the trailer is jingle free and goes straight to the developers:

Thank you so much for your support and your interest in my game!
Connect with me:


Features Key:

  • A gorgeous 3D game based on the SEGA ‘90s classic
  • Dynamic camera viewing that allows you to see your kingdom in different ways
  • Mulitplayer support for several players on the same screen
  • Easy to learn and play controls
  • Bonus levels with destructible terrain


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Adventure, Inc. is a multiplayer game being developed by The Amazing Beyond. You control a character who ventures into different worlds, collecting resources and battling hostile creatures to uncover the secrets of each planet’s past. We have many different character types, including an Elf, a Balrog, a Viking, a Magickal Woman, a Punk Rocker, and a Robot. There are also different creatures including a Dragon, Giant Devourer, Multi-horned God, Summoned Army, and more! A basic survival mode is also included for players who prefer to not use the Adventure system.

We hope you enjoy Adventure, Inc. and welcome your thoughts, feedback, and suggestions.


Welcome to the very strange world of Adventure, Inc!

You are a character in a giant world of adventures! Through the course of your life, you have played many incredible adventures, most of which you can’t remember! The core of the game are these adventures, the base around which the game is constructed. This is your only contact with the outside world, and from there, you are free to explore and engage with the world as you see fit. In the beginning, it is as though this world is a dream that you can easily wake up from. Over time, you slowly begin to realize that there are more and more different things going on around you, and you begin to figure out how everything works and what goes on. Eventually, you may begin to think of a world that you once lived in, though even that could be a lie!

Do you have what it takes to explore, collect, and defeat the greatest adventures in Adventure, Inc.?

Features FILED


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# Game Details:
PVP mode requires players to take part in a battle to the death, with up to 25 player for some of the missions.

# Game Style:
3D Action/Adventure.
Gameplay works in a 3D environment where you play a mage in a fantasy world.
# Stages:
3D environments where you will find hundreds of enemies and bosses. You need to explore it all while fighting the enemies.
# Game Modes:
* Pvp – Player versus player mode. You will need to fight against the other player to see who has the most points at the end.
* Coop – Player versus environment mode. You will have to collect and slay some awesome monsters in this mission.
* Survival – Are you ready to take on hordes of enemies (8 at once)? You will have to fight enemies for health and new mana to keep you alive.

Fight to survive! Start your adventure into unknown worlds and fight against massive hordes of enemies. Defend yourself with your sword as you protect your village. Use your magic powers wisely to take down the hordes of monsters and earn yourself some rewards.

You are a daredevil, but sometimes you need to stay in the safety of your home. Your world, where you must meet the nasty monsters and eat them for the hunger points, or the loot you can find on the fields. How you want to behave, but at least you need to have a fast way to reach the top, and kill the monsters, even if you die in the process of it.

# Game Details:
Player controls a single character, who can move left and right and attack by hitting the mouse button. Depending on the size of the area, the character has a different number of health points.
Bosses are the biggest enemies and once the player has defeated them, he can gain experience points and health, allowing the character to become stronger.
# Game Style:
2D RPG with focus on the battles, which you will need to face with the different bosses, until you reach the final boss. The battles are very fast and the epic feel is there, which will make you stay in the game for a long time.
# Game Modes:
* Single player – There is no difference in the game modes when you play through the single player mode.
* Local Multiplayer – You will have to fight with your friend, to defeat the enemy hordes. It makes you a


What’s new in Go Fetch!:


miner William has been mining for over 30 years, working his way from the smelting furnace to the fields of Germany’s “dream country” Westphalia.

We caught up with WDR VR’s newbie miner to get the low-down on everything from coal to monsters.

‘Personally, I’ve been doing it for over 30 years – I worked in my last mine as a smelter. In 1993 I started as a miner. I worked then for a coal mine in Ostfriesland and also in Ruhrort. When I began to transfer to another company in Westphalia, I worked in Calw. We then moved on to Würzburg, and since 2012 – the start of the new VR scenario – we’ve been in Bergwerkheim.’

VR-Sicher: How did you get into VR Mining?William: ‘I was the one who brought it into existence – with Karl Kreile as a co-founder. Karl had the experience in VR games, and he was the one who with me created a company for this project, called VR-GAMES. We also had the idea of creating a dream country! I said to Karl “I want to create a country in VR,” and that’s how it came into existence.’

VR-Sicher: That’s quite ambitious. How did you set about creating something like that?William: ‘First we built a world with assets and character models. We found a village, a couple of “buildings” and a miners’ barracks. We also found real-life structures, like roads and water sources. Our mission was not only to create this beautiful world, but also to make it accessible in a simple way.’

VR-Sicher: Describe the world you built in Bergwerkheim, how big is it and what does it look like?William: ‘Wormstetten, Wochenberg and the Bergwerkheim area make up the Bergwerkheim world. We built it completely from scratch and put in background objects like the river and mountains and bridges. You can currently step into the digital environment and explore Wormstetten and Westphalia.’

VR-Sicher: Can you spend time with your miners in the Bergwerkheim world?William: ‘Our miners have the possibility to explore


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“Dominus Galaxia” is a 4X space strategy game, set in the far future. The game focuses on trade and diplomacy while combat plays second fiddle.
The alien attackers are using wormhole technology to expand their sphere of control across the galaxy. They enslave the masses, while your board of planets (what else?) is your only shield against them.
Your job is to expand your holdings while discovering new trade routes, building outposts and constructing a thriving economy.
Your main choices revolve around three main components, “the Technology Tree”, “Colony Building” and “Diplomacy”.
“The Technology Tree” is the main map on which you’ll be investing your resources, and it will see you adapt your production facilities and research focus to the ever-changing conditions. There is an infinite number of technology choices, and you can research multiple techs at once.
Each technology allows you to build new research buildings, which in turn create new colonies or technologies.
“Colony Building” is a submenu in the galaxy map. Here you will construct the core of your empire. You have the option of starting off with a small core and then rapidly building up your population over time, or you may want to start off with a larger, more powerful core.
Finally “Diplomacy” is the submenu in the space map. Here you may form treaties with your neighboring planets, establish research treaties, increase your relationship with other races to gain bonuses and so on.
A dynamic galactic environment is something that helps separate this game from most others, but even with that, we are confident that you’ll enjoy the “War within the War”, the challenge of using diplomacy and trade to build the best empire you can.
A fully functional battle-reconstruction system, with an in-depth understanding of how that system operates.
Ability to pause at any time during a battle, and then continue where you left off.
The option to auto-resolve a battle after a number of turns. This greatly simplifies the final decision-making.
Ship design system, with an emphasis on practical ship-building and realism, which often leads to very novel designs that are still challenging to use.
AI versions of everything. The AI can often out-think you with its highly flexible tech tree, and has set-up of its relationships and planets to make that so.
Universe design is both highly flexible, and very deep. Conditions are


How To Install and Crack Go Fetch!:

  • Download (They are available for Windows, Mac & Linux)
  • Extract (Extract with WinRAR)
  • Run Setup

System Requirements For Go Fetch!:

Supported OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce G210 or AMD Radeon HD2900
Hard Drive: 50 GB HD Space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible with 256 MB VRAM
Peripherals: Keyboard and Mouse
Additional Requirements: DirectX 9.0c, C++ Compiler
Other Notes: Each map uses textures and effects at a maximum of 1.5x normal size. This adds approximately 150 MB of space to the overall size of the map. This


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