Pyre is a single-player adventure, role playing game with epic Gods and thrilling multiplayer battles.
As the Wanderer, you must defeat the Gods by earning their favor, assuming control of an army of Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Earth, each with its own set of abilities and unique battlefield strategies.
Your opponents are the Gods themselves. Each of them has their own style of play, and they will do anything they can to stop you.
From the fire and fury of the Inferno to the coldness of the glacial cold, to the gathering of the storm clouds and lightning from the Warp, every action has an effect in this destructive game.
Pyre is both challenging and rewarding for experienced players. New players will find themselves taken by surprise by the depth of the experience and the nuances of strategy.
Share your adventure on Steam, or complete your Pyre quest in person at the PAX West Indie Megabooth or at our PAX Prime Indie Game Showcase!
High-fidelity visual design and an epic soundtrack reminiscent of video games of olde combine with a deep combat experience to create a one-of-a-kind experience.
Pyre is a single-player RPG adventure game, with giant Gods and epic multiplayer battles. As the Wanderer, you must defeat the Gods and earn their favor by assuming control of an army of Fire, Ice, Thunder, and Earth, each with its own set of abilities and unique battlefield strategies.
Your opposition are the Gods themselves. Each will do anything they can to stop you, and sometimes they succeed…
Inferno: Your attacks are as much of a force as the surrounding air. Infernal powers are the sole domain of the Inferno God.
Warp: Powers lie dormant within the Warp, the realm from which all Gods are born. Wield your powers to manipulate and warp your enemies.
Gigantosaurus: The Titan of Destiny, Gigantosaurus’s mountain of a body can be a great asset in battle. The deeper the wound, the more the Titan growls in anger, allowing you to direct your powers deep into the earth to strengthen the monster or pull it to the ground.
Tempestuous: The God of storms, Tempestuous is a close companion to her brother, Hurricane. Together, their powers amplify each other’s.
Wyvern: The God of beasts, Wyvern is a close companion to her brother, Dreadfang. Together, their fire and speed makes Wyvern the perfect


Features Key:

  • Enjoy a Christmas puzzle by competing against the time clock to sort the following 17 letters into alphabetical order.
  • If you lose, please you can easily win again by choosing new puzzles on the screen.


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The Monster Dice Adventure features a unique dice-based concept that turns the game of D&D into something that’s no longer about a bunch of numbers but about a group of friends striving to survive in a real-world world.

The open world of Monster Dice is a place for adventure where people die a lot but are born again, and the good people of Monster Dice can be any monster you like: a wizard, a goblin, a troll, a hobgoblin, or a man-eating plant.

The Monster Dice Adventure features four solo campaigns and one epilogue, with more planned! Each campaign offers its own set of unique challenges, featuring six and eight player team rules.

Monsters are no longer helpless pawns or arcane weapon fodder, but they’re part of a personal story that you help shape and control – perhaps to your gain, perhaps to your downfall.

What People Are Saying:

“Monster Dice is incredibly fun and unlike anything else out there in tabletop gaming. The game has an open world setting that caters to multiple different styles of play, but it all still ties into the narrative. Playing it is probably the most fun I’ve had playing an RPG in a long time.” – Eric Valentine of Eurogamer

“Monster Dice is a fantastic example of how to do a modular style adventure game the right way. It has mechanics that encourage players to engage with the world on its own terms and it definitely stands up against a lot of the big name design like Shadow of the Colossus and Metal Gear Solid in terms of what it sets out to do. It’s my favourite game to date that I’ve played this year and I’d happily recommend it.” – Chris Stamper of The Quietus

“Monster Dice is the most fun I’ve had playing an RPG in quite a while.” – Chris Stamper of The Quietus

“Monster Dice is a lot of fun, it’s weird and quirky, and it delivers on a lot of what people wanted out of a tabletop game in this generation.” – Alex Walker of Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“What really sells the whole thing is that Monster Dice supports a wide variety of playstyles. If you’re really into player stories and like to do strategy-lite games, you can do that and play a two-player mini-campaign with your friends to just goof off. If you’re more a player of the story and want to roll with the punches, then you’ll have a


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This game contains a Sexual Content Warning:

This game contains images of violence, gore, blood, necrophilia, sexual gore, physical abuse, and disturbing images. Also, a married couple can play. This game also contains strong language, gore and occasionally strong language.

This game is not intended for children and is intended for adults, however, due to the mature content of this game, no one under the age of 18 should play this game. If you are under the age of 18, leave this website. You must agree to these terms in order to proceed.

-War never solves anything- The war will end when they come to the surface, no matter how long it takes.

You have already played with the previous version. This game is the next iteration of the familiar game.The aim of the game is that the players will have to fight against the zombies.In the future, the development team plans to add special items to the game. They will be able to hunt and kill the zombies. The game will also contain a lot of the available weapons. It is very important to know what kind of weapons are the most effective for each situation.Each soldier has a unique skill. The players need to know what kind of weapon fits for the situation. Each soldier has his unique weapon set. Even a different weapon can be a very effective weapon. You can choose which soldier you want to attack, and you will have to focus on this specific soldier.Although you can attack in many ways, the rules of the game require that all attacks are made with the right weapon. You will have to know the basics of each weapon. We will take care of the weapons you know very well, such as rifles. You will learn other kinds of weapons.The game will include new gameplay mechanics. The new game mechanics will help you to understand what kind of situations you will have to fight against. This game is still in beta stage, so we cannot guarantee that the game will be bug free.As the game evolves, new features are being added. The first step of the game is your turn.You will go back and forth. You can change the game rules by pressing 1,2,3 on the keyboard.The other hand, you can use a few items in the game. For example, you can open the list of weapons. If you want to use a weapon, you can select it and press [Space].You can also move around the battlefield. The battlefield is divided into squares


What’s new:

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Scourge of War: Waterloo is a historically accurate wargame of the Napoleonic Era. The campaign is set in the spring of 1815, with the French army under Napoleon Bonaparte retreating from France to fight the Coalition. Napoleon has destroyed the Army of the North and now the French armies are gathering to fight the Coalition forces.
With Scourge of War: Waterloo you can relive the battles of the Napoleonic era!
You will enjoy the same detailed and historically accurate maps and reinforcements that the best strategy games use: pay close attention to your forces and their actions and you will be able to enjoy the complete and engaging scope of the campaign.
In addition to the campaign, you will also enjoy the game as a standalone simulation of the war, and the two expansions that are included: Scourge of War: Quatre Bras and Scourge of War: Ligny.
The game contains the complete map of the Battle of Waterloo. The complete game campaigns is based on the original by Charles De Mossière.
The campaigns are set in France in the spring of 1815 and follow the further fate of the French Grande Armee after the escape from the Army of the North and the event of Waterloo.
The game contains six scenarios:
Scenario 1: Campaign for the reoccupation of France after the first campaign
Scenario 2: Campaign for the reoccupation of Europe after the second campaign
Scenario 3: Campaign for the reoccupation of France after the second campaign
Scenario 4: Campaign for the reoccupation of Europe after the second campaign
Scenario 5: Campaign for the reoccupation of France after the second campaign
Scenario 6: Campaign for the reoccupation of Europe after the second campaign
– A total of 5 maps: Mont St Jean, La Haye Sainte, Plancenoit, La Haye and Brussels
– A total of 8 scenarios: Mont St Jean, Plancenoit, La Haye, Mont St Jean, La Haye Sainte, La Haye, La Haye Sainte, Brussels
– The counters and the map are fully customizable and all production buildings are separated on the cards
– Additional info on historical sites
– Battle of Ligny card included
– A variety of information on siege warfare and objects necessary to play the game: siege equipment cards, cards for city control, cards for the organisation of artillery during the siege or in camp and cards for commanding siege artillery
– A


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    1. Connect your Portal with PC Using Your 4K Display Then Enjoy Playing Critical Mess on 4K Desktop
      -Important If you don’t have 4K Displays then DOWNLOAD 4K DOWNLOADER APP FROM YOUR CELLULAR and use it as CABLE TV or DIGITAL PLUG IN TV
    2. It’s highly recommended to Install URBANMISSION: 2014 Using SQLITE 3.4.20 on Your PC because it allows to change graphics mode and resolutions.
      -Run URBANMISSION as Admin
      -Run Both Patch and Install URBANMISSION
    3. Setup TCP/IP to make LAN Connection Click APPLY then Select LAN if there isn’t any
    4. Turn on your LAN adapter and Follow the Instructions given to you with your Computer Device

    Make sure your Exist these things before install game:

    • USB Driver



    System Requirements:

    Stunning game with a fair amount of content, good visuals and gameplay mechanics.
    It runs on lower end machines as long as you have a decent, modern card.
    Recommended Cards:
    XFX Radeon R9 390
    GTX Titan X
    Here is the benchmark:
    Almost the same for gtx 970/980
    Performance under 60fps
    You have to figure out yourself why they bought all these machines.
    They could just get a new 3DTV with better resolution.
    But no


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