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Name Idle Champions – Prism the Rainbow Flumph Familiar Pack
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Turro 2022 is a racing game in an historical environment.
Compete your way through the most prestigious races in the world, from the Turin World Championship to Le Mans 24 Hours.
The ultra-realistic 3D engine and cutting-edge visual features guarantee an unforgettable experience.
One of the best racing games of the year is now available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.
– Test your car by selecting from a large selection of detailed vehicles.
– Your car offers you the protection required to brave certain environments, so choose the most appropriate vehicle for the race conditions.
– Can you master the race and its rules?
– It’s time to lose yourself in an ultra-realistic 3D engine.
– Compete in the most prestigious races in the world: Turin, Le Mans, Nürburgring, Silverstone, Monza, Bucharest, Austria, Barcelona, Montelimar and more.
– Be the fastest and win the fans’ hearts by completing the 7 events in Turin, Le Mans, Nürburgring, Silverstone, Monza, Bucharest, Austria and Barcelona.
– Racing sensations in a 3D realistic engine.
– Meet new opponents and use your cars’ interactive environments to its full extent.
– The more you play, the better the car’s feedbacks!
– Every part has its own form and function, so every event has its own rules.
– Your car will affect the many elements of the race: weather, spectators, cops and other cars.
– Earn points through great battles and new challenges.
– The game features two new challenges: Cup and Time-trial mode.
– In Turro you will know the familiar sensation of driving and racing.
– A change in the game’s mechanics and visual elements, a challenge.
– Test your driving skills and intelligence in an 8-axis movement simulator.
● A camera system will follow you.
● New this year, the race will be more challenging.
● An adaptive A.I. system will react to the difficulty of the races.
● A new and unusual crew design, the team from Turin.
● 7 unique visuals, each


Features Key:

  • Unfold and fold the game piece in two-two page book form
  • You can slide the two fold back to one page and then to two page again
  • Each leaf sheet has two ways to play the game (Fishy and Scenic)
  • Slide your fish between the two layers of the book to match the pictures. Don’t fold your fish over the top of the other fish!


I would recommend the following to access the magical qualities of the two fold, two play page book:

  • Hold and look through the two fold thing
  • Put onefold down
  • Start your game, you will only take a second
  • Leave the page down

Other Information

  • This example comes from one of my sister’s roommates who were familiar with the play games but had no clue about folding a book. They loved it and I made another twofold for myself. The two play page book is a lot of fun.
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This story is a huge labor of love for me and every time I hear how the community is involved in the discussions I want to bring to life the scenarios in this game and how the players are helping to turn them into a living and breathing world.I wrote the artwork almost two years ago, I wrote it for myself but then I decided to go ahead and release it. I wanted to try it and make sure I could.I am very pleased and proud of what we have achieved, I am very excited to see how the community will enjoy it and I hope it will support the game.The artbook has a game-specific design that makes it look fantastic and an opportunity to look at how the various locations have evolved over time.There are 2 gameplay videos that show how we developed the storyline and how the design evolved from the start. You can learn more about it here:

This is just an image I made for a dev diaries for the video game announcement. For the Remothered fan art contest which I ran on the Giant Mangoplay Facebook page this is my entry. The actual game will have a lot of influences from movies such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween.This piece of art is made on the ZBrush using a combination of sculpting and digital painting.For the first time I try to make a man in a lab with me. He is creepy but also sensitive. I could have use a more human figure but I think I like this one.I also like the idea of being sick of a man. This one is more nightmare related and I added eyes, a scar and mouth to the white form. I think the idea works perfectly and the texture was a bit challenging.I also made the mask and the white leather outfit from scratch. I think they look great and they help to portray the creature better. Here is the whole picture:

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What’s new in Idle Champions – Prism The Rainbow Flumph Familiar Pack:

    ach – 3.09

    From the author of the phenomenally popular Castles & Crusades series comes his next creation for Fantasy Grounds III! Introducing, the Town of Kalasach. Most Fantasy Grounds games were originally made on one of two systems: PFS or OD&D, and many players crave the compatibility between the two systems that have the RPG as their foundation. After a thorough look at the two systems, why not put them together and now you have a hybrid system?

    Now I am sure that some of you reading this have personal experience with Castles & Crusades in a mapless system, as did I, and are wanting compatibility with the same system used in the Castles & Crusades book. For others, it may be the philosophy of GOTO, as it was for myself: build a purely thematic setting which emphasizes history, drama, and the human element with technology playing an integral part, if at all. Castles & Crusades strives to inspire roleplaying and encourages non-spellcasters. It also encourages players to use all of their skills and abilities, which is why this setting is as much for the era as for the location. Don’t want to go medieval fantasy? That’s great too; this is a versatile system!

    Development Workflows

    The development workflow for this project was:

    Firstly, I tried to set the clock in a (re)production of history at 1366 AD (a.k.a. the Islamic Golden Age in Europe). This included being inspired by the Castles & Crusades setting (a good motivation I can add). Contrary to the setting, however, I did not want to go for an oriental setting, as simply translating a European setting doesn’t work well in a turn-based system such as Fantasy Grounds. I wanted a historical setting with a true “Post-Medieval” world, and I had no real world setting in mind. I was intrigued by the fact that, after the Soviet’s fall, the Middle East had been relatively stable for quite some time, and I wanted to do a setting which is “outside of time”. So, as I wanted to have a margin of error, I set my clock at 1366 AD, to make it clear what time period I was setting, yet accept some variation and leaving room for minor changes if needed. I set out to make a historical setting with any revisions as the *next* possible step.

    As this was my first fantasy setting for Fantasy Grounds


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    The game utilizes unique and innovative AI layered onto a primarily text based plot. The story is set in a dystopian world where the main player character is trying to escape the government. This plot is then used to provide the pretext for each of the thousands of unique dialog the NPC’s will have with you.
    There are 10 different NPC’s in the game. They will each have their own unique dialogue with the player character. Each NPC has a different background and a different position of importance within the story. Each NPC is made up of a unique set of dialog templates and thoughts. Every NPC is calculated separately from the main plot to make sure that they don’t interact with each other outside of the standard plot and keep the experience as unique as possible.
    The gameplay is split up into two parts. The first being a base plot which follows the main character. The second is the game play itself. The NPCs have their own independent and unique character built inside the game. The unique dialog design of each NPC and each of their thoughts can be programmed individually. The NPCs provide the story and act as the primary characters for the game. The player character has a limited amount of dialogue with the NPC’s of the user’s choice. The choices and dialog can be upgraded and modified for custom experience.
    The game uses a unique program design in Unity which allows for quick and easy development. It also uses a unique Neural Network framework specifically designed for Dialogue driven stories to create a random, flexible experience with unique dialogue.
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    In a world unlike any other, killing people to make money, gain power and steal abilities is the biggest thing in the big city. So when the city is cursed and the people start to die and no one knows why, it means that only the biggest, most powerful, most ruthless characters can help your friend. The biggest and most ruthless are superhumans, who are all too willing to help your friend.
    The game combines a series of procedurally generated city structures and areas with simple pixel graphics and game play that requires good reflexes and the


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