BFF or Die is a fast-paced action/puzzle game where a group of four friends, who are also close family, are being forced to play for their lives on a planet full of aliens and monsters.
Piece together the Blue, Yellow, Red and Green gems to navigate through alien environments and, of course, to fight off alien monsters while making sure your friends survive too!
• 100 levels in 3 different worlds
• 4 different worlds to discover
• Easy-to-learn controls
• Extensive Gamepad Support (XBOX 360, OUYA, PS3, PS4, 3DS, Gamepads that have Analog sticks)
• Works with TV and TV-like outputs (e.g. VGA, HDMI, RCA)
• Supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
Endless Modes and Bonus Levels
You are never alone in BFF or Die. The levels are unique each time you play, and there will be plenty of new levels to discover.
If you’ve already played to the end and unlocked the Endless Mode, you will also get additional bonus levels upon starting a new game! The bonus levels are included in the bonus levels pack.
HD Graphics & Amazing Soundtrack
Not only does BFF or Die look and sound amazing, but it also supports a wide variety of high-resolution displays (e.g. 1080p) and speakers (e.g. 5.1 surround). The music is arranged by the game’s composer, which is also how the levels are designed.
Share Your Game
The game can be shared and played with anyone across the globe! Pick up a copy on Steam, or through the BFF or Die website.
This unique game is available at:

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Love On Paper Features Key:

  • Original soundtrack.
  • In-game selections.
  • 2-4 hours of game-time.
  • 30 minutes of improvisation and creation.
  • Full PlayStation®2 version with PS®Audio™ with Replay mode.
  • XMB and Title Screen Notification.
  • Five new Orchestral Orchestral pieces, four new Electronic pieces,
    and two new Pop pieces.
  • New track for the Main Title Theme.


Love On Paper Free Download [Updated]

Long ago, before the Beginning of Time, the Gods gifted all of their creations with a powerful power. The Gods soon realized that their creations were becoming more and more powerful and feared that their creations might someday come to overthrow them. To prevent this from happening, the Gods devised a plan to destroy the power granted to their creations and thereby make them mortal, powerless, and forever weak. The Gods planned to do this by creating an infinite number of universes. Each new universe, though it would have the same rules as the previous one, would contain an all new set of infinite characters. Because the Gods could change the rules for each new universe, every character would be in an almost unique and never before seen position in that universe.
Unfortunately, due to an error, the Gods created an infinite number of universes. From that point on, all those universes existed in parallel and, as the Gods had predicted, every new universe came to contain its own set of unique characters, all of them destined to fight one another in a never-ending battle to determine who would become supreme ruler of the universe.
In that struggle, each new character was born virtually immortal and did not die until he had been defeated or had died of old age. As the fight dragged on and on into the future, the Gods realized that it was destined to end in a draw, because the infinite number of characters living in all those infinite universes all ended up being perfect copies of each other, each possessing identical abilities and identical weaknesses and strengths. And so, against all rational expectations, it happened that for all that time the characters, all of them alive at once, fought on and on in eternal combat, led by a single perfect leader. And in that battle, the Gods realized that the battle would never end and all characters, in their attempt to fulfill their destiny of battle, would follow the rule of violence, which is how humans live. They would not cease to exist, but they would spend the rest of their lives at war with their own kind and no other, by taking life against their will and even against their own instincts.
However, the Gods believed that, by restraining their power, the perfect leader of this war could show them what their ultimate weapon was: Infinity. The Gods were aware that if one perfect leader could conceive of a weapon that could destroy another perfect leader and all his followers, that weapon must have been to do with the power of infinity. The God, knowing that a perfect leader can never be born, ordered the beautiful woman, his mortal


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Tons of Characters;

Easy to learn;

Hard to master;

Easy to develop;

Encourage Players to Pardon themselves with the Help of their Best Friends

Achievement System;

Non-linear story;

Master will always feel the Pain;

Great characters and details;

Unique game/world design

What is different about this kind of game is that you play as a huge pirate ship and navigate through the oceans to find the source, where you will surely face thousands of other pirates, who all want your treasure. Who will you help, and who will you fight? The main character of the game, for example, is a poor young woman who wants to find her father; she is taking a journey with a merchant and a powerful pirate ship. This story is similar to the Odyssey; the main characters don’t have a written story, they are only known by the main developer.

What would you do if you were a real pirate on the high seas and you were alone, traveling in a pirate ship? Probably you’d try to be the captain. However, if you are a real pirate, you’d be the second, or third captain if you are the captain of a fleet, or you will be the mercenary, the armed conflict officer, or the blue shirt, and you will do what is necessary to win, from looting the loser, to stabbing the enemies in the back. You are in a land where you can customize your character, but you can also build your own pirate ship in the harbour and control every detail.

You can build your own ship by attaching to the ship you use a crane and pre-built modules and tanks. This can be done quickly and easily and as a result, you will have less risk in the long run. You can visit different islands scattered throughout the sea and they all contain enormous rewards, such as chests full of coins, gems, and treasures. You can even battle and get involved in skirmishes in the islands. If you are able to accomplish the task of finding and transporting the “Fon Vitae”, then you will be rewarded. When you find the legendary staff, you will receive a life-long supply of energy, speed and strength. The staff is smaller than a ship but you need it to “steer” through the islands and places you need to go. You can use it to search dungeons, which are


What’s new in Love On Paper: