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“Classic action gameplay that’s easy to master and stylistically quite a bit different than most of what you’re used to seeing.”
Steve Giombra ‏@RetroRacer3
“GoreScript is a fan made remake of the arcade classic ‘Garden Warfare’ and is reminiscent of the ‘Galaga Legions’ games.”
“GoreScript will take you back to the days when video games didn’t suck.”
Devindra Hardawar ‏@VulcanSniper
“GoreScript is nothing short of an homage to 8- and 16-bit Golden-age classics. It’s a miracle it took this long for one of this caliber to hit our screens, but when it does, it’s a truly rewarding experience.”
Cody Wilson ‏@CodyWWilson


Permissions and credits

Special thanks to the team at GoreScript: @RetroRacer3, @Death1916, and @Pixel42.

If you’re inspired by GoreScript and would like to, you can go ahead and buy the game from this webpage.

Game music

Soundtrack provided by Jeffrey Eno (JE)

A giant +5 to the developer:

GoreScript uses the FOSS Audio Format OGG VORBIS

Game credits

The game would not have been possible without the dedication of the following people: @Wychards7, @Tomimaru, @Bannanhead, @RetroRacer3, @Death1916, @Pixel42, @CodyWWilson, @VulcanSniper, @Slimzee, @Frogboy311, @GoreThaNal, @TheGoreman, @Dagles, @8ballad01, @Celofano, @Ions_AD, @JeffreyEno.

I would like to thank all of them for bringing the game to existence, and I wish them a long and happy life. They are all rock stars.

If you love the game and want more information about the development, please go to the following site:

Any feedback is very much appreciated.

Any additional track is welcome.

File Credit

GoreScript is


Features Key:

  • x: x is a number that will be used to replace the – in a link, such as:
  • X: this is HPC-based, and it can convert quite high poly scans into meshes
  • A: animation-ready
  • N: Normal Map (second highest resolution from the base image)
  • M: Diffuse Map
  • P: RGBA image
  • 3D: image that is a 3D paint for the model
  • C: color


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What’s new in Moonlit:


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    How To Crack Moonlit:

  • Direct Download.
  • Rar
  • GitHub Download.



01 – Aug 12 2019 Finished


Jan 6 2019Initial public release

Operating System

How To Install & Crack Game Air Strike:

  • Direct Download.
  • Rar
  • GitHub Download.



Dec 19 2018Early Release

Air Strike:

System Requirements For Moonlit:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / XP 64-bit / Vista 32-bit / XP 32-bit / Windows Vista and Windows XP SP3 are required
Windows 7 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / XP 64-bit / Vista 32-bit / XP 32-bit / Windows Vista and Windows XP SP3 are required Processor: Intel Core i5-4570 3.2GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 940 3.4GHz / Intel Core i3-2310 3.4GHz / AMD Phenom II X

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