Drunken Samurai is a 2D platformer where as a samurai you have to get some booze to keep the fun going. The drink-lover will stop at nothing! Kill opponents level by level and get your sake.
How To Play Drunken Samurai:
There are many ways to play this game, you can play it in three modes:
– Single player
– Local multiplayer
– Online multiplayer
To play in single player mode, select your character, then choose one of the three modes:
– Story mode:
– Single player game with a story that you control
– Random level:
– Levels designed by the creator of the game. This mode is activated by simply pressing F1 key
To play in local multiplayer mode, two players will play as a samurai.
In this mode, one player is the one who will have to control the movement of the samurai, the other is the one who controls the way to get his sake. Both will play at the same time from two different perspectives.
In online multiplayer mode, several samurai will play in a match. Like in local multiplayer, a player will be the one who controls the movement of the samurai, and the others will be the one who controls the way to get his sake.
About Häkkinen Games
Häkkinen Games is a Finnish game studio founded in February 2015 and located in Helsinki, Finland. The company specializes in 2D platform games, many of which are inspired by the whole world.
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Features Key:

  • One of THE fastest action RPG games of all times:
  • Challenging and addictive gameplay:
  • Kinda of a mix of an iPhone game (pretty hard to be precise)
  • Great big explosions!

    1. Download and install the demo version.
    2. Story focuses on our novice hero Genbie, who, accidentally, has now become a YOUNG sexy demon hunter and warrior.
    3. Beat up monsters and save others from the devil’s attacks.
    4. Win treasure to upgrade your weapons and shaman.

    What are the scenarios to play:

    Story mode: Adventure the World, exploration the caves and dungeons, participate in World wars as well as demonic invasions to gain treasure, survival the world, quest to beat the boss, pet the cat and so on.

    Challenge mode: MISSION IS TO SURVIVE FROM EACH SCENARIO THROUGHOUT ALL WORLD WARS! You have only 2 lives and you can only use 3 HEALS a day and a super BUFF to restore your health. Monster do not give you a break and your best STRENGTH will not help you when you are TIRED.

    6 world wars featured:

    1st world war: Save the world from the USA invaders.

    2nd world war: Save Japan from extraterrestrials from the USA

    3rd world war: Save Europe from the new American Union.

    4th world war: Save the world from a new American Union.

    5th world war: Save the world from the evil Chinese.

    6th world war: Save the world from the American Alliance troops.




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    The game is inspired by but not related to the game series ‘Kotaku In Action’ by David Segal & Matthew Turland.
    Blocks Must Fall! is a puzzle game created by me, Razvan Ionut. I am not related to the Kotaku team – although I do enjoy and look up to the game of the same name.
    Blocks Must Fall! is available for download on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.
    I do not endorse Kotaku nor Kotaku In Action. Please don’t hate me. ^^
    This video was made using Adobe Premiere CC and Windows 10 Pro.
    YouTube can be used to make videos, play games, find stuff, make a living and just for fun.
    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. No copyright intended.
    This is a game I made for the YouTube channel, Dizgratz’ Channel:

    This is my personal account and all my other games, that I made before:






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    If you can’t go fast enough, then dash.
    Main Features
    *Automatic speed
    *Jump on platforms
    *Ability to boost by collecting stars
    *Lava terrain and environment
    *Over 3 different worlds, 60+ Levels
    *Simple to play but Challenging
    *Online Leaderboards/Local Versus and Versus AI
    *Secret unlockables
    *Action Gameplay
    Kentucky Dash is a multiplayer platformer with local and online multiplayer. It’s quick and easy to play, but it’s hard to master.
    As a single player, you will race through 60+ levels over 3 worlds. Every level is set in a different location, each with different obstacles. Levels also have special “Secret Stages” which have new obstacles and extra modifiers.
    Your main goal is to finish the level in the fastest time while avoiding the lava terrain and obstacles. The game has an automatic speed system to keep you on your toes. That said, you can also increase your speed with a boost.
    In the local multiplayer versus mode, up to 4 players race to the end of the level while racing to collect the most stars. Top players will be ranked on the leaderboards. A local Versus AI mode will also be added in the future.
    If you are a controller player, Kentucky Dash supports Xbox controllers (XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PlayStation 4, Playstation VR, and more in the future).
    Kentucky Dash is also available on Steam. You can access the game on Steam, and our website. (Please note, local multiplayer games hosted on Steam will have a SteamPlay overlay on the game screen.)
    We hope you enjoy Kentucky Dash!

    Rocket Ninja Dash is a “Ninja Dash” twin-stick indie game that’s based on the classic arcade game “Mach Rider”. Controls are easy to pick up and intuitive to use.

    Four main characters each have their own unique set of moves that will allow you to deal with enemies in different ways. Your objective is to eliminate all the enemies within the time limit. * The game supports up to eight players.

    One of the game modes is a “King of the Hill” mode where you will need to eliminate your own enemies and then eliminate the enemies from your enemies.

    We hope you enjoy our Ninja Dash.

    Rocket Ninja Dash Features:

    * Nine different characters (eight in the future).

    * Simple controls with a twin-stick layout.


    What’s new:

    Someday there will be a book about this. It shouldn’t be long in coming. If you are reading this, you are either very brave or very thirsty for scandal.

    I have watched as my teenage daughter slowly succumbed to the values of her social peers. I’ve watched her hang out too much; I’ve watched her too many times listen to Amy Winehouse CDs to stomach. Recently she has taken to doing that thing that should have been beneath any person of middle school age, she smoked a “cigarette”. No, it wasn’t a cigarette or a joint or something that would have those deleterious effects. No, she was practicing something that she heard on television: more like what a Pop Star would do. Here are some things she said while I was willing her to stop: I have to get cool. That is what they say. And I won’t let anyone make me look like an out-of-it misfit. That is what I say. We smoke cigarettes and it is what teenagers do. We drive around at 70 mph and it is what teenagers do. We have petty arguments with each other and it is what teenagers do. So, growing a pair and thumbing your nose to the grownups are the things everyone does, especially if they have a knack for looking cool. It is also something my daughter does, and I have to admit: some of the things she says are so ridiculous that I am forced to think that she can’t get any more ridiculous than she is and she must have learned it from somewhere. What I liked when she was little was her sensitivity and her ability to share things that were too difficult for her and too painful to be shared with anyone else. Now, she seems so cruel in her earnestness that the people in her life will at some point realize that they have the real Candy in their midst. She may be bright and beautiful, but she is also ruthlessly sarcastic and will tell you where you need to go and what you should be, and like I said: she sees you not at that specific moment, but a few moments after.

    I won’t be around to see what will become of my daughter, but I’m on guard with her cell phone. When I get the first frantic call from Candy, she will have been caught out. She will be soaked in the shame that follows such a call, and the entire group of friends she hangs out with will be there to make sure she feels every degradation, every humiliation,


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    The game is new and its free DLC.
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    Release : September, 2017
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    Happy Rocket II is an action game in the fps genre with battle royale mode. The player will enjoy the intense excitement and entertainment. Battle Royale is a challenge for the two players of the game to enjoy the fun of fighting as soon as possible. Enjoy the action while you are in the battle. So enjoy the challenge and have fun. For more information on Happy Rocket, visit :

    Happy Rocket is a new and exciting game that makes you feel the thrill of being in the battle.
    This game is suitable for all ages and anyone who likes games like these can enjoy the game.
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    About Happy Rocket –
    Happy Rocket is an amazing game and the action continues to the next stage. The player is in the battle zone. This arena was created by the hard work of the developers. So, Enjoy this game to the maximum and reach the top of the game.
    Happy Rocket is the new action game in the genre of fps. Battle Royale is a challenge for the two players of the game to enjoy the fun of fighting as soon as possible.
    – Beautiful character.
    – Realistic battle.
    – Kid friendly game play.
    – Many gameplay modes.
    – Battle Royale Mode
    – Unique Weapons
    – Realistic weapon effects.
    Happy Rocket is the free app for mobile phones and tablets with the easy to play genre of the game that makes it possible for all ages.

    Play as THE BOSS, or play as a BOSS!!
    Control the powerful DX11 game engine for Xbox One, DualShock 4 and Windows Phone, featuring HD,


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    Additional Notes:
    All achievements, trophies, and other game features are unlocked by default in each mode, but there may be times when we ask you to go into an offline menu to access a feature we don’t want you to miss out on.
    Some of the trophies may


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