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URTUK is an open world, tactical turn-based RPG in a low-fantasy setting.
Guide your band of adventurers through the ruins of an ancient world. Recruit new followers, loot the corpses of your fallen foes, and do your best to survive in this harsh and unforgiving realm.Features
Survival RPG with focus on combat and open-world exploration in a dark fantasy setting
Turn-based, tactically rich combat on large maps, with multiple environmental factors and a carefully crafted class/skill system
Procedurally generated survival campaign
Extract character upgrades directly from your fallen enemies
All graphical assets are hand drawn, from characters, monsters and objects, to the world map and battlefieldsDynamic battles
Ram your enemies onto spikes or over high cliffs! Shield your allies and counterattack your enemies when they strike. Use your archers for ranged support while performing melee attacks. Or execute one of many possible combo attacks!
Ram your enemies into environmental hazards
Off you go!
Extract skills and traits from fallen enemies and apply them to your units! These custom abilities can totally change a character’s role in combat. Extracted abilities include pushing the enemy on a critical hit, retaliating when being hit, avoiding a lethal strike, and performing a lifestealing counterattack against your foe!
Your characters also learn new skills when executing specific actions in battles. Pay attention and be rewarded!Story
The game world is a place of toil, suffering and darkness. There are no elves, dwarfs, dragons or other classical fantasy creatures. There are some light magical elements, but no overwhelmingly powerful sorcerers either.
Many centuries past, Giants roamed the world, living peacefully alongside humans until the war between the two species left the Giants extinct. Some years ago, a cabal of scientists discovered a process to extract the Life Essence of the ancient Giants from their bones.
This mystical fluid promised to cure many different diseases, mend grievous wounds, and perhaps even halt the aging process. Unfortunately, instead of improving the health of the subject, very often the serum would have the opposite effect, inflicting a mutation or lethal disease. Until the exact nature of this wondrous medicine can be determined, experiments on unwilling subjects continue.
The story begins when the main character, Urtuk, escapes from the Sanatorium, a facility where these experiments are carried out on abducted commoners. Urtuk suffered a severe mutation from his exposure to the Life Essence, and with every passing day his health wors


Quot;Asemblance: Oversight Quot; Original Soundtrack Features Key:

  • Control moving ball with drawing lines
  • Create beautiful country, city and ocean backgrounds
  • Test your skills and become a real pro driver in the professional matches mode
  • Get lost in the realistic city maps and to the open sea in the ocean mode
  • Challenge your skills with amazing player profiles and achieve high scores on the leaderboards


  • Drawing mode is the most basic mode of the app. Draw lines on the desired surface to make the ball move.
  • Play the game, the trick is in the control. Drag the ball to the desired location and try to get it there faster than the other opponents.
  • Select and save your best routes which you liked the most. And compete with other players in the same game!
  • Multiplayer mode is convenient for you to challenge your friends and win a match.
  • Realistic camera positioning and movement that make you experience a real game. And forget about the difficulty – the game is easy to play.
  • Enjoy the beautiful ocean, city and country maps of this game.
  • Imaginative music
  • Standard mode is designed for beginners. Improve your skills by playing with the other modes.
  • Advanced mode is for fanatics who love to race and compete at high speeds.
  • Last but not least is the lucrative career mode with professional games! Win money for your team and drive your tank to victory!
  • All game data are saved to your device

How to play

  • Thrown to the opponent with the device. After you touch the screen it will move you arrow way.
  • Tap the screen or touch the ball to move you the way.
  • Use the settings available to fully influence the game.
  • Enjoy your move – freedom and control are essential in the game


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EVERSPACE™ is an atmospheric, side-scrolling action game with a retro-futuristic style and a new way of exploring space. After losing his humanity in a colossal space battle, Adam Frankenstein is cursed to wander across galaxies, hunting for a way to restore his humanity and save the Earth’s last hope.
Fight, explore, and survive in a living, breathing universe where danger awaits at every turn, while simultaneously customizing and crafting a vast range of weapons, vehicles, and amazing spaceships in your quest to achieve global domination.
– A revolutionary weapons and spaceship creation system
– Non-linear gameplay
– Unique gameplay mechanics
– A world full of life and danger
– More than 150 various missions and mini-games
– Career mode and four unique environments
– Full combat
– Customizable ships and upgrades
– Combo-attacks
– Many game-altering devices and customizations
– Armament including laser weapons, shotguns, RPGs, and so much more
– Awesome space ships
– Many customizations
– A lush, original soundtrack
– Skill-based combat
– Unprecedented storytelling
– Over two hours of cinematic cutscenes
– Atmospheric gameplay
– An extensive, living and breathing universe
– Voice-overs in English, French, and German
– A customizable HUD
– 2D and 3D graphics options
– Full controls using the mouse only
– Support for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and Windows Server 2012 and up
– An intense, adrenaline-fueled experience
Play EVERSPACE on Steam (will be released on Sep 15, 2018)
You can find more information about it here on Steam:

The official EVERSPACE website:
Website about Spacedock (buildings from a Trantor-like city):
Forum thread about this game on Steam:

To be automatically updated, please follow the Steam Community Guidelines:

Some helpful links about custom content handling for games:


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• Improved and optimized gameplay for PC users.
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He was a consensus All-America running back for Florida in 2008 and 2009, but his career did not go the way he planned. Thomas reportedly had a lawsuit filed against the school for allegedly using his name in ticket selling scams and was suspended for one game for violating team rules.

Thomas also dealt with lingering leg injuries that affected his 2012 season. The Ravens initially signed him to a three-year, $6.75 million contract, including


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    II: The Top 5 is a DVD from director Greg McBride. It contains music videos from some of the bands that were featured at the 2001 edition of the annual MTV film festival, including a behind-the-scenes video on the making of MTV’s ‘Tracks: 35 Years of Music Videos‘Â, which highlighted the best music videos of all time.

    I’ve been all over the net but can’t seem to find these anywhere. I’d like to know about them. Were these videos put out on vhs, laser disc, or is there some online source that would list them? I’d like to watch them again.

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    I’ve watched that long drum solo about 30 times since I moved here. But that version of the song is too fast for me. I wanna watch the slow version. I guess that’s all about it, but honestly, there are way too many Metallica videos to list.

    #4. Quicksand: “I Can’t Wait” (a.k.a. “Ican’t Wait”)

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    #3. Mr. Big: “Debra I’m Growing” (a.k.a. “I’m Growing”)


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System Requirements For Quot;Asemblance: Oversight Quot; Original Soundtrack:

How to Install (4.1.1):
1) Run the installer to copy the.exe file to your Steam directory (default is: %steamdir%\steamapps\common)
2) Run the Crack the game using this cmd command in the start menu (Windows XP/7): “steam://rungameid/2383” (2383 is the Steam ID)
– You may need to specify the correct path to the.exe in the SteamCmd.ini file if the game is installed in a different directory