This pack brings an excellent new scenery to the popular FSX: Steam Edition. It adds Southern England and South Wales to the Volume One Southern England & S Wales scenery in one package.
This scenery release updates the Southern England & South Wales Vol. 1 scenery to include the latest 1.2m/pixel altitude imagery. It also includes a new autogen inlay and new environmental textures.
New scenery for Southern England and South Wales.
Improved scenery performance
5m (ultra-high) elevation mesh resolution
1.2m/pixel general texture resolution
1 x 100 LED light source which is positioned to illuminate the Runway depending on the time of day
As an example, during the day, the lights of the runway are much closer to the surface of the ground, but are much further away at night
Correct airport and runway data have been updated where necessary
Fully landable water and air areas
Automatic updating of the scenery as new or expanded data is made available
A comprehensive range of custom scenery objects including;
Theatrical signs
Flying clubs
Day care centres
Science and technology facilities
Water towers
Custom night textures and 10 additional default night textures for closer scenes
Automatic updating of the scenery as new or expanded data is made available
As an example, during the day the lights of the runway are much closer to the surface of the ground, but are much further away at night
Compatible with third party airport sceneries
About The Game FSX Steam Edition: VFR Real Scenery NexGen 3D – Vol. 1: Southern England and South Wales Add-On:
This pack brings an excellent new scenery to the popular FSX: Steam Edition. It adds Southern England and South Wales to the Volume One Southern England & S Wales scenery in one package.
This scenery release updates the Southern England & South Wales Vol. 1 scenery to include the latest 1.2m/pixel altitude imagery. It also includes a new autogen inlay and new environmental textures.

Stratos, The City Imperator Comet 1.0 [Mod]

About This Content
VFR Real Scenery NexGen 3D is the next generation of Just Flight’s hugely popular VFR Real Scenery series.
The NexGen 3D software uses the very latest 25cm and 50cm aerial images at 1.2m ‘in sim’ resolution, rising to 60cm around airports.


Features Key:

  • Supports Battlefield 3
  • Supports the 8GB Game card with 512MB of RAM
  • Supports connections as LAN and Direct Internet


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TENS! is the puzzle game where you play with dice!
* Play solo or challenge your friends in local multiplayer.* Progress through Adventure Mode and Endless Mode.* Beat your high score in Endless Mode.* Build your stats in the TENS! shop.* Collect dice skins and swap them for new ones.* Engage in battles against your friends.Watch out for the dice-crushing Tiles and other boss characters appearing on the board.
* TENS! is free to download and play, there are some items in the in-game shop that can be purchased. TENS! has no advertising or application installs.* The gameplay, graphics, and sounds in TENS! are not under the ownership or control of any third party, and are used entirely for the promotion and commercialization of TENS!* TENS! is completely free to play, however some items in the in-game shop can be purchased for real money using the Google Play Store.

When a mouse pushes a button, he wants to touch the object he has in his mind, to make it real for himself. When a mouse gets a button, he wants to turn it off, to think in the right way.

Turn off the game, and go to gym. Sweat, sweat, and more sweat. Shaking hands, you touch hands with mom, and with your pen, and stop the game, to go to the gym. After it, go to toilet, and your game is back. Game over.

This amazing number-solving game is really fun and addictive!
You are going to play through 70 challenging puzzles and have fun while you’re doing it! Each puzzle comes with an introduction video.
– Press “Place” button to drop the dice onto the empty spots, “Place 1-9” to assign a number value to a given position.
– Score depends on number of blanks in the grid
– To draw blank squares, use “Reset” button.
– To skip a puzzle, use “Abort” button
– Set the number of puzzles in one playthrough as desired using “Number of puzzles” option

If you love Sudoku games and Number Blocks, this is your game for sure!

Numberblocks is a virtual puzzle game where you can play the number blocks game. You will have to put number blocks in the gaps. When you do not have enough number blocks to fill the gap, you will get points at the bottom of the screen


Ruler By Default For Windows [Latest]

– A full 3D world with 60 levels.
– Characters can attack with 3 weapon slots
– Characters can wear up to 6 armor/item combinations
– Level is random
– Weather dependent
– Hardcore Raid is possible.
– Random world map generation
– Level sharing – Make sure to play if you want something unique to play.
– Co-op Multiplayer
– World Voting System
– Wish List System: Do you want to see a certain feature? Vote for it in the wish list!
– Level-up System
– Play every day!
– Shared Bosses
– Dragon: You might not have beaten it but you can use it
– Monster Hunt! Explore the random map you find in-game, come back with an improved form and fight the boss.
– Ranking System – Best Swordsman, Best Power
– Achievements
– Fan-Art
– Multiplayer
– Save and Share (Level)
– New characters come out every 1 year.
– Free DLCs!
– New Music every update!
– Deco-System
– Talent System – improve your characters performance
– Over 100 Items, Armor and Weapons
– Direct Support
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10/28/2012 11:13:46 AM

Release Year: 2012

Genres: Male Domination

Welcome to The Unknown, the gay alternative to the hardcore action of the infamous Bareback Island. This is a place where both male and female lust are satisfied with a gay twist! Come enjoy the earth-shattering view of our boy/girl cum filled action!

The world of Siboly is a stunning world, full of secret paths, just waiting to be found. Every area contains hidden gems. Steep mountains with hidden dungeons, new towns with a variety of shops, and lakes with boats to explore. Every quest will give you rewards that will make the journey worthwhile.

Each quest will require you to navigate your way through a challenging puzzle, set with secret objectives that only the most talented adventurers can unlock.

You’ll begin in a town called Siboly and be given a series of quests to complete. These quests will teach you a variety of skills. Over time you’ll be able to enhance these skills, as you progress through the game. From wielding a bow, to summoning a demon, and everything in between. The more you use


What’s new in Ruler By Default:


Two weeks ago, Matt and Olivia finally got to experience the magical Magic Kingdom-style circus that was coming to Four Winds park. We had no idea it would be this amazing. My friend Sarah joined us on this exciting Disney adventure. The entire night was filled with crowds, large swings, and giant puppets (one of which nearly hit the two of us when she flew off its strings).

The show starts with the performers going through a giant hoop ring in their outfits. (I feel like I should say that ALL of the men wore skirts. Everything looked so feminine. The entire crowd was so enamored.) Then, a clown dressed as an Orangutan meets the performer halfway through the ring and pushes him away.

Many of the characters initially were dressed as the characters seen above, but there were some surprises in store. One of them, a “skunk” clown, left guests to their imagination regarding what it may wear. The final clown was dressed head to toe (in a deerskin cap and pajama top) as the Wizard of Oz.

And on that note, the Wizard does his thing! He fashions himself a magical hat and starts the show with a parade. The Wizard is flanked by two performers holding oversized gloves which he snaps his fingers as he directs the parade. You’ll know his hat when you see it. (Unfortunately, we didn’t realize this until the very end.)

Can you spot the hat?

It was amazing how many performers and ground crew were on board- there were cars, vans, trailers, and just… PEOPLE.

The room behind the giant head was just another level of entertainment. They had dancers and musicians, along with a singing group called The Swingin’ Notes (seriously, that is their name).

Eventually, the parade reached a very special stop. A giant waterslide, which guests would have to pay a small fee to ride. At this point, Matt and I were ready for a break. Unfortunately, the crazy circus juggler came up to us and told us the slide was closed for the night. We decided to leave immediately.

“But what about the performers?” Olivia asked me, still wanting to see them from afar.

“They’re staying up. It’s called a circus!” I explained.

“Oh, okay…” she said.


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Team up with friends in a fully featured multiplayer experience. Jump right into a fast-paced match to test your skills, or pick the perfect moment to get coordinated with up to 40 other players. Advanced gameplay features make it realistic without impacting real-world combat.
Fully realized environments that seamlessly transition from one location to another. Realistic physics and weapon acoustics in every match. Dynamic weather effects that change the gameplay on the fly.
Weapons and gear that are at your disposal. Customize your loadout from over 400 unique weapon components, and create unique gear sets for a loadout that matches your style.
The perfect mix of teamwork and fast-paced action. Conquest or domination: you decide your favorite mode of play. Two core game modes include over 20 maps and 20 game modes.
Fast-paced gameplay in 20 vs. 20 matches. Dodge incoming fire from your opponents to capture points in fast-paced match-ups.
Pump up the action in Team Deathmatch. Battle against the other team to maximize kills and take the match.
Different types of weapons for you to master. Choose from a wide range of weapons to suit your playstyle, including ground-based, vehicle-based, and air-based weaponry.
Move around in an impressive selection of vehicles. Drive infantry vehicles, explosive mounted vehicles, large ground and air vehicles, and more.
A well balanced arsenal of special weapons. Hone your skills with infantry weapons, heavy machine guns, sniper rifles, and more.
Go head-to-head with drones. Grow your arsenal with drones that can eliminate both opponents and you.
Combat bots for you to train with. Work on your gaming skills with a friendly live combat bot that is both rewarding and competitive.
Official Steam Page:
World War 3 is a free online multiplayer tactical FPS that is played through the browser. Each game is a series of fast paced and intense team based matches. Players cooperate to capture and hold points across a range of stunning locations, and team up to use their weapons to kill the other team.
Read more about World War 3:
All the top guns are ready for battle!


World War 3 is


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