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The German Wikipedia has hosted over one million active editors since its launch in 2001. And since late 2007, the number of active editors grew markedly. In 2007, that number was more than doubled from 7,000 to over 17,000, and that number is currently in excess of 22,000. In 2011, the number of editors nearly tripled, and reached over 30,000 last year.

The overall quality and structure of the German Wikipedia is good, with an average quality score of 7.5. The English Wikipedia is much better with an average of 8.5, though it grew faster. The German Wikipedia needs more people — English Wikipedia has many thousands more editors.

We hope that this course will be an opportunity for people to learn editing Wikipedia. The German Wikipedia, for instance, is one of the most heavily used Wikipedia projects in Europe, but its size and quality are still not widespread. We hope that people who take part in this course will become future active editors.

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We already have nine participants interested in the course, and we are excited to see how the course evolves over the next two days. This is


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  • Open World: Allied forces must take back the lost suburbs and defend the rest of Germany!
  • Headline Mode: Perfect your skills, unlock new weapons, and improve your accuracy!
  • Classic Multiplayer: Fight against the AI and find a second player in the MechWarrior Online Servers
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    Use an old design of M4 like a true veteran of the battlefield.
    Now you have to show the whole world what the merc has been,
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    Many players are trying to become the greatest warrior of all time.
    It is a world ruled by technology.
    The society is growing up with the entrance of computers,
    Before it was just fantasias.
    Battlefields are not deserted, There is a fierce battle and so many waves of enemies.
    Countless numbers of people were stripped just because of the choice of weapon.
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    You need a good hand and a good courage,
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    Defeat the enemy, it’s the will of you.
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    Record those who destroy your teammates.
    Find dark secrets of sector.
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    The gates of dreams are opening, and the most beautiful surprises wait!
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    What’s new in Samurai Of Hyuga Book 2:

    – Chapter 2

    A Most Pyrrhic victory

    “The Northern Kingdoms would rather wipe their tracks off the map than train with their new recruits,” Herun said tersely. “Unless further reinforcements are sent, the campaign here should be considered abandoned. Ganno shall depart for Kaer-Toblas, where he can make preparations for a more rational course of action. Garef could not have been more gracious in defeat, Herun. He feels morally compelled to help resettle the common folk of Shil’s Fall, which is an excellent incentive for our efforts. Should you wish to accompany him, then you are welcome to do so, but otherwise, you have your embassy to the High King.”

    Herun considered his options. Earlier, he had foolishly hoped that Shade would overcome his feelings of obligation to his orcish brethren, making his diplomatic mission something of a moot point. Instead, he found that he had no leverage to force Kolskegg’s orcish forces to remain in the realm, a clear sign that the northerners did not wish the orcs to intervene in their affairs again. To reiterate his point, Herun glanced at the man who had just escorted him out of the palace. “Kolskegg-sama is expecting you. Though it is unlikely, you should offer to return to your native homeland. Then you will have done what was agreed upon, yet your ambassadors to the High King will have fulfilled their functions.”

    The ambassador had not taken on that tone in years. “Herun, I want to go back!” he spat. “Don’t force me back against my will!”

    “Then we will go back,” said Herun, “together.”

    Kolskegg snorted. “You’re such a fool,” he said after they had travelled for some time. “Shil’s Fall is beyond my control. Either train the human peasants or blame the fools who sent them.”

    “We can both blame the fools that sent them,” said Herun curtly. “If you apologize to me for accusing them, I will cease my efforts to relieve them from their plight.”

    Kolskegg laughed. “You are an idiot, human,” he said. “But I


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    •Single Player:
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    System Requirements For Samurai Of Hyuga Book 2:

    CPU: Intel Pentium4 2.8GHz or AMD Athlon 64 3.2GHz
    RAM: 1.5GB (Recommended 2GB)
    Disk Space: 3GB
    Video Memory: 128MB (NVIDIA requires Xorg 1.3.2)
    Sound Card: DirectX9.0 compatible sound card or Intel High Definition Audio
    Game Overview:
    Fight through the city and countryside of Traharka in your trusty RPG vehicle, the UMP-45, in this epic adventure across the continent. From the bustling