Atomic Space Command is a multi-crew co-op/competitive spaceship combat game played in a Solar Arena. Our vision for this game is to make it like when you were a little kid, playing with spaceship toys in your room with your buddies, putting them together and flying them into battles!
*NOTE THIS IS A BETA VERSION* We are looking to work with fans to iterate the game and make it super extra awesomesauce! But since it is early days we have a lot of things to fix and improve, so please don’t be shy in sharing your thoughts on the Atomic Space Command Steam Discussions.
The pricing reflects what we need to keep our small indie dev studio going, so please support us in these early days! THANK YOU!

Atomic Space Command
The goal of Atomic Space Command is to guide a team of Star Trek style space ships through war-like combat. To be successful, players must complement their intergalactic fleet with separate and timely crews from the surface. It is not enough for a player to win a battle with his or her own all-commanding, all-pervading, starship skipper. A single individual cannot truly dictate a fleet’s tactics and actions.
Intergalactic combat is what happens when a fleet of stellar ships must navigate themselves through a highly competitive galaxy of star systems. To win an intergalactic battle, ships must be guided by extremely competent and credible Commanders, with excellent crews on their back-benches. You must guide your ship’s tactical maneuvers and team work to avoid crashing into a planet or fire-blasting your opponents into space dust and scrap. Once you have won an intergalactic battle, you will have assembled a winning mix of crews and star ships.
Atomic Space Command lets players play as commanders of individual star ships (both controlled remotely and using a keyboard) and as commanders of command crews (think Star Fleet Command). Commanders can also join their friends in a variety of competitive play modes or join in multi-player co-op games with or against the AI.
Co-Op and Competitive Ships – Get the best crew on your team and crew your ship with the best command crew the galaxy has to offer.
Huge Retros – Glitch it up and give your retro a fresh new appearance.
Retros that scream and tremble.
Our goal is to give you the control of a starship, and a collection of crews to back it up, all


Slap The Fly Features Key:

  • Boss Key 2
  • 4 players
  • Cash Grab game mode
  • 3 difficulty levels
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  • i

    Key features:

    • Boss Key
    • 4 players
    • Tunnel fall protection
    • 3 difficulty levels


    Key features:

    • Boss Key
    • 4 players
    • Tunnel fall protection
    • 3 difficulty levels


    Key features:

    • Boss Key
    • 4 players
    • Tunnel fall protection
    • 3 difficulty levels


    Key features:

    • Boss Key
    • 4 players
    • Tunnel fall protection
    • 3 difficulty levels

    Massively Multiplayer


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    of Olsufjordd [BFG Edition]
    GameMastery Map Pack: Ruins of Olsufjordd [BFG Edition]

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    Drinking of Arcus is frowned upon!

    Mounts are here! Pick your side and follow the mount path to the top! 😀 (If you want to do something with your own mount, I’d be happy to tell you how)

    New map!

    New: Minable. Scrap is now drilled out.


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    The Wise Man’s Legacy


    Here below is your start map and the end map. The end map is a bit more larger than the start map.

    Stages of the map:


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