DEAD OR ALIVE 6 is the latest installment in the bestselling Dead or Alive™ series, the top-selling fight game franchise in the world. As a prequel to the original game and Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, DEAD OR ALIVE 6 continues the storied legacy of DOA with a brand new storyline and characters, a robust single-player story mode, a variety of online modes, and brand new gameplay mechanics including Muscle Memory-like combos, Beautiful Visuals, and a Perfect Sense of Immersion. The new console release comes with a high-definition Blu-ray Disc, featuring a theatrical cut of the game, plus new and extended content, including original story sequences, a behind-the-scenes documentary, and a new Muscle Memory tutorial.

The Ultimate Fighting Experience
The best fight game is back. DEAD OR ALIVE 6 is the ultimate fighting game for consoles. The franchise that started the international fighting game scene is back with a new story, new characters, a new story mode, and new gameplay mechanics. Muscle Memory-like combos, Beautiful Visuals, and a Perfect Sense of Immersion are only some of the elements that set this game apart from the rest.

The Best Fighting Game on the Console
Dead or Alive 6 features Perfect Sense of Immersion in a beautifully crafted, next-generation game system. The iconic Unreal Engine 4 and Real-Time-Polygon-Rendering engine brings gamers a whole new fighting game experience. The Awesome Graphics of Unreal Engine 4 matches the character detail to make everyone look their best. Also, never before seen are the revamped Action Cam and new hidden Spots.

Dunketsu no Fafner: Second Edition
The classic arcade fighting game returns to consoles with the addition of all characters from the arcade game, as well as fully playable touch screen compatible versions of a select few characters. The new console versions have a higher score cap, more stages and extra characters.

Fatal Fury

Fatal Fury, also known as Fatal Fury Special in North America, is a fighting game developed by SNK for the Neo Geo arcade and Neo Geo CD by Technōs Japan in 1993. It is the first in the Fatal Fury series and became one of the first fighting games to be played on a home system and introduced new gameplay concepts such as the command grab.

The game was also released in arcades by SNK and in Nintendo’s Virtual Console as the 20th title on September 15, 2013.



Features Key:

  • Freedom of Movement: With the ability to jump, fly and slide, you are given the freedom to choose where to go and how to get there
  • Easy to learn Controls: The controls are simple and easy to master
  • Multiple Game Modes: Have fun with five different game modes, including survival mode, flight mode, shuttle mode, combo mode and mini boss mode
  • Freerunning Style: Tera World features a freerunning style with physics allowing you to walk, hop and jump freely

Teraphobia: The Beginning Of Beelzebub System Requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 platform
  • RAM: 256MB
  • Processor: 1GHz CPU
  • Hard Disk: 28MB
  • Free Space: 153MB


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Join the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of a prominent economist. DeRailed is a story-driven single player experience where the world is your playground. Explore free form environments while unraveling an all new mystery and challenging puzzles in spectacular fight sequences.
Game Players:
• 1 to 4 players
• PlayStation 4 CompatibleQ:

Referencing a method from another class in Java

Okay, so I’m very new to Java.
I have an instance of a class called Board. Inside this class there are two methods, one called countCoins and one called step1. Board has an instance of a class called Coin called coin1. When I want to call either of these methods from another class, I have to do the following:
Board board = new Board();
board.step1(1, 1, 2, 2);
board.step1(2, 1, 2, 4);

Board board = new Board();
board.step1(1, 1, 2, 2);

Well, I’d rather do something like this:
public void step1(int x0, int x1, int x2, int x3) {

int e = coin1.getE(x0, x1, x2, x3);


What would I do for this?


Both the Board and Coin classes need to be inner classes of a class called Coin. In this case, we’ll create an outer class called Coin that contains the Board and Coin inner classes.
Coin class:
public class Coin
Board board;

public void step1(int x0, int x1, int x2, int x3) {


Board class:
public class Board
Coin coin;

public void step1(int x0, int x1, int x2, int x3) {
coin.step1(x0, x1, x2, x3);

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The first weapon skin is available in “Ranked and casual PvP” battle mode. The second weapon skin is available in “Ranked PvP” battle mode. The third, fourth and fifth weapon skins are available in casual “Arena Battle” mode. The sixth and seventh weapon skins are only available in “Casual Brawl” mode. The eighth weapon skin is only available in “Ranked PvP” and “Casual Brawl” battle modes.
Unlock the other weapon skins by completing battles under specific conditions. You can unlock the first two weapon skins when you win a battle, while the third, fourth, fifth and sixth weapon skins can be unlocked when you lose a battle. For the seventh and eighth weapon skin you need to win a battle against an opponent after they have completed a purchase.
There are three levels: bronze, silver and gold, and three rewards per level. At the bronze level you receive the first weapon skin, at the silver level you receive the second weapon skin and at the gold level you receive both weapon skins.



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(The Darkness album)

Battle Royal is the third studio album by American rock band The Darkness, released on April 24, 2013. The band began work on the album in June 2012, with the intention of releasing it in 2013. However, due to several delays, the album was released in March 2014. The album features collaborations with other musicians, including Fiona Apple, John Frusciante, Lori Barbero, and producer Dave Sardy. Musically, the album is a mix between punk and new wave. It was produced with the band and mixed by Tom Lord-Alge.

Recording for the album began in July 2012, beginning with the song “New York City” at the band’s own studio, Le Trianon Studios, in the New York City suburb of Katonah, New York. Later in 2012, the band moved to The Studio in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, where they recorded songs between November and December. Some early recording sessions took place at Sol Studios in Kings Cross, London. In 2013, the band relocated to Los Angeles and partly recorded the album there. Upon its release, Battle Royal received mixed to positive reviews from music critics, who found the album to be more accessible than previous releases, but their praise centred around the lead single “Cain”. “Blinded” also received notable early praise, and has been used in several television programs. In addition, the album peaked at number 26 on the UK Albums Chart.

Background and release

The Darkness released their second album, The Dream Is Dead, on May 16, 2010 to positive reviews. The album was the band’s highest charting album, reaching number 16 in the UK Albums Chart. It sold more than 100,000 copies in the UK in its first week. However, in the United States the album debuted at number 179 on the Billboard 200 and failed to chart. When the lead single from The Dream Is Dead, “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”, failed to chart, and despite its B-side, “Stay With Me”, being nominated for Best British Single at the 2011 BRIT Awards, the band announced that the band would take an indefinite hiatus. According to the band, the decision was due to their recording commitments and the creation of their third studio album. Later, it was revealed that their third album would be the first one with Steven Barnett on drums.

The band returned with an eponymous album on January 17, 2012. Critical response was again positive but


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Korvae In Space is a 3D puzzle-platformer inspired by old school video games.
Each level is placed in a different part of the world of Shennari. This is a real-time world that looks similar to Frogger meets Zelda.
Players control Korvae as he jumps, shoots, and slides around. There are several enemies that Korvae must avoid, including dragons, lasers, and more. Players can also use Korvae’s devastating attack by jumping on the enemies.
Each Chapter has a limited time limit. Keep a close eye on your weapon and find the occasional hidden power-up to extend the time limit.
Online multiplayer is NOT supported in this mobile version.
Korvae In Space is still in development and features lots of glitches, things not working like they should, and not all the levels are complete.
If you like Korvae In Space, please rate it 5-stars and give feedback.
What’s New In This Version:
Korvae In Space v1.14 adds a new screen while selecting a character. Also added 6 new water effects. Other bug fixes and performance improvements. Plus, higher resolution graphics for all devices.

Download via Google Play:
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Snapchat: Umitachiti
Korvae in Space is an endless action platformer where you take control of Korvae, a dangerous weapon wielding cat. Explore a 3D world full of puzzles, traps, and enemies, and test your skills in a variety of fast paced levels.
– Realistic 3D graphics
– Several


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