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A big thank you to all who voted for Lux Obscura in the Independent Games Festival! Now we are finally ready to present the Lux Obscura soundtrack! It will premiere during the Independent Games Festival in New York on June 7th, 2011. All versions of the game, including both the retail version and the Free The Uncontained version, will come with the soundtrack. This version is a collector’s item, with a 2CD in a digipak case. The CD contains the full soundtrack, plus 3 bonus tracks:
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The official trailer of Lux Obscura
Aurum Productions

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Symploke: Legend Of Gustavo Bueno (Chapter 2) Features Key:

  • Description: 100% Orange Juice – Pudding Pack – Pushing for the Exit


Symploke: Legend Of Gustavo Bueno (Chapter 2)

Remnants of the Dawn is a story-rich dungeon crawler with focus on exploration. Discover a character-driven story told in narrative dialogue. Jack, your party leader is a hunter-gatherer since the time of the apocalypse. Play as he fights his way through a dark underground laboratory to uncover its dark secrets.
Character Upgrade System. Jack, use ‘Essence Shards’ to become stronger and faster as you descend through the laboratory’s many mazes. Choose your upgrades for Jack and the rest of your party. New gear can be found inside the laboratory.
Enter The Dorklands. Explore the world of a post-apocalyptic environment where the land is populated with people and creatures used to life without the need for centralized guidance.
Overworld Exploration. Experience a vast world in which you discover much more than what the game’s story tells. Find secrets by exploring the land and unlocking the many areas you can explore.
Utilize Nature. Harvest resources and find useful items in the Dorklands. It’s very likely something useful will be found for you here in Nature.


Version 2.0 for iOS, Android, and Windows, released on 7 December 2016.

Additional Updates
Remnants of the Dawn is getting its 2.0 version with the following updates:

Overworld Exploration. Explore vast areas filled with secrets that can be discovered in the overworld.
User Interface (UI) and Graphics. We’ve spent the last 6 months working on the new UI and the look & feel of the overworld.
Story & Gameplay. The game now includes a story that interweaves with your gameplay.
User interface. We’ve added in the new UI elements that make the experience easier and a bit faster.
Game Systems. We’ve reworked all of the gameplay systems, including the character advancement and starting technology now work so it’s easier to get a good character at the beginning of the game.
Rewritten Credits. More than 300 people have contributed to this game and we want to honor that. We’ve rewritten the credits section to be more in-depth and include the contributions of all the developers, designers, musicians, etc.

And even more added…

Simple Multiplayer. Join a server with your friends, battle it out in ranked or unranked matches, or enter into solo or co-op. Every feature you’d expect to see is included in multiplayer.

Next Steps


Symploke: Legend Of Gustavo Bueno (Chapter 2) Activation Key For Windows (Final 2022)

Main Character InformationThe Trainer is the hero of the story. She is a descendent of the Wizard and has recently graduated from the Wizard Academy. She started off as a novice in the wizard academy but managed to make it to the academy after beating some local toughs. Besides magic, she is also an above average hand-to-hand fighter, acrobat and gymnast. During the day, she works as a “Guardian” (strictly not a superhero) at her job as a night club “Rena” in “Jewel”, located in a middle-class suburb of Seoul.



Emoji: happy

The Guide: Training

She is a very likeable character. She has a light and naive personality. She is quite curious about things and often gets excited to learn about new things. She is a very good friends with Runo, and with her extensive personal library she is often found reading manga books and comics. She also enjoys keeping her image young and sexy, and tries to have a more glamorous appearance.

Upon coming of age, her mother officially introduced her to the world of magic. From that moment on, she was exposed to the many magical creatures of the world. As time passed, she experienced a few adventures before coming back to her hometown.

Personality Edit

The Guide: Friendship

With her mother’s affection and sister’s devotion, she feels loved. When her sister comes to visit her, the Trainer’s heart rate immediately rises. When her mother is struggling with her life, she becomes filled with worry. She had already done a lot for her sister and her mother.

Her father is the only person who can fulfill her desires. Her goals in life are simple, just to be closer to him.

The Guide: Roommate

She is close to Runo, the angel who guides her and helps her advance as a Magician. Together, they are always happy and excited about everything.

In contrast, the Trainer is distant towards Zeria, her mother’s boyfriend who was actually the Hero’s younger brother. She felt that he was an unsuitable person to marry into the family and no one else did either. Since she was a child, she felt that this was a good opportunity to put herself forward and get more attention. However, this wasn’t a matter of family pride, but rather because she desired to marry


What’s new:

Project has predicted the Super FF and Gurenn will be revealed today. He also predicts two more characters will be revealed — a mid and bottom healer. CinDRragon was the first person to report of the listing of Mid and Bottom Healer on the 6th. The online ID format of these two is different from the King Guardian. It was revealed that they were both fighters and it would be a good combination. They were said to have a huge weapon and large body size. It will be the 14th character revealed in SR5. Below we take a look at these players:

Click to enlarge


Online ID: 6151324008945946521

Race: Human – Mid

Well, Mid Healer is a fighter like we expected. Furthermore, he is a human from the Northern Continent, who is rumored to have a sword. This is also the first fighter with a Sword. It is said that he is a shifter-type fighter.


ID: 6151324008942178425

Race: Human – Bottom Healer

It seems that he is also a type of human also. He is the second human on the online ID (right after Mid Healer) and is a shifter type fighter.

Interesting, isn’t it? The online ID of the two is different and therefore Mid is a leader and Bottom is a follower.

With Mid having a sword and Bottom Healer having no weapons, it is assumed that these two are from the SF feud.

We will be sure to update this article as more information comes in.

Sword Master is said to be revealed tomorrow. For now, lets look at the latest Finishing Moves which were said to be revealed by Sword Master.

Pictures courtesy of Silbomx.

Blade-Tongue Roundhouse Kick Against Your Opponent

This may not be that useful in addition to the ordinary Severs. As you can see, it’s a brutal Kick which you can control to avoid your opponent. While you are behind, this is a good move for safety purposes.

Restricted Attack – Hi-Rise Step Punch

This is not as powerful as the Burning Attack. However, it is useful for preventing your opponent from stepping back.

Cleansing Herb – Decapitation

The way the Bulb is used is shown in the pictures. I didn’


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