Two electrons are placed in three different orbital levels.

After a certain time, they move to other, higher levels. If two lines can reach each other, then they get connected.

You can connect only opposite charges.


You need to connect as many lines as possible.

You can connect only two charges at the same time.

Those of you who know me, know that the game is also based on the popular Logic series of games (a series of logical games).

My articles is full of free games, but it’s not the game collection. You can’t download every game here (because it’s prohibited). These games are selected to add a new touch to your gaming experience! And of course it should not be a boring time for you.A white police officer in Columbus, Georgia is facing charges of vehicular homicide after being caught on camera tackling a black suspect after a report of a stolen bicycle.

The incident happened on July 7 when Officer Tim Jones attempted to stop a suspect in the high-crime area.

“He jumped on his back and started beating him. I didn’t know what I had seen, but I did know I had to do something. You know, what I saw was a grown man on the ground, being beat,” said witness David McMillan. “You know, what are you going to do? You know, I do this for a living. I’m a police officer.”

The suspect was 36-year-old Kevin Jones, who was trying to locate a friend’s stolen bicycle.

Officer Jones’ patrol car recorded him leaving the scene, but Jones claims he was blocked by his car for more than 10 seconds as he waited for backup to arrive.

According to Columbus Police Captain Jeff Spencer, Officer Jones did not use any force until after he arrived at the scene.

“This officer did not use any force until after he got to the scene. He never used a Taser on anybody before. He never used a car to box anybody out. He never used his K9 partner,” Spencer said.

The incident was brought to light when Jones tried to file a lawsuit against the city for damages he claimed to have sustained after the incident.

But his attempted lawsuit was removed from the courtroom by the city, claiming that the rules state that only the district attorney can bring a


Features Key:

  • 10 exciting racing tracks with detailed crashes
  • Over 100 different tricks and combos
  • Easy dificulty level system
  • 3 modes (Basic, Normal, Expert)
  • High quality graphics (PS4 and XBOX XONE version)

How to play Racing Bike Fight:

The game includes 10 different racing tracks with dozens of jumps, falls, crashes, flips and rules.

  • All position buttons are available in the game
  • You can play normal, expert, or hard levels
  • Graphics settings are adjustable
  • High quality textures and water

The latest racing games are so different from other racing game, Racing bike Fight is not only a racing game, instead Racing bike Fight is a complete integrated game experience.

Two types of games.

Basic mode:
Racing bike Fight is an easy and simple adventure style game. The game’s objectives are to survive and simply make it to the end. It’s very simple and easy to control.
Normal mode:
Racing Bike Fight is a motor vehicle complex content composed of a large number of factors. There are 64 different tricks to perform and over 1.5 million different rules to know.

Take a look at What’s New in Racing Bike Fight

In this version, Racing Bike Fight is upgraded

  • 10 level racing tracks
  • 5 types of racing game tags
  • High quality racing tracks
  • Special effects in racing tracks

How to play Racing Bike Fight:

  • Play in the basic normal game type
  • To access specific sections or specific racing tracks, select races from your own race list by pressing up, down, left, or right.


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World of Circus Virtual Reality
Inspired by the famous mind-bending film “Tilt” starring Naomi Watts (Angelina Jolie and Colin Farrell are also featured in the film), “Tilted Mind” is a short VR game where you must move through a mind-bending puzzle of a circus world. This game can also be played with optional VR body tracking.
Comic Book Style Characters
Tilted Mind is a game where the rules change from maze to maze. Movement is either in the balls direction or the balls direction. Each maze features a story-driven cartoon character who tells the story of what you must do. This unique interpretation of my favorite childhood classic is perfect for any gamer who has ever beaten a video game.
WASD – Move
Arrow Keys – Move in direction of orientation
1-4 – Pick up blocks and move balls
Space – Pick up balls and drop
Arrows – Move
S – Push blocks
Tablet / Touch – Open menus
Remote – Change difficulty level
Additional Controls:
Left Mouse – Scale
Zoom & Scale Camera – Move a perspective camera
Spinner – Effect systemSindhi Upazila

Sindhhi () is an Upazila of Chittagong District in Bangladesh.

Sindhhi is located at . It has 77,031 households and total area 305.89 km².

According to the 2011 Bangladesh census, Sindhhi had a population of 286,990. Males constituted 50.06% of the population and females 49.94%. The population aged 18 or older was 100,597. Sindhhi had an average literacy rate of 41.5% (7+ years), compared to the national average of 32.4%.


Category:Upazilas of Chittagong DistrictQ:

Reflection/virtual method calling with default interface implementation

I have the following interface:
public interface ISomething
void MethodA();
void MethodB();
void MethodC(bool val);

I have a class that implements this interface with a few other methods that are not required for this question.
This class also overrides the following method:
public virtual object DoSomething()
return null;

I have another class that


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Easiest control:
(I) Left or right arrow key: move
(II) Up or down arrow key: play
(III) R button: camera operation / target
(IV) Start key: GO
(V) Left shift key: aim
(VI) T button: remove the aim / quick switch the map
Usage of game controller:
You can use either the Japanese Game Pad Pro controller or a PC keyboard.
Game Genre:
FPS + RPG + Horror
Game Rules:
1. Infinite ammo
2. Don’t lose the map (!)
3. Don’t lose the ammocero ()
Rules 1 & 2 are mandatory.
Losing the map () means that the map is not displayed
When you lose the map, it cannot be switched back.
If you lose the map and fail, you will not be able to use the T button.
If you lose the map and press the T button, you will receive the following message:
“*MAP NOT DISPLAYED*: The map is not displayed.
If you lose all the lives, the game ends.
You will become a goal.
If you complete the game, you will receive the key card.
Victory Conditions:
1. Losing the enemies and finishing the map
2. Completing the game 100%
From the total of each game genre(FPS, RPG, Horror), the maximum number of game objectives is three.
3. Completing each series (Scene)Objective
Objective: goal1
The enemy is your main target in this game!
When the objective is completed, you can get one of these items.
Battle Missile/Accuracy Hunter/Fighter’s Arsenal
If the monster is eliminated, you can get the Battle Missile.
If you hit the same target as the monster, you can get Accuracy Hunter.
Then, you will get the Accuracy Hunter piece.
Keep some Battle Missile and Accuracy Hunter in hand to use them!
Objective: goal 2
You must collect three battle missiles or Accuracy Hunters.
To get one of them, you will encounter a battle with the enemy.
How to Get Accuray Hunter or Battle Missile
In the battle with the enemy, move to the left or right until you are attacked by the enemy.
When you are attacked by an enemy, press X button
If you hit it in


What’s new in Windfallers:

    Stargate: Timekeepers, also known as Stargate: Time Keeper 4, was the fourth expansion to the massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game Stargate: Conquest, released on March 19, 2007. The patch introduced four new civilizations, nine new missions, and the addition of multiplayer.

    Gameplay changes

    There are various types of timekeepers to monitor the progress of the 28 day quest, including timekeeper alums who have devoted their lives to saving the galaxy and serving humanity, and young caretakers who are just beginning their honorable career as timekeepers. Their specializations and expertise allow them to have access to higher levels of equipment, which they then share.

    The game has been modernized to allow players to contribute to an epic quest by saving planets. When a player completes a mission, a small segment of the galaxy of their choosing is “timed out”. This segment represents a’safe zone’ or’sentry area’ where no attacks will take place, and where the civilization’s research and development teams can advance. Simultaneously, the timed-out portion will play on a timer, and will disappear if the mission completes before its end. If a player does not notify their timekeeper of this accomplishment, and does not find an appropriate fragment within the 30 day quest, they are denied the achievement and it is counted as ‘No Win’. If the goals are completed, and no timed-out portion is available, then the player is rewarded with a special artwork and their name for completing the mission.

    This quest is currently available only to players in New Eden, PVP mode of the game can change once the gates recede. As with most MMOs, if players successfully complete any missions their credits are multiplied.

    Galactic Civilizations II quests

    There are four major types of missions which are available to players in High Sun, each with their own timekeeper station, plot, and season. Players may also enlist help of their friends to complete the quests. Players are assigned to a civ in which they are allowed to complete one mission. And after each mission they will obtain some rewards as well as a bounty of logged data points which count towards all stats. The planets of Essentia, Aernar, and Invus have also made it into the storyline.

    Purge Missions

    Cloaked Killer: The King of Aernar has developed an army that is hiding out on a planet used to repair ships in the High Sun Sector


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    Experience horror like never before, in this nerve-wracking story, filled with unexpected turns.
    Fear the unknown, and an evil entity is looming…
    The day you left on a mysterious boat, it was nothing like you expected it to be. After an incident on the ship, your brother is missing, and you find yourself far from land.
    An insane asylum? A haunted hall? An ancient temple? Get ready to find out.
    “Broke my heart.”
    Seaside, Japan – 2018

    Junko-san’s Hot Spring Swim Club

    What can a bath house be, in the eyes of somebody who’s never seen one?
    Get the feeling of a hot spring bath inside this bathhouse, in a cute and relaxing adventure. You can relax, while observing the steamy atmosphere around you.
    Key Features:
    Easy to play.
    Get the hot spring feel inside the bathhouse.
    Relaxing atmosphere.
    Decent graphics.
    Interested to know more about this place? Find out in the hidden items.
    About This Game:
    Explore the relationship between water and bodies inside this bathhouse, in a cute and relaxing adventure.
    Don’t play this if you don’t like cute bathhouses.
    “What is a bath?”
    Seaside, Japan – 2018


    Enter this strange cottage and find out more about the inhabitants, in this cozy adventure. Are they friendly or evil?
    Key Features:
    Intriguing situations.
    Earn silver while learning more about this cottage.
    Interesting mechanic.
    About This Game:
    Uncover mysteries inside this cottage, in this cozy adventure.
    Help the friendly residents and get some interesting advantages along the way.
    “They’re friendly, aren’t they?”
    Seaside, Japan – 2018Q:

    Creating DTOs in Mapping Objects containing Delegates

    I am using Fluent NHibernate in my application to map classes to databases. I have faced a problem when making an entity class, in which I declared a list of mapping objects and in one of them I declared to be a delegate.
    public class Customer {
    public Customer() {
    MappingObjects.Add(new MappingObject {
    Deserializer = new Deserializer(new CustomerMapper) {


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