Face the new sheriff challenge and see if you are capable of the new job. Know that being a sheriff has its privileges, but it also has its duties. You will have more tasks to complete, but you will also be more respected in the town. You will be present everywhere and people will look to you for help and guidance.
You will need to control your anger and see to it that you don’t make any mistakes. Imagine yourself playing this game, you can already imagine your enthusiasm for becoming the best sheriff in the Wild West.
Don’t you feel proud? Take this challenge and see if you are capable of a new role. Go through the Sheriff selection process playing different mini-games and then deal with the tasks making your town better to get the star you were made for! This is the sheriff selection process.
The mini-game section of Sheriff exam will make sure you are ready for the next stage of this epic shooting game. Now that you’ve seen how many points you need to score, go for the shooting test, which is the hardest test in this Wild West 3D shooter.
When you finish all the mini-games, the exam section will start. Now you will have all the details of the Sheriff test. You’ll be walking through the town, and you’ll need to acquire more experience by dealing with the tasks that each level has to offer.
Your goal is to get to the final stage, which is the final exam. In this final section, you will have to complete all the tasks, shoot the cans at the same time, blast the balls, and hit the moles.
You will be judged on your marks at the completion of the second exam, but you will be able to see how accurate you are as you go. You will be tested on your shooting speed, your hit on the ducks, and your endurance.
Don’t forget to think logically and observe your surroundings as well. Once you are done with all of that, you can proceed to the next level.
You can imagine, by now, that you will be under a lot of pressure to succeed, but this is one of those games that you want to come back to so that you can experience the beautiful landscapes and large variety of tasks that you have to complete.
In this game you have a chance to play the role of a sheriff, a young role you will absolutely enjoy. Get ready for a new kind of shooting experience.
You will be handed the role as a sheriff who will have to face


Features Key:

  • Soundtrack available in MP3 and Ogg formats
  • Noticeable improvements on graphics and gameplay
  • Marked most dialogues
  • Completely re-written and re-recorded weapons
  • Created and orchestrated by the team, Engine 2.0 will bring great game improvement and a more immersive gameplay experience, thanks to the use of an original soundtrack. With assistance from Satoshi Morimoto (strategy), Shigeki Kimura (art design), Maki Nakamura (audio producer), and Kaoru Oshima (producers), the development team is working hard to bring you great gameplay and audio experience together.

    RefRain – Prism memories is a strategy isometric game, where you will have to defend your base against alien invasion. The defense of your base is a funny and pure experience and you will be tested everyday by the unseen enemy. Create special weapons and armors to improve your defense. You have two choices when you are killed. You can choose to respawn and continue fighting, or to use your soul on your way back. Beside your normal weaponry, you will also have the possibility to use your skill tree in order to craft new weapon types and super weapons!


    • Brand new graphics and sound engine
    • New music and soundtrack
    • New AI wizard persona
    • Much easier animation work
    • Animation editing with more possibilities