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Name Zaccaria Pinball – Future World Table
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Bridge of Dawn is a lighthearted 3D racing game for one or two players. Created by Kimberly Blais (founder of Mama Makes Games), it was created during a week-long Epic MegaJam at Epic Games. Inspired by puzzle and arcade racing games like Braid, Katamari Damacy, and Mario Kart, Bridge of Dawn is designed for players of all ages to enjoy and try. It takes inspiration from the magical Isle of Mist, which features funny surprises along the way that will make you laugh.
With the help of original music by YNG Matryr, rising artist YNG SiLICON, and Madame X!, this game is sure to have you on the edge of your seat!
Original music by Canadian hip-hop artist YNG Matryr
100% Open-Sourced under the MIT License
Free – Full Version! No Adverts!
Story Mode of approx 5 hours
Timed, Score Based Mode of up to 5 hours
“Fox Tag” Game Mode where you can play side-by-side or “Fox Tag” with another player.
Possible 2 Player Race Game (up to 2 players)
Arrows, W, A, S, D (turn direction keys)
Mouse click – move the fox
Controller A/Y – move the fox (controller)
Controller B/X – move the fox (controller)
Controller USB Port – all other controls
Gamepad Button A/X – sprint
Controller Trigger (Left/Right) – jump/sprint, and toggle game mode.
PS4 Controller – all controls except sprint
Xbox 360 Controller – all controls except sprint, jump, and “Fox Tag”

The Bachelors is a slapstick comedy about six friends going on a road trip and having a bunch of “queer” shenanigans happen to them. Each of the characters has different sexual orientations. Broga Mitchell is a straight woman who is the architect of the group. Broga travels with co-worker and womaniser Paul, gay man Oliver, gay woman Maggie, and straight man Ricky, all of whom are feeling left out and interested in Broga. Along their journey they meet other gay characters, straight characters, and people who are not sure what they are. The play includes a main gay set, a straight set, a drag set, and a hammy set


Zaccaria Pinball – Future World Table Features Key:

  • Replayable. Replay command-lines that play all the available missions.
  • Classic early missions where you go for enemy ship and never forget to hide!
  • Single (Black and Multiplayer (ArenaOnline Maven server) modes.
  • Easy mission editor.
  • Ship editor which allows to modify Gunnery, Shield, Power Up and Weapon stats.
  • A command line to manage all the mission, and to test the missions using the command line tools: type”intro” to choose which episode to activate, then press space to save the mission in your mission logs.
  • An intro for every mission.
  • GIF overview.
  • Command Line Toasts. During the gameplay a user who wants to Toast to the world can press space to let the AI controller be toasted.
  • Dynamic recoil. Use your gun control skill to mitigate some effects of weapons recoil, you can even increase some of the effects, with a % bonus.
  • Dynamic loadout of weapons, power up, hull, shields. Complete the research with each mission to access more powerful weapons.
  • Invincibility. When unshielded, the ship is unable to take damage.
  • Use the keyboard to start the game. The ship AI will move to help you! But please use the keyboard to finish a game, not the touchpad.