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Autodesk AutoCAD 2018 2D drawing. Image by Author: Douglas Murray There are several interfaces available for AutoCAD users. The Autodesk website offers a basic but comprehensive set of free and paid tutorials and support. There are also third-party tutorials for beginners and the AutoCAD forums. Some of the more popular AutoCAD features are supported on websites like this and there are many videos available on YouTube, even some Autodesk-made training videos.

AutoCAD is not the most stable application in the world. It is a complex product, so it takes a while to figure out how to use it and its shortcomings can be frustrating at times. So, make sure to read our AutoCAD 2018 Tutorial series for beginners. It includes tutorials for: AutoCAD Basics

Working with layers

Using the Properties palette

Working with drawing views

Working with block styles

Using command shortcuts

Using placement tools

Creating text objects

Adding dimensions

Drawing polylines

Locating and editing objects

Creating perspective grids

Creating templates

Creating fillets

Using the 3D workspace

Adding dimension styles

Creating masks

Working with drafting standards

Drawing 3D models

Creating 3D models

Creating surfaces

Working with splines

Adding text labels

Creating custom shapes

Locating tools Using the extensive Help system is also a good way to learn and you can always Google for solutions.


X,Y and Z coordinates can be set for specific objects. This feature is called Dynamic Properties. You have three options for setting coordinates for drawing objects. You can select and set properties from the Properties palette, from a Dynamic Properties property sheet or by dragging the center of a drawing object and choosing an option from a drop down menu. For more information on Dynamic Properties, refer to the Autodesk tutorial.

The Coordinates panel. Image by Author: Douglas Murray On the right-hand side of the canvas, you’ll see the Coordinates panel. This panel can be used to edit object coordinates in real time. Click on the panel to bring up the panel menu. The menu will allow you to select options such as: Add Object






Redo Drag the cursor over the object and a blue

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BDA (Base Data Access)
BLAT (Binary Large Area Text)
BPE (Basic Printing Extension)
DrawPlus is a CAD plug-in for the Paint Shop Pro graphics program by Corel Corporation. It is a parametric 3D mesh modeler. DrawPlus uses DXF as the primary file format. A format conversion tool is provided by Corel.
DXF (Drafting Exchange Format)

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Install Autodesk 3ds Max and activate it.

Press CTRL+I to open the Autodesk Subscription Center.

Click on the “Autodesk Design Review 2017” to be taken to the subscription page.

Now, you will see that you need to purchase a full subscription by clicking on the “Upgrade” button.

Then, your subscription needs to be activated by going to the “Subscription center > Activate Subscription” button.

You will have to select your payment details before activating your subscription.

Select “Save” when everything is complete.

Launch Autodesk Design Review 2017 from the programs menu.


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What’s New in the AutoCAD?


Video editing in AutoCAD is made simple with an in-app timeline that lets you reorder, edit, combine, and trim video files in seconds. (video: 1:22 min.)


The most powerful drawing software for Windows was never this easy. AutoCAD is now one of the lightest applications on the market. That means less strain on your system, more productive use of your time, and less complexity on your part.

New Axes:

From AutoCAD 2023 you can choose from two different standard axes, making the user experience easier and consistent across the board.



Specify how the axis dimensions are displayed, including whether they are shown as major or minor units. The Anchor option gives you immediate access to a handy marker tool that stays on the current axis. (video: 1:41 min.)

Measure tool updates:

The Measure tool is an essential part of AutoCAD. Now it has more precision to help you accurately measure curved and other types of objects. Plus, you can customize the view for your specific needs.

Revit API support:

AutoCAD is now part of the Microsoft Revit ecosystem, which means you can connect to the same Revit data from your AutoCAD drawings. Revit API integration makes it even easier to convert your drawings and models into Revit and use Revit software to create virtual reality models, collaborate on projects, and share 3D content with others.

Revit SDK for.NET support:

Revit SDK for.NET gives you a fast, simple way to use the Microsoft Revit API from your own application. It takes away some of the complexity of developing and maintaining the Revit SDK.

More editing tools:

Customization of graphics is easier with more editing tools and controls. With the new Quick Styles feature, you can quickly and easily apply and edit an entire family of defined styles. And the new Polyline features give you the ability to easily draw multi-beveled lines.

Dwg Commands:

With AutoCAD 2023, you get new features for windowing commands.

Check for updates

Find where a command was last saved

Display commands on the Quick Access toolbar

See the command history

Rediscover and use commands you

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