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Pros and cons

AutoCAD is a CAD program for 2D drafting and design work. It is also used in the production of architectural, mechanical and engineering drawings. It is designed to be used by architecture, engineering, construction, landscape architects, manufacturing engineers, cabinetmakers, artists, machine builders, and landscape designers.

AutoCAD is a commercial product, and it is primarily marketed to a variety of industry sectors, including architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, landscape architecture, and architecture. The standard price of a license for AutoCAD is US$2,000.

Although the software’s licensing cost is relatively high, AutoCAD is often used to design complex, large scale projects, and to produce complex documents such as architectural plans, blueprints, and CAD drawings.

Like most of the other CAD applications for desktop computers, AutoCAD is designed to work on a computer with the following hardware: a 64-bit Intel or AMD CPU running at a speed of at least 2.6 GHz, 8 GB of RAM, and a graphics adapter with at least 16MB of VRAM.

Like most of the other desktop-focused CAD products, AutoCAD requires users to have a license key to install the software. A license key is a number assigned to a particular user and it is used to activate and activate the software. The software installation process is simple, and it is similar to other commercially available CAD products.

The AutoCAD product contains a large assortment of commands that perform drawing and drafting tasks. A few of the most common commands are listed below:

R = Rectangle command, used for drawing the exterior boundaries of a shape.

C = Circle command, used for drawing the interior boundaries of a shape.

D = Line command, used to draw a line.

M = Move command, used to move the mouse pointer to the spot where the drawing is to be created, and then click with the left mouse button.

T = Text command, used to add and modify a text string to a point.

U = User-defined command, which is designed to add or modify a function or a command in the drawing without going through a predefined library.

S = Select command, used to pick a point to select that point or an object.

F = Free-hand drawing, used to draw by hand.

G = Graphic command, used to copy or

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During the 2008 Graphics Engineering Symposium, Autodesk announced Autodesk A360 Viewer for Windows Vista and Windows 7. This is an “Autodesk Authoring Viewer” that allows users to view authoring files and view, convert, and manipulate these files in a viewer, as opposed to displaying in AutoCAD.

2008 was also the year of the release of AutoCAD Architecture.


On March 5, 2009, Autodesk announced a new option for users to buy AutoCAD from on a yearly basis (current subscription) or as a perpetual license. This allows AutoCAD users to buy the program each year, even if they do not use it each year, and keep it for future use. This also allows users to move from one operating system to another if they have purchased a perpetual license. The yearly subscription is $1,299.00 (previously $1799.00).

A new feature, named Interactive Geometry, was introduced with the 2009 release of AutoCAD LT 2009. This function adds native functionality to manipulate the geometry in 3D models. Features such as surface optimization, roll, yaw, pitch, and extrude are supported. This function can be accessed from the command line or the right-click menu.

2009 was also the year of the release of AutoCAD Electrical 2009.
2009 also was the year of the release of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009, and AutoCAD Subcontractor 2009

AutoCAD 2010 introduced the ability to save the whole model at one time and compress it. The whole model can be saved either as BMP or JPG files, or as an ESRI shapefile. Saving a model as an ESRI shapefile is done from the user interface and allows non-specialized users to create DWG files, AutoCAD LT files or 3D objects directly from the map view. Saving a model in a compressed file is done via the Add-on; it does not require any changes to the model, which allows users to start using the file immediately without having to decompress it first.

AutoCAD 2010 features a more user-friendly drawing interface, including new ribbon tabs, to display commands and to open new objects. The ribbon was introduced in previous versions of Auto

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python find day of week in date tuple

Is there any way to find out the day of week of a date tuple as an integer?
for example I have
input :

if I use dateutil.rrule.rrule
r = dateutil.rrule.rrule(
dtstart = (dt0,dt1,dt2,dt3,dt4,dt5,dt6,dt7),
freq = rrule.DAILY,
wkst = True,
count = 1,

I will get a tuple that is
[‘2020-05-01T06:58:17.611Z’, ‘2020-05-02T06:58:17.611Z’]

in this case, I want to get an array that is

if the day of week is Monday, I want ‘0’ instead of ‘1’
I can do this by iterating over a sequence and checking the dayofweek, but I want to know if I can do this in one line with dateutil
I am asking this because I can make multiple date ranges, like
r = dateutil.rrule.rrule(
dtstart = (dt0,

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

The ability to create a template for marking up existing drawings is now included in most AutoCAD applications. This can be used as a great reference for marking up existing parts of your drawings.

FormFill and FillText:

Make it easy to insert generic text into form text areas.

When working with parametric drawings, it’s important to be able to change the appearance of form text. With the new FormFill tool, you can easily create new styles that override the default appearance of text created with the FillText command.

Positioning and Offset:

Give life to your drawings with precise, accurate positioning. Create and edit complex 3D models with relative ease. Adjust the size and location of your drawing with powerful tools to fit your design into real-world constraints.

Enhanced 3D Modeling Capabilities

Meshes that smoothly deform to curved surfaces and have smooth edges. Better support for sweeps and linear approximation, and the ability to visualize splines in the side-view and top-down views.

Non-manipulated interactive spline patches for all levels. Use spline patches to explore and edit non-manipulated splines at any scale. Spline patches are also supported when viewing model parameters in the Outliner or when editing spline objects in the 3D Modeling Toolbox.

Support for the LWB, LWS, and CADMTK conventions. The LWB format is now supported as an alternative to CADMTK. For more information on using these new standards, see the documentation.

Create standard viewports for any project. When a viewport is selected, the views for the entire drawing are displayed. Projecting multiple views and placing them in different locations is now easy.

Level-1 drafting and most scale drawings with paper space. Share your drawings easily with others with level-1 drafting, which creates drawings with annotations. On-screen, scale drawings project an image with an accurate scale and annotation.

New axis guides make it easy to follow a previously created axis when creating new axis parallel with an existing one.

Modeling tools for flexible handling of complex 3D data. Reduce the need to switch between drawing tools or switch back and forth between tools. Add a collection of new commands to better manage and edit parametric objects, including 3D extrude and move, surface normals, surface sets, and groups.

New command for 3D flatten a

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

CPU: Dual-Core i3, i5, i7
OS: Windows 10 (64-bit), 8.1 (64-bit) or 7 (64-bit)
GPU: GTX 750 / GT 640 / GTX 560
DirectX: 11.0
Sound Card: 3.5 (S/PDIF)
HDD: 18 GB
Controller: X-Box 360 USB GamePad, X-Box 360
Max Player: 2 players
How to Play: