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AutoCAD is the main successor to the 1987 Autodesk Certified Associate in Computer Aided Design (ACCAD), which was the main CAD program for microcomputer and graphic design before AutoCAD was developed.

2. See the section on topology under the description of design goals for more information.

3. See the section on geometric model creation for information about wireframes, surfaces, and solids.

4. See the section on exporting CAD files for more information.

5. See the section on shared blocks for more information.

6. See the section on vector drawing for more information.

7. See the section on 3D modeling for more information.

8. See the section on advanced features for more information.

9. See the section on CAD Comparison Chart for more information.

10. AutoCAD 2017 is a commercial computer-aided design (CAD) software application. Developed and marketed by Autodesk, AutoCAD 2017 is a Windows program which runs in either 2D or 3D mode.

11. See the section on CAD Comparison Chart for more information.

12. AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Inventor, and other Autodesk software applications are freely downloadable.


All Autodesk CAD products are designed with the same primary focus. While some CAD products are targeted at a specific area of work such as architectural design or drafting, others address multiple aspects of CAD and/or CAD drafting. CAD software products can be categorized as commercial, student, and enterprise.

Commercial software is designed with professional CAD users in mind. With commercial software, users pay the software vendor directly for the software to run. CAD-specific features are not included in the commercial price.

If you’re an Autodesk Certified Associate or higher, you can download a free version of AutoCAD that includes some of the features in the commercial version. Students can either get the free version of AutoCAD that includes the features they need or buy a subscription to Autodesk’s Student Suite (a combination of AutoCAD, Inventor, Navisworks, and other Autodesk software products).

Enterprise software is designed for use by companies who employ more than one CAD user. For enterprise users, it’s often useful to have several people working on the same drawing at the same time. Some products in the suite are more CAD-specific than

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Graphical Designers, a graphics application for drafting and design of complex, sophisticated technical drawings of two- and three-dimensional models. In this case, Cracked AutoCAD With Keygen is used as a vector-graphic application. The product was the first program to use Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) and dynamic loading, and can be considered the first version of a dynamic link library.

MultiPlan, a product in the MicroStation family of programs.
PlatformIO, an embedded development platform and framework for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Teensy, Nano and Mbed.
Red Bear Graphics, a product in the CorelDRAW family of products.

Autodesk MotionBuilder, a visual effects software for motion graphics and visualization.
Autodesk Maya, a feature-rich 3D computer graphics software used for creating visual effects. It was a tool made for the film industry, until it was released to the consumer market in 2002.
Autodesk 3ds Max, a popular and widely used 3D content creation software.
Autodesk AutoCAD LT, Autodesk’s low-cost CAD software.
Autodesk Autodesk reRender, rendering products.
Autodesk TurboCAD, Autodesk’s professional CAD software
Autodesk Rhinoceros, a 3D modeling and animation software
Autodesk Inventor, an architectural CAD tool, designed for mechanical engineers.
Autodesk Revit Architecture, an architectural CAD tool.
Autodesk SketchBook Pro, a 2D illustration and design tool.
Autodesk Media & Entertainment, Autodesk’s home video rendering and visual effects software.
Autodesk Converter MX, an image optimization and batch rendering software for webmasters and online publishers.

File formats
Autodesk uses a suite of proprietary file formats which are designed to store two-dimensional or three-dimensional information in a format that can be read by Autodesk software.

Autodesk DWG
The Autodesk DWG file format, also known as DGN or 2D object format, is a proprietary file format used to store 2D objects in Autodesk CAD software. The DWG format is a vector based file format, storing information in shapes. DWG supports several other formats such as 3D DWG, DWF, DFX and DXF. Autodesk File Formats are similar to Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format.

AutoCAD Activation For PC

Open Autocad and select new project.

Click on New and open a new project.

Click on Extensions and type AutoCAD number or AutoCAD.

Click ok and AutoCAD will automatically create a new Autocad project with no dimensions.

When you save the new file and close it, your AutoCAD project has a new Autocad.dwg file in the same folder.

Open that file and click on the Load button.
On the license box, type R2000 which is the serial for Revit 2000. Click ok.

The license will appear in your licenses tab.

Now you can start working in Revit.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Export to PDF:

Export from AutoCAD to PDF or a range of other PDF documents, including PDF/X-1a. It’s easy to create a specific PDF using your own drawing or selection and a couple of clicks. (video: 7:33 min.)

Axis and View Setup:

Get on-the-fly, user-adjustable axes and quick view setup with AutoCAD’s new Axis and View Settings Manager. You can see what axes are active in the drawing, assign a color to the axis, and even edit the default styles for your axes.

Text and Face Setup:

Get quick text and face setup, and create different styles that are based on your text and faces.

Image and Vector File Import and Export:

Import from most popular image file formats including JPG, PNG, TIF, and BMP. Export to SVG, DXF, DWG, AI, PS, PDF, and PNG.

Vector File Import and Export:

Import from most popular vector file formats including DWG, AI, DXF, EPS, PDF, and EPS.

Fill and Freehand Lines:

See what shapes you can create with the new Fill and Freehand Lines command.


Print to PDF using the new Print to PDF command. Print to a range of PDF file types (including PDF/X-1a) using a simple dialog.

Windows 7-like Taskbar:

A redesigned taskbar makes it easier to access your favorite applications.

Installation Issues

We recently experienced an issue that prevented some customers from installing AutoCAD 2013 or AutoCAD LT 2013. This has been resolved, and the issue should not occur again. If you have this issue and you are unable to install, contact Support.

Highlights of AutoCAD 2023

Markup Import and Markup Assist

Rapidly send and incorporate feedback into your designs. Import feedback from printed paper or PDFs and add changes to your drawings automatically, without additional drawing steps.

Drag and Drop Feedback and Better CadEdit integration

Drag and drop the feedback icon in the right-click menus, from the lower right corner of the screen, to any position on the drawing. The icon will appear when you mouse over the drawing. Drag and drop it anywhere on the drawing window or place it on the Draft

System Requirements:

– OS: Windows 7, 8, 10.
– DirectX 9.0c
– 3D graphics card: NVIDIA GeForces GTX 460 and above or AMD Radeon HD 47xx and above.
– DirectX 10.0c
You must own and install the latest version of the Games For Windows Live™ service ( and the Steam client to access online multiplayer.
– DirectX 11