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AutoCAD is considered a powerful drafting and architectural tool for architects, engineers, and drafters.


Autodesk AutoCAD was developed in 1982 by John Walker and released to the public for the first time in December 1982. This section of the website describes the product’s origins and development and provides a history of its past and present. The following sections address how to get started with AutoCAD, and how to use the software program.

A look back in AutoCAD’s history

AutoCAD was originally developed for the Apple II personal computer. It was developed to draw and draft engineering designs that were more complex than the commercially available drafting software of the day (and, in fact, today). Its earliest iterations are still in use and have been updated to keep up with architectural and engineering practices. The original AutoCAD for Apple II had a type font that was also used on the Apple IIGS in 1989.

Development of the first version of AutoCAD was led by John Walker, an engineer at the time, and his team of drafters. There were only two drafters and one programmer. A later version of AutoCAD, also for Apple II, was a continuation of the original release with support for three drafters, more programmers, and additional features. This version, also known as AutoCAD 1.1, was released in February 1983 and is considered the first release.

When a group of drafters, programmers, and marketers from Autodesk gathered in July 1982, they were looking for a piece of software that would allow them to design and draft architectural and engineering drawings in a professional manner. They realized that if the first release was similar to what was commercially available in the industry, their proposed software would be eclipsed and lost to the competition. The group met at a McDonald’s restaurant and decided that the system must have a high level of ease of use, good communication between the people who used the software and the people who wrote it, and most importantly, the ability to work quickly. They created the product that became AutoCAD.

AutoCAD 1.0 for Apple II

A team of four drafters and programmers were responsible for creating the first release of AutoCAD. The team was originally working on a proposal for the drafters at General Electric (GE) and needed to create a design and drafting software that was easy to learn and had the flexibility to support complex architectural and engineering designs.

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AutoCAD Crack can read and export DWG and DXF files.
AutoCAD Cracked Accounts documents can be rendered using web services.
It can publish and download drawings from a web server.
It has a stand-alone web browser embedded in the application and there is no need for AutoCAD to be installed on a workstation to view the document.
AutoCAD is available via the Internet as an application called AutoCAD WS
AutoCAD Extension Manager (AEM) is an application used to download and install 3rd-party add-ons (plugins) onto AutoCAD. The 2 latest versions of AEM are called AutoCAD 2013 R2 (also known as R2) and AutoCAD 2015. AEM 2015 is available as a free download from Autodesk.
AutoCAD Project Navigator is the successor of AEM. Project Navigator includes the ability to download add-ons from the Autodesk Exchange web service.


AutoCAD Standard Edition is available on a perpetual license basis.

Standard Edition is limited to use on 1 computer.


AutoCAD allows for a variety of different types of AutoCAD workshops, ranging from one-on-one training to large groups. A typical AutoCAD workshop can cost between US$2000 and US$2500. If the company offers the workshop, it is important to get a vendor to do it as a company can be held responsible for how the workshop is delivered and what happens if the course is not delivered as expected.

An AutoCAD training lab with a mixture of high and low-end computers can be used to host AutoCAD workshops.

A question-and-answer site for AutoCAD is available.

Available editions
AutoCAD is available in two editions: AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD Professional.

AutoCAD LT is a small CAD application, mainly used for drafting. It contains all the features of AutoCAD, and there are many add-ons available for it. It is mainly a drawing application.

AutoCAD LT was first released for MS-DOS in 1987 and the first windows-based AutoCAD LT was released in 1994. Since then many updates and upgrades have been released, and the latest version is AutoCAD LT 2010 (not to be confused with AutoCAD LT 2019 which is the latest).


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What’s New In?

AutoCAD’s robust markups tools can now import and mark up PDFs.

The new Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2023 provides a powerful set of AutoCAD markups tools to speed up the design and documentation of your projects. Markups tools provide a quick and easy way to mark up a drawing. With the help of AutoCAD’s powerful import feature, you can now quickly share printed paper documents, Word documents, PDFs, and emails with your drawings. You can also import, mark up, and add annotations to imported PDFs. With the new Markup Import and Markup Assist features, you can edit imported marks with AutoCAD and then export the changes back to your PDF.

This new Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2023 is all you need for fast, accurate drafting on the go.

Create tight, accurate vector graphics at any resolution with vector graphics tools in the Autodesk® Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2020 20xx series. You can edit and modify vector graphics with a simple click. The entire drawing is completely editable. This new version of AutoCAD provides the easiest way to work with vector graphics and lets you easily refine designs with geometric accuracy. Just click and change. Vector graphics tools are available in the new design environment, the AutoCAD Enterprise Architecture Program, and the new Microsoft® Office Add-in for AutoCAD. They are also available in Office 365 subscriptions.

Simplified drawing workflow.

Draw in AutoCAD without worrying about technical barriers. With a simpler workflow, intuitive workflow, and easy-to-use interface, you can draw and edit designs efficiently.

The new design environment in AutoCAD simplifies the drawing process. Your initial idea is quickly transformed into a design. AutoCAD automatically applies a consistent, consistent, and intuitive workflow to simplify your design process. You can modify your design as you go without worrying about technical barriers.

The new Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2020 design environment brings all the features of AutoCAD along with the editing tools of Microsoft® Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint® into one environment that lets you work intuitively and efficiently.

Draw, edit, and refine vector and raster graphics on the fly.

You can create and modify vector and raster graphics with the same ease. That means you can use the same graphics tools and manipulate

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