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Is there any way to check if a data structure was modified through a pointer?

Let’s say I have a struct like this:
struct ListNode
int data;
struct ListNode *next;

And I make a pointer like this:
struct ListNode* list = malloc(sizeof(struct ListNode));
list->data = 10;

Is there any way I can check if the address for the data (i.e. list->data) had been modified? Or will modifying the memory through a pointer do something like this by default, in general?


No, you cannot detect if

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The Cambam product, however, is not supported by Microsoft and cannot be installed as a stand-alone application. This is the reason for the price of a Cambam license being much higher than the price of a license for Microsoft Office.

The Cambam technology is an in-built part of Microsoft Office, and it can be run in any version of Office or Office on the server. The Cambam technology is added to the core Microsoft Office. There is no need to purchase a Cambam product separately.Q:

How do I create a unique session key with python for the cookie?

I have a requirement to store data in cookies so that data remains the same across multiple sessions. I tried to use the following method:
s = str(randint(1,100)) + ‘_rand’
session_id = “%s_%s” % (request.session.sid, s)
req.add_unsupported_if_session_cookie(session_id, request)

But this does not seem to produce a unique session key. How do I do it?


I found the answer to my question here.
from time import sleep

def cookieless_session():
A function that creates a session, and stores the session
id and the time stamp in a cookie.

This is useful for sessions that doesn’t use cookies.
session_id = ”
now = int(time.time())
while now >= 0:
now = int(time.time()) – now
session_id += str(now)
req = request.Request(request.META[‘HTTP_HOST’])
req.add_unsupported_if_cookie(session_id, request)
return (session_id, now)

for x in range(5):
sess = cookieless_session()
print sess

After this I can store the session id and