Discografia Pedro Infante Torrent


Discografia Pedro Infante Torrent

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Description. File Types. Bibliografia: Pedro Infante – Vol. 4:O Come Messiah; Catalogue No.: B/D19/PInf-4-1.
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How to assign styles and functionality to R elements in a content script?

I have a content script that is being injected in a web page:
function injectExample() {
var el = document.createElement(“div”);
el.innerText = “Hello World!”;

window.setTimeout(function () {
chrome.tabs.executeScript(null, {
file: “content.js”
}, 0);

The injectExample function adds an element to the dom. The question is, how can I assign styles and functionality to the generated div? I would like to be able to add a class to the div and give it the style of, for example, a button and also be able to listen to click events. In addition, is it possible for the content script to interact with a chrome app or extension?


You can use insertCSS.
The following was copied from the Chrome docs:

Call insertCSS() to set an inline CSS style on a Node. It works just
like style(), except that you can append styles like this:
elem.insertCSS( ‘p { color: red; }’ );

The inserted styles take effect immediately, and can be removed with

var el = document.createElement(“div”);
el.innerText = “Hello World!”;
el.style.color = “blue”;
el.style.marginTop = “100px”;


console.log( el.getAttribute(‘class’) ); // Hello World!


How to redirect to another page using if condition in kubernetes using grails

In my grails application, I am creating REST API for authentication and data management. Now I want to create a log out page and redirect from the log


I can see the music so the players are working


It is because of this:

The codebase is about how and where to load applet from.


First the url of the applet is incorrect. There are two ways to set the codebase attribute.

Manually put a complete path like below.

Using the codebase attribute of the applet element using any of the below code.


I think the reason why you are not able to play the Music is because of the URL that you have stated. The URL that you have provided is of the old and deprecated method of embedding, which is:

This form of embedding is deprecated and you have to use the following three forms of embedding instead:


The URL in the Archive attribute is the URL of the directory that contains the JAR file that contains the class or source file that you want to open in your Java applet.
The code attribute is the name of the class or source file that you want to open in your Java applet.
The URL in the codebase attribute is the URL